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scrapbook page from B. Szold
From the Scrapbook of Bertha Szold (Levin), 1885

Scrapbook Owners :

Asher, Dorothy (Meyer) [1931] Haines, Jane Browne [1891] Sharpless, Lydia [1908]
Burroughs, Elizabeth (Kelley) [1926] Helmer, Phoebe [1920] Shoe, Lucy Taxis (Merit) [1927]
Case, Josephine (Schnurman) [1954] Hilles, Margaret (Johnson) [1893] Sturgis, Helen [1905]
Corwin, Margaret Trumball [1912] Howard, Jeannie Colson [1901] Szold, Bertha (Levin) [1895]
Congdon, Louise (Balmer) [1908] Killough, Linn (Buss) [1947] Thompson, Genevieve [1907]
Congdon, Elizabeth (Barron)  [1902] MaGoffin, Henrietta [1911] Thurman, Mary (Martin) [1919]
Dabney, Edith (Ford) [1903] Maguire, Elizabeth Yarnall [1913] Walker, Evangeline (Andrews) [1893]
Emerson, Ruth (Fletcher) [1893] Mattson, Rebecca (Darlington) [1896] Waller, Ruby [1914]
Fairbank, Lucy [1935] Nichols, Terzah [1896] Warram, (Martha) Caroline (Lane) [1955]
Fitzgerald, Susan Walker [1893] Pressinger, Mildred (Kienbusch) [1909] Wetherill, Edith (Ives) [1892]
Fordyce, Rebecca (Gayton) [1916] Parris, Marion (Smith) [1901] Wilbourne, Elizabeth (Secombe) [1938]
Gilroy, Jessie [1910] Richards, Marie A. [1935] Williams, Esther (Apthorp) [1907]
Harlan, Anna [1909] Scudder, Sylvia (Bowditch) [1899] Young, Ellen Sudders [1926]

Scrapbook Descriptions:
Number Description

Box # 1

Haines, Jane Browne  (1891)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1888-1930s

Scrapbook contains many hand-written entries regarding early years of the college, including many songs (lyrics and music) and performances as well as accounts of various quotations by friends and faculty. The book also contains many informational booklets from later Bryn Mawr years, mainly the 1920s. Scrapbook binding is extremely fragile but pages themselves and items are in good condition.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box# 2

Wetherill, Edith (Ives) (1892)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1888-1934

Scrapbook is very large, mostly of photographs and newspaper clippings giving a comprehensive vision of Bryn Mawr College from the 1890s well into the 1900s. Edith Wetherill includes many hand-written sections of poems, lectures, lyrics, and quotations from friends and Bryn Mawr faculty. The large collection is well organized and photographs are labeled with names of all pictured. Newspaper clippings concern a large number of Bryn Mawr College and women’s education-related events, as well as wedding announcements and obituaries of a variety of people connected to the College. Many of the photographs are the same group of students throughout various years, and there are many photos of dorm rooms. Scrapbook also has a comprehensive selection of class songs and reunions of the class of 1892 after graduation. First half of book has page numbers. Extremely fragile.
Scrapbook Contents


Box #3

Hilles, Margaret (Johnson)  (1893)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1889-1900

Scrapbook contains many newspaper clippings, photographs, and programs from Bryn Mawr events. Contains much academic memorabilia, including examination questions and answers from Margaret Hilles’ four years at BMC. The scrapbook also contains graduation clippings and programs from a span of many years, as well as alumnae supper programs.
Scrapbook Contents


Box #4

Fitzgerald, Susan Walker  (1893)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1889-1893

This is a small scrapbook consisting of mostly personal notes and programs for various plays and events, and is rather sparse. It contains copies of exams and a card from the Committee of the American Women’s Scholarship for Japanese women and a few personal joke letters/items. The scrapbook is fragile but in overall good condition. There is a great deal more information on Susan Walker Fitzgerald in her papers, held by BMC Special Collections.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box# 29

Emerson, Ruth (Fletcher) (1893)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1890-1897

