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Part III: Scrapbook Content List

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Collection Number: 9LS

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scrapbook pages from E. Wilbourne
From the scrapbook of Elizabeth Wilbourne (Secombe), 1938



Number Name/Date Scrapbook Contents

Box # 1

Haines, Jane Browne
  • Dance cards, invitations, ticket stubs, calling cards, letters from friends and family
  • Musical and dramatic programs in Philadelphia , 1889-1890
  • Map of Radnor dining hall with names at tables, 1887
  • Class Song of ’89- ‘93 lyrics and sheet music; miscellaneous (Greeting, Commencement, etc.) songs lyrics and music
  • Lyrics/poems about academic subjects (Physics, German, Geometry, etc.) 1889
  • Programs to Class Plays 1887-1891
  • Hand-written script for the “Entertainment” from ’91 to ’92, 1888
  • Quotations from friends, professors, Bryn Mawr faculty, including M. Carey Thomas and “characters of Dr. Andrews”
  • Booklet about Amelia Blandford Edwards [author; suffrage], 1889
  • Program from services at Church of the Redeemer in Bryn Mawr, 1889
  • Postcard from Presidential Campaign, 1888
  • Commencement Program, June 1889-1892
  • Manuscript script of “The Princess”, performed at Bryn Mawr College Oct 1889
  • Newspaper Clipping: Public Ledger, “Bryn Mawr College Enters Upon Its Sixth Year”, 1890
  • Booklet: “On The Opening of the Johns Hopkins Medical School to Women”, reprinted from “Open Letters” in The Century Magazine, (one section by M. Carey Thomas), Feb 1891
  • Piece of cloth “from Graduation Dress”
  • Poem The Maid of Bryn Mawr” by J.B. Haines, 1885
  • Alumnae Supper program, June 1895-1898
  • Newspaper clippings: May Day, 1890
  • Graduate Course Guide, 1891-1892
  • Flyer of Colchester, Roberts and Co. for the sale of pre-written essays, debates, lectures, etc. to college students, 1890
  • Pressed flowers from Commencement Day, labeled with friends’ names, 1891
  • Collection of newspaper clippings regarding Bryn Mawr College from 1885-1887
  • Program from First Annual Meeting of the National Conference on University Extension, Philadelphia, December 1891
  • Flyers for various Bryn Mawr College Lecture series, 1930-1932
  • Booklet on music courses & endowment at Bryn Mawr College and Fund for Auditorium of Students’ Building, 1924
  • Invitation and program from opening of University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate Department for Women, May 1892
  • Various Bryn Mawr programs and pamphlets (prospective students, musical programs, etc)  1916-1948

    Loose Papers:
  • Radnor Hall “Housewarming” Program, Oct 1887
  • Invitation (For Sarah Hilles) to the Inauguration of Bryn Mawr College
  • Commencement Programs: 1889, 1943
  • Entrance Exams in various subjects, June 1890
  • Invitation to New York City Bryn Mawr Club, 1897
  • Invitation to J. Haines from M. Carey Thomas, to meet Henry James


