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Various donations by alumnae and their families.

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The scrapbooks are the physical property of the Special Collections Department, Bryn Mawr College Library. Any remaining literary rights, including copyright, belong to the authors of each document or their legal heirs and assigns, except for individual printed or published items within the scrapbooks, where the copyright may be held by the publisher or photographer.

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This collection is open for research.


scrapbook pages from L. Congdon
From the scrapbook of Louise Congdon (Balmer), 1908





This collection consists of a large number of scrapbooks assembled by Bryn Mawr College Alumnae, focusing on their years at Bryn Mawr College. The alumnae represented graduated at various times between 1891 and 1950. The vast majority of the scrapbooks come from the earlier years of Bryn Mawr College.

There is huge variety among items in this collection. Some scrapbooks contain a great deal of material while others are sparse. Some provide commentary on the items, ranging from simple labels to diary-length entries. Most contain personal memorabilia such as letters and cards, as well as Bryn Mawr College-related materials. These include programs, photographs, newspaper clippings, souvenirs from dances and dinners, and college traditions material. Poems, drawings, and notes from friends give a distinctive perspective into the daily life at Bryn Mawr College. Each scrapbook is unique and gives the reader an impression of the author, her era, and Bryn Mawr College. They can be useful in researching both time period or individual student, often giving a perspective not seen in other archive materials.

The online guide to this collection consists of brief narrativedescriptions of the scrapbooks, and longer itemized lists of the specific contents of each scrapbook. Each list is organized by the graduating year of the owner of the scrapbook.

scrapbook page from E.Y. Maguire
Detail from the scrapbook of
Elizabeth Yarnall Maguire, 1913




The collection is made up of individual scrapbook boxes, labelled with number, owner's name, and class year.

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