This item is made up of loose pages (the binding is decayed) and extremely fragile. It consists mostly of letters and poems to Ruth from friends, and other personal memorabilia without a lot of context. There is also the typical Bryn Mawr memorabilia of play programs; dance cards; and a few items from Haverford and Princeton. There are also some hand-drawn name cards and college examinations but the book is so fragile that most items should be found in other scrapbooks from similar time periods.
Scrapbook Contents


Box #28

Walker, Evangeline (Andrews)  (1893)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1890-1893

A small scrapbook containing the usual Bryn Mawr memorabilia as well as a few unique sketches of Bryn Mawr students. It also contains some memorabilia from dances at other colleges as well as poems Evangeline Walker copied. Scrapbook is fragile but in usable condition.
Scrapbook Contents


Box #5

Szold, Bertha (Levin)  (1895)
2 Volume Scrapbook: Vol. 1 (1891-1893),  Vol. 2 (1893-1895)

Scrapbook compiled by daughter-in-law, Alexandra Lee Levin (’33) containing typed transcripts of letters written by Bertha Szold to her family. The letters mainly concern academics and various other campus activities, including commuting to Bryn Mawr her freshman year and descriptions of the campus landscape. Scrapbook also contains playbills, newspaper articles, various official Bryn Mawr correspondence. Items in clear plastic sheets with typed letters – extremely well-preserved and organized –  easy to read and with good example ofvariuos materials.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box #37

Mattson, Rebecca (Darlington)  (1896)
1 Vol. Scrapbook, 1894-1896

This scrapbook is a smaller collection, but has many cyanotypes and floor plans of buildings. Its other unusual contents is clippings of humorous articles from The College News and The Fortnightly Philistine, which gives context to many other items & photographs in the scrapbook.The scrapbook also contains the usual miscellaneous memorabilia such as flyers, calling cards, invitations, programs, and small photographs. It is in good condition, sparse and easy to read.
Scrapbook Contents


Box #41

Nichols, Terzah  (1896)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1892-1902

This scrapbook contains a lot of material, mostly programs from various symphonies and musical performances in Philadelphia and other cities. The Bryn Mawr-related material is mostly song lyrics and play programs, but the scrapbook also contains some items concerning the Baldwin School and Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges. There is also a large amount of hand-drawn, often painted name/table cards from various dinners. The book is very fragile and most pages are free of the binding.
Scrapbook Contents


Box #6

Scudder, Sylvia (Bowditch)  (1899)
1 Vol. Diary (1895-1906)

A large scrapbook which gives a good example of the types of memorabilia typically kept in scrapbooks. There are a variety of letters, newspaper clippings, BMC correspondence, and small cards and notes from friends. There are a few photographs of basketball and tennis teams, as well as professional photos of plays. Also contained are various examples of student-life material, self-government, literary publications, and social events. This scrapbook is in good condition and gives a good overview of typical material.
Scrapbook Contents

Box # 7

Kilpatrick, Mary Grace  (1900)
1 Vol. Diary/Scrapbook 1897-1899

This collection is a notebook containing diary entries and scrapbook materials. The scrapbook contains many programs/playbills, newspaper clippings, and many hand-drawn invitations to Bryn Mawr events. The diary (Oct 1897-December 1897) includes daily life at Bryn Mawr, many college song lyrics, academics, pranks, social life in the dorms (hot chocolate and fudge), sporting events (Princeton), and speakers at Bryn Mawr.
Scrapbook Contents

Box # 42

Howard, Jeannie Colson (1901)    
I Volume Scrapbook 1897-1901

This scrapbook contains mostly personal correspondence, calling cards and invitations. It contains many poems written to Jeannie by friends, often on cards with illustrations of college life on them. There is also many handwritten lyrics to class songs and the usual Bryn Mawr memorabilia. The scrapbook is in fairly good condition. The scrapbook also has additional photographs in an accompanying notebook.
Scrapbook Contents