9LS, Box# 2

Wetherill, Edith (Ives)
  • Class Play Programs, 1890-1892
  • Various invitations and letters from classmates and Bryn Mawr College correspondence
  • Lyrics to class songs, college songs, etc. 1888-1892
  • Commencement Programs and newspaper clippings, June 1889-1899; 1912; 1919; 1924
  • Quotations by friends, various Bryn Mawr faculty, M. Carey Thomas- pages 59, 65, 68, 77, 98, 108, 112-113
  • Wedding invitations 1892-1912
  • Photographs: 8 professional photographs of campus buildings and surrounding areas, very good condition, May 1890
  • Portraits of M. Carey Thomas; James Rhodes; Charlotte Scott; Franklin Gidding, 1892
  • 5 various photographs of students, including dorm rooms; class of ’92, 1892
  • Hand-copied poems [p 1-13]
  • Manuscript transcription of speech: “Delivered before the undergraduates of Bryn Mawr College at a mass meeting called the day before election to discuss the political issues of the campaign”  [regarding suffrage] by Louise Elder, ’89, Nov 5, 1888  [p 14]
  • Various newspaper clippings regarding Bryn Mawr in 1888 [p 20-23]
  • Manuscript transcription of lecture by Helen J. Robins on art history [p 27-36]
  • Photo of students on steps of Merion Hall, 1888
  • Poem by H.J.R, ’88 “Twas a Week Before Christmas” about holidays at Bryn Mawr  [p 50]
  • Hand-drawn sketch-portrait [p 61]
  • “Alphabet ‘89” – each letter with a Bryn Mawr-related word [p 62-64]
  • “Taylor Hall” poem [p 69-72]
  • Class song, 1983 [p 86]
  • Newspaper clipping: Paul Du Chaeilu visits Bryn Mawr College, Oct 1890 [p 88]
  • Photograph: Class Play of ’92 [p 93]
  • “Collegiate Exam” of joke questions about life at Bryn Mawr  [p 103]
  • Newspaper clipping: “Merry Girls in Bryn Mawr,” 1892 [p 115]
  • Schedule of last week of college, 1892 [p 126]
  • Constitution of “The Perfect College” written by Edith and friends [p 128]
  • Photo of students with cardboard flower nametags; Edith Wetherill’s flower [p 139]
  • Selections taken from bulletin board – posted by M. Carey Thomas, deans, professors,            1892 [p 140]
  • Letter from James Rhoads to Edith Wetherill, 1893 [p 145]
  • Newspaper clippings: collegiate tennis article; “A Wonder”-  poem about female college graduates [p 148]
  • Invitation to the opening of Dalton Hall; newspaper clipping regarding opening of Dalton Hall, 1893 [p 150]
  • Alumnae supper invitations, 1893-1899, 1912
  • Newspaper clippings: retirement of James Rhodes; gift of marble busts from Mary Garrett; new residence halls, 1893 [p 158]
  • Newspaper clippings: death of James Rhodes; Quaker Weddings; weddings at Bryn Mawr; M. Carey Thomas being nominated as alumni trustee at Cornell University, 1893 [p168]
  • Article from The Outlook: “Deans in Women’s Colleges,” by Lida R. McCabe, features M. Carey Thomas, 1895 [p 176]
  •  Newspaper clippings: “Women and Their Work” about University of Wisconsin women modeling self-governance after Bryn Mawr College, 1898 [p 182]
  • Simple blueprint of “Olmsted’s plan for the arrangement of the grounds and future buildings of Bryn Mawr college” [p 188]
  • Newspaper clippings: May Day, 1900 [p 200]
  • Newspaper clippings: New York Daily Tribune “Cornell and Women Teachers”; retirement of Bryn Mawr postman, 1900
  • Invitation & program for inauguration of Marion Edwards Park, 1922 [p 224]
  • 2 Photographs: Class Play of 1891, “Alice in Wonderland”
  • Large photograph of Merion room and student, May 1890
  • Typed poem “A College Valentine” – about dissecting a frog, to Edith Wetherill by “M.W.”
  • Large photograph of Biology Lab, Taylor Hall, May 1890
  • “Class of ‘92” photograph, June 1892
  • 4 photographs of “Entertainment given by ’92 to ‘91”
  • 5 photos from student play, “She Stoops to Conquer”
  • 31 portrait photographs, with names, Classes ’89 to ‘93
  • Invitation and program to 25th Anniversary of Bryn Mawr College, 1910
  • Newspaper clippings regarding Dorothy Kirk, May Queen (no year); letter to Edith regarding a wedding present for Dorothy Kirk and a song written from the Class of 1892 for Dorothy
  • Program from reunion in 1924; photograph of members of the class of 1892
  • Marriage announcements and photographs of Fanny Harris Brown and family
  • Letter regarding Bryn Mawr College fund for American Ambulance Hospital in Paris, Feb 1917
  • Large photograph of students at Harriton Cemetery; large photograph of dorm room in Merion Hall, 1892
  • Invitation and program for 50th Anniversary of Bryn Mawr College; newspaper clippings from Anniversary, 1935
  • Newspaper clippings: death of M. Carey Thomas, 1935
  • Large group photograph of students in 1892 and in 1934
  • Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin essay by Helen Robins, ‘92
  • Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin, “Class Notes” regarding 45th reunion of class of 1892; program for 50th reunion; list of those attending class lunch for ’92, 1943


Box #3

Hilles, Margaret (Johnson)  [1893]

  • 13 photos removed from scrapbook, full list in front cover
  • Class Play programs (most hand-drawn), 1890-1893
  • Newspaper clipping: Bryn Mawr College Commencement, June 1889
  • Various invitations and calling cards
  • Bryn Mawr bill for gap and gown, Nov 1889
  • Musical and dramatic programs from Philadelphia, 1890-1892
  • Letters from friends and family members 1890-1893
  • Large photograph of dorm  room; large photograph of girls in caps and gowns, with names; large photograph of students having tea in dorm room
  • Exams, 1890-1891 [Political Economy, History, German, Biology, English Literature, Ethics, Psychology]
  • Typed lyrics, ‘Fair Bryn Mawr”
  • Commencement programs, June 1890-1900
  • Newspaper clipping: “A Sonnet to Bryn Mawr” written by Canon Rawnsley
  • Newspaper clipping: “The Present College Year at Bryn Mawr – Graduate Work at Bryn Mawr – new Courses of Instruction Reported,” 1892
  • 3 unidentified play photographs, labeled with names
  • Newspaper clipping: “Merry Girls at Bryn Mawr,” 1892
  • Script for play, Love’s Telegraph
  • Newspaper Clipping: “Honors to Women – Two Fresh Recognitions of Bryn Mawr Scholarship and Merit
  • “Calendaris Bryn Mawris”, program in Latin 1892
  • 6 unidentified play photographs; 2 photos of students and dorm rooms
  • Hand-written notes and lyrics from friends
  • Notice from M. Carey Thomas (announcement of European Fellow) 1893
  • Newspaper clipping: May Day 1900 & Commencement June 1893
  • Program for Class Day, 1893
  • Alumnae Supper Programs: 1893-1901
  • Cover from The Lantern, 1897
  • Hand-drawn Flower card with lyrics on back
  • Play programs and newspaper clippings from May Day, 1900
  • Program for proposed Students’ Building, 1900
  • Philadelphia Public Ledger from 1900 – May Day articles
  • Simple blueprint of “Olmsted’s plan for the arrangement of the grounds and future buildings of Bryn Mawr college”
  • newspaper clipping of President Taft at Bryn Mawr College, 1910
  • Photographs (glued inside back cover) of laboratory, Pembroke Hall


