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Michael B. Schulz

Selected Publications

Michael B. Schulz, "A class of Calabi-Yau threefolds as manifolds of SU(2) structure," arXiv:1206.1070.

Michael B. Schulz, Elliott F. Tammaro, "M-theory/type IIA duality and K3 in the Gibbons-Hawking approximation," arXiv:1206.1070.

Michael B. Schulz, "T-folds, Doubled Geometry, and the SU(2) WZW Model," JHEP 1206, 158 (2012); arXiv:1106.6291.

Ron Donagi, Peng Gao, Michael B. Schulz, "Abelian Fibrations, String Junctions, and Flux/Geometry Duality," JHEP 0904, 119 (2009); arXiv:0810.5195.

Albion Lawrence, Tobias Sander, Michael B. Schulz, Brian Wecht, "Torsion and Supersymmetry Breaking," JHEP 0807, 042 (2008); arXiv:0711.4787.

Mirjam Cvetic, Tao Liu, Michael B. Schulz, "Twisting K3 x T2 Orbifolds," JHEP 0709, 092 (2007); hep-th/0701204.

Albion Lawrence, Michael B. Schulz, Brian Wecht, "D-Branes in Nongeometric Backgrounds," JHEP 0607, 038 (2006); hep-th/0602025.

Michael B. Schulz, "Calabi-Yau Duals of Torus Orientifolds," JHEP 0605, 023 (2006); hep-th/0412270.

Michael B. Schulz, "Superstring Orientifolds with Torsion: O5 Orientifolds of Torus Fibrations and their Massless Spectra," Fortsch. Phys. 52, 963 (2004); hep-th/0406001.

Shamit Kachru, Michael B. Schulz, Prasanta K. Tripathy, Sandip P. Trivedi, "New Supersymmetric String Compactifications," JHEP 0303, 061 (2003); hep-th/0211182.

Shamit Kachru, Xiao Liu, Michael B. Schulz, Sandip P. Trivedi, "Supersymmetry Changing Bubbles in String Theory," JHEP 0305, 014 (2003); hep-th/0205108.

Shamit Kachru, Michael B. Schulz, Sandip P. Trivedi, "Moduli Stabilization from Fluxes in a Simple IIB Orientifold," JHEP 0310, 007 (2003); hep-th/0201028.

Shamit Kachru, Michael B. Schulz, Eva Silverstein, "Bounds on Curved Domain Walls in 5D Gravity," Phys. Rev. D62 085003 (2000); hep-th/0002121.

Shamit Kachru, Michael B. Schulz, Eva Silverstein, "Self-Tuning Flat Domain Walls in 5D Gravity and String Theory," Phys. Rev. D62 045021 (2000); hep-th/0001206.

Edwin Karat, Michael B. Schulz, "Self-Adjoint Extensions of the Pauli Equation in the Presence of a Magnetic Monopole," Annals Phys. 254 11-24 (1997); quant-ph/9602013.

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