Box #8

Parris, Marion (Smith) (1901)
I Volume Scrapbook 1897-1906

The first half of this (large) scrapbook concerns Marion Parris’ undergraduate time at Bryn Mawr, and consists of many programs, class supper memorabilia, and exams in various subjects. There are a great many handdrawn name cards and various clippings and memorabilia regarding Bryn Mawr. The second half of the scrapbook mainly concerns Marion’s alumnae activity, as well as some BMC Graduate student material. There are many letters to other alumnae and a lot of M. Carey Thomas’s correspondence with committees of the Alumnae Association. The materialprimarily concerns raising money and endowments for Bryn Mawr, and a Finance Committee on which Marion Parris served as chairman. The scrapbook gives an excellent view of the undergraduate and post-graduate life of a Bryn Mawr student and almost all of the items inside pertain to BMC. It is easy to read, but fragile and all pages are free of the binding.
Scrapbook Contents


Box #11-12

Congdon, Elizabeth (Barron)  (1902)
2 Volume Scrapbook: Vol. 1 (1898-1901),  Vol. 2 (1901-1902)

This collection contains two  large scrapbooks, mostly involving the social life of a Bryn Mawr student, including calling cards, invitations, and many musical and dramatic programs. The scrapbooks also contain much documentation of off-campus social events: playbills from Philadelphia, sporting events and dances at Princeton, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania. Also contains many newspaper clippings from BMC-related events, and the usual official BMC correspondence/forms, with a few unique pieces.
Scrapbook Contents

9LS, Box #9

Dabney, Edith (Ford) (1903)    
I Volume Scrapbook 1899-1903

An extremely dense scrapbook with a lot of material, mostly personal correspondence and notes/poems/signs etc. from friends. There is also a fair amount of correspondence from M. Carey Thomas and the BMC administration as well as correspondence regarding Self-Governance Association of which Edith Dabney was president 1902-1903. The scrapbook contains a huge amount of social memorabilia – party lists, invitations, etc. but is difficult to navigate, and items are not consistently labeled. However, it also contains quite a few unique photographs and gives a broad view of undergraduate life at BMC, and a limited amount of correspondence and memorabilia from her teaching career after graduation.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box #34

Kohm, Elsie (Rauh)  (1904)
I Vol. Scrapbook  1900-1902

Small scrapbook, very neat and well-labeled. It contains much of the usual memorabilia, programs, calling cards, but with hand-written commentary on each entry. Elsie Kohm left college after two years to care for her mother, so the scrapbook has few entries, but does contain letters from friends regarding her decision to leave. Very easy to read and in moderately good condition.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box #36

Sturgis, Helen   (1905)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1901-1903

Scrapbook mostly contains personal memorabilia: notes, letters, many humorous poems written to and from friends, giving a good overview of the social life of students around 1902-1903. There are a few pieces of memorabilia related to the Class of ’05 and some hand-drawn pictures. Also included is a small article on “College Girls and Marriage.” Items in the book are labeled, however, the scrapbook is very fragile and can be difficult to read due to its condition.   
Scrapbook Contents

9LS, Box #14

Williams, Esther (Apthorp) 1907
1 Vol. scrapbook, 1903-1907

Large scrapbook of mostly personal memorabilia such as invitations and notes from friends. The first section of the scrapbook is labeled well and gives a good impression of the kind of events and parties to which a freshman in 1903 was invited. There are also many small pieces of memorabilia such hand-drawn programs and cards for various occasions. Also contained is some material about the early Athletic Association and sporting events.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box # 44

Thompson, Genevieve  (1907)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1903-1907

This scrapbook is a very good collection of memorabilia, well organized and easy to navigate. The first section of the book is photographs of a variety of Bryn Mawr activities: May Day, hockey, and a large number of play photographs, professional and non-professional. There are many notes from friends and many humorous drawings and cartoons illustrating life at Bryn Mawr College. This scrapbook is a good example of many types of memorabilia for browsing and is in good condition, slightly fragile.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box #17