Box #4

Fitzgerald, Susan Walker [1893]
  • Class play programs (many hand-drawn) 1889-1893
  • Telegrams from family 1891
  • Note about biology lab (humorous)
  • College Examinations 1890-1893
  • Memorabilia from school dances 1889
  • “BMC Collegiate Examination” (joke) 1891
  • Class Day 1893 program
  • Notes/letters from family and friends; calling cards 1889-1892
  • Card from “Report of the Committee of the American Women’s scholarship for Japanese Women” 1891
  • Photograph of two young women (unidentified)
  • Handmade sign: “Abbott and Walker, Importers of Oolong and Repar-tea”
  • Dramatic programs from Philadelphia and Boston 1890-1892
  • BMC Commencement Program 1890-1893
  • Poem: “New Fashioned Girl” from Boston Journal 1890s
  • Hand-drawn college student/angel movable valentine


9LS, Box# 29

Emerson, Ruth (Fletcher) [1893]
  • Handwritten lyrics: Class of ’96 song; “As Freshmen We Came”; Freshman Song 1888, etc.
  • Hand-drawn card [watercolor with lanterns]
  • Dance cards, calling cards, invitations
  • College Exams [English; Classics ]1890-1894
  • Toast cards, notes and letters from friends; many hand-written poems
  • “Naissance de Paul” hand-written & illustrated poem (?)
  • Invitation to memorial service for James E. Rhodes 1895
  • Commencement programs 1891-1896
  • Invitation to “Junior Exercises” at Haverford College 1891; Haverford Class Day ’92 invitation
  • Invitations from the “Science and Art Club of Germantown” 1891
  • Invitation/dance card/Glee Club program from Princeton 1893
  • Pamphlet from Tuskegee Alabama Industrial Institute
  • Large comic from Life “For the Benefit of the Girl Who is About to Graduate”
  • Tennis court invitation
  • Hand-drawn Taylor clock tower picture


Box #28

Walker, Evangeline (Andrews) 
  • Calling cards, invitations
  • Class play programs 1891-1893
  • Pencil drawing pg 72
  • Joke “Collegiate Exam” from Junior breakfast, June 1891 [p88]
  • College exams [Greek, English Lit]  1891-1892
  • Commencement Program, June 1891
  • Dance cards 1891-1893
  • Memorabilia from Yale & Harvard, Princeton [114-115], 1891-1892
  • English Composition workbook by M.G.G.
  • Many calling cards, letters, invitations
  • Color postcard with birds, from New York, 1892
  • Newspaper clipping: “Merry Girls in Bryn Mawr”, 1892
  • Letter from M. Carey Thomas regarding attending her Chaucer lecture, 1892
  • Flyer for company selling college essays, lectures, etc. 1891
  • Pencil sketch Bryn Mawr students studying, 1890-1891, [p 68-71]
  • Manuscript copies of poems, [p 250]


Box #5

Szold, Bertha (Levin) 

Volume 1: Freshman and Sophomore Years

  • Typed transcripts of letters to family in Baltimore, October 1891-April 1893
    Topics: classes, commuting to Bryn Mawr from Philadelphia, social life, class play performances, Lantern Night, English lectures by Miss Thomas, attending lectures and plays, professors,  Harvard Annex (Radcliffe), nature on campus, college expenses (photographs), laboratory & field trips
  • Admission Materials, 1891
  • Bills for tuition, rooms, and books: 1891-1893
  • Typed Library rules
  • Class Song lyrics
  • Musical and dramatic programs from Philadelphia , invitations, train time tables
  • Newspaper from Baltimore Sunday News about Bryn Mawr, Feb 1892 – “One Day’s Work and Recreation – How the Girls Furnish Their Rooms – A Chase After the ‘Hares’ – Expense of a Year in College”
  • Newspaper clipping regarding Bryn Mawr 7th Commencement
  • Room assignment and rules for Radnor Hall
  • Sophomore Play ,1892 “The Masque of Rumor”: Hand-written script, 3 small photographs, play program
  • Professional play photos (4), 1892
  • Photo of laboratory boys – removed to Archives Photo Collection
  • Announcement of Meeting of Self-Governance association to discuss whether there should be “An hour or half an hour for noise in the evening”

Volume 2: Junior and Senior Years

  • Typed transcripts of letters to family in Baltimore, October 1893- March 1895
    Topics: advising meeting with M. Carey Thomas, professors ,social life, classes and lectures, suffrage (an lecture on