Congdon, Louise (Balmer) (1908)
1 Vol. scrapbook 1904-1908

Scrapbook of characteristic Bryn Mawr memorabilia: programs, invitations, BMC-related clippings, some Student Governance materials.  Many hand-drawn Class Play programs in good condition. Memorabilia from events at Hill School.  Scrapbook has very good preservation and carefully labeled entries.
Scrapbook Contents

Box #32

Sharpless, Lydia  (1908)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1903-1910

This very large scrapbook contains the usual Bryn Mawr memorabilia, with an emphasis on Hockey memorabilia, including many photographs and scores from various seasons. There are also many good quality photographs of class plays and May Day. There are very few personal pieces in the scrapbook; most are programs, photographs, and examinations. Photographs are labeled very well, usually with names; the scrapbook is in good condition, but many items are loose.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box #13

Pressinger, Mildred (Kienbusch) (1909)
I Vol. Scrapbook 1905-1909

A very large scrapbook containing a great deal of material from Mildred Pressinger’s four years at Bryn Mawr College. It contains many of the usual notes, invitations, and programs, but also much unique, smaller memorabilia such as hand-made cards, a great many Christmas cards and valentines, and memorabilia from dances at BMC and other schools. The scrapbook also contains notices of meetings for clubs – notably, the Christian Association and Undergraduate Association – and a large variety of correspondence, both personal and pertaining to the life of a student at Bryn Mawr College. Items are usually not labeled and scrapbook is large and fragile.
Scrapbook Contents

9LS, Box #38

Harlan, Anna  (1909)
Materials, 1904-1909

The College Girls Record Scrapbook: a commercially produced scrapbook with pages for student to fill in information about their own college. Very little is personally filled in but the scrapbook contains pre-written statistics, poems [Wellesley and Smith Colleges], college mottoes, colors, cheers, etc. and gives a general picture of how women’s colleges in particular were viewed at the time.  Also included is a notebook from an English Church Architecture class at BMC, which includes many cyanotypes of churches.
Scrapbook Contents


Box #15-16

Gilroy, Jessie (1910)
2 Volume Scrapbook: Vol. 1 (1906-1910),  Vol. 2 (1908-1910)

Volume One contains mainly photographs from around Bryn Mawr College and students circa 1910. It contains small portraits with names of many of the Class of 1910 as well as many professional sports and play photos. Volume Two contains much of the usual personal memorabilia: invitations, programs, calling cards. It contains many hand-made cards and playbills, many from friends in Pittsburgh. Most items are tucked inside the scrapbook.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box #29

MacGoffin, Henrietta  (1911)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1907-1914

Commercially produced book: The Girl Graduate, Her Own Book. This scrapbook contains a lot of well-organized Bryn Mawr-related and personal memorabilia. There are many (typed) song lyrics and articles from The College News as well as official Bryn Mawr correspondence and many calling cards. Articles tend to be humorous ones, and there are a few related to the Christian Association. The scrapbook has printed section titles, is in very good condition and easy to read. It is a good overview of BMC student life during the early 1900s.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box #33

Corwin, Margaret Trumball  (1912)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1908-1910

 Small but well-organized scrapbook. Mostly consisting of newspaper and professional photos, as well as various programs from Class Plays. The photos and articles are cut and pasted into the scrapbook so are easy to look through. There are also a variety of both professional and amateur photographs. The scrapbook is sparse, but in good condition.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box # 18

Maguire, Elizabeth Yarnall (1913)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1908-1913

Organized by student year, scrapbook mostly consists of notes from friends, and small memorabilia from plays, dinners, and large campus events, as well as professional photographs. Most memorabilia consists of clippings from the College News, including a few articles on the changing nature of Rush/Lantern Night.  Scrapbook has a comprehensive collection of mostly hand-drawn name/toast cards from student dinners. Though many entries have detailed notes, the handwriting can be difficult to read at times. Otherwise, the scrapbook is very well organized and in very good condition.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box # 40

Waller, Ruby  (1914)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1910-1913

Oversized scrapbook which is very neat and organized. Contains mostly personal letters and programs from plays/orchestras in Philadelphia and New York. However, does have quite a few watercolor name-cards from BMC, a few newspaper articles related to BMC, and various programs, including booklet: “Bryn Mawr: A Characterization.” All is well-labeled and in good condition.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box # 20

Fordyce, Rebecca (Gayton) (1916)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1912-1916

Scrapbook containing the usual memorabilia, mostly from the years 1912-1913, such as notes from friends, memorabilia from school dances, and various official BMC materials. Notably, scrapbook contains several “sensational” newspaper articles from the time period regarding Bryn Mawr College as well as BMC directories and some articles and  notes dealing with the flood in Youngstown, OH in 1913.  It also contains a very small amount of memorabilia from a trip to Panama in 1913. Book is very fragile but materials are in good condition and well-organized.
Scrapbook Contents


9LS, Box # 19

Thurman, Mary (Martin)  (1919)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1915-1919

This scrapbook consists mainly of materials and correspondence relating to class play performances and memorabilia from inter-class events. It contains many letters and notes regarding preparations for welcoming freshman (in her sophomore year) and planning play performances. Materials also concern WWI’s effect on Bryn Mawr’s campus – mainly through newspaper clippings – the Bryn Mawr farm, and comics regarding female college students. The scrapbook is very fragile, and difficult to read, entries are not labeled and there are many loose items.
Scrapbook Contents

9LS, Box #10

Helmer, Phoebe  (1920)
1 Vol. Scrapbook, 1916-1917

A small scrapbook from Phoebe Helmer’s freshman year at Bryn Mawr College. Most of the scrapbook consists of small notes from friends, invitations to meetings and various programs from playhouses in New York City. It also contains various hand-written invitations to meetings, mostly for student government. There is not a lot of material in this scrapbook, but a few unique pieces. Moderate condition.
Scrapbook Contents


Box #21& #23 

Burroughs, Elizabeth (Kelley)  (1926)
3 Vol. Scrapbook 1917-1960s

Mostly through letters and College News articles, these scrapbooks give a thorough view of Bryn Mawr in the 1920s. The first volume contains much about Elizabeth Burrough’s college decision between Bryn Mawr College and Vassar College. It also contains materials on undergraduate scholarships, the Christian Association, and the Bates House. Each volume contains many newspaper clippings about sports, performances, speakers, and important events and changes on campus. Volume III contains much memorabilia about Katharine Hepburn’s early career (pictures and articles on her rise in Hollywood), as well as later alumnae material of Elizabeth Burroughs.
Scrapbook Contents


Box # 39

Shoe, Lucy Taxis (Meritt) (1927)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1923-1929

This scrapbook is extremely dense, contains detailed commentary on most entries and is very well organized. It contains many piece of Bryn Mawr correspondence, concerning clubs, classes, bills, etc. The scrapbook also contains many dramatic programs (with commentary on the shift from class plays at BMC to performance groups) and newspaper clippings, mainly regarding hockey, archery, and other sports at BMC. There is a great deal of material in the scrapbook but it is in good condition and relatively easy to read. Special Collections also holds Lucy Show Meritt's Papers.
Scrapbook Contents



Box #35

Asher, Dorothy (Meyer)  (A.B. 1931)
1Vol. Scrapbook 1927-1933

This scrapbook contains a large number of newspaper clippings and photographs, mostly concerning Dorothy Asher and her classmates and their achievements at BMC, as well as campus events. The scrapbook contains the typical social memorabilia, calling cards,  and professional photos, but also a large collection of personal snapshots, giving a very good view of student life around the late 1920s-early 1930s. The newspaper articles often focus on science and science at BMC (Dorothy majored in biology) and the scrapbook also contains items from her graduate years at University of Pennsylvania. The scrapbook is organized by type of memorabilia rather than chronologically, but items are usually well-labeled and organized. It is fragile and the pages are no longer connected to the binding.
Scrapbook Contents


Box # 30

Fairbank, Lucy (1935) 
1Vol. Scrapbook 1932-1933

The scrapbook is small and mostly photographs, many of Bryn Mawr students around campus and of plays. The book is organized mainly by the vacations Lucy Fairbank took during breaks at Bryn Mawr and so does not have a lot of BMC-related material other than photographs. However, the photographs are well-labeled and of good quality. This scrapbook gives an good idea of social life outside Bryn Mawr in 1932-1933. It is in good condition.
Scrapbook Contents


Box # 31

Richards, Marie A.(1935)
1Vol. Scrapbook 1931-1936

Scrapbook mainly consists of photographs of Marie Richards and friends around BMC campus, and May Day photographs and clippings. While these materials can be found in other places, it is arranged very well and all photographs are in very good condition. The photos are also labeled with names, and several large (excellent quality) portraits of Marie Richards’ friends are stored at the end of the book. The book is in good condition. 
Scrapbook Contents


Box # 43

Wilbourne, Elizabeth (Secombe)  (1938)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1935-1938

This scrapbook is mostly concerned with social memorabilia, including dance cards, football memorabilia, etc. from Haverford College, Princeton University, and others. There are also many telegrams and Christmas and Valentine’s cards. The scrapbook gives a well-rounded view of an undergraduate social life which extended beyond Bryn Mawr College. Even so, there is still much of the usual BMC-related memorabilia (clippings, pamphlets, etc.), as well as a few items from trips to Washington, D.C. The book no longer has a binding and the pages are in poor condition, but the items are in good condition and it is organized and easy to read.
Scrapbook Contents


Box # 24

Young, Ellen Sudders (1926)
1Vol. Scrapbook, oversize, 1922-1930

The scrapbook is large, with the Bryn Mawr logo on the front. It mainly consists of extensive newspaper clippings from May Day, Commencement and fellowships and academic awards every year, 1922-1926.  Unlike most scrapbooks, this book contains a very large number of articles regarding European Fellowships and various other academic awards each year. There is also a good collection of varied and interesting valentines, and newspaper articles about various BMC events (both large and small). It gives a less personal but very extensive view of BMC life during this time period. The book is somwhat fragile but overall in good condition.
Scrapbook Contents

Box #22

Killough, Linn (Buss)  (1947)
2 Vol. Scrapbook 1943-1947?

Scrapbook mainly contains the usual Bryn Mawr memorabilia, but also contains some interesting newspaper clippings about BMC traditions – both from The College News and outside newspaper. There are also a few comics related to Bryn Mawr College but much of the memorabilia concerns vacations Linn Killough took, so the memorabilia is not directly BMC-related. The scrapbook has many descriptive captions  and is in good condition.
Scrapbook Contents


Box #26-27

Case, Josephine (Schnurman)  (1954)
2 Vol. Scrapbook 1950-1954

Two-volume scrapbook contains mainly materials about theatrical and musical performances  at Bryn Mawr College and beyond. Josephine Case was the designer/manager for a variety of performances at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, and her scrapbooks contain memorabilia from the productions. Her playbills from New York City give a picture of many important theatrical productions from 1950-1954. There are also personal correspondence and cards as well as some casual photographs in good condition. The scrapbook is neat and easy to read, and in good condition.
Scrapbook Contents


Box #25

Warram, (Martha) Caroline (Lane) (1955)
1 Vol. Scrapbook 1950-1955

Scrapbook contains a typical collection of Bryn Mawr College and personal memorabilia, including programs, invitations, dance cards, etc. Scrapbook contains much BMC correspondence detailing Caroline Warram’s scholarship and entrance to Bryn Mawr, as well as a large collection of dramatic playbills from Bryn Mawr & Haverford College performances. Scrapbook also contains some family pictures and other memorabilia regarding the Warram family.
Scrapbook Contents


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scrapbook pages from D. Asher
From the Scrapbook of Dorothy Asher (Meyer), 1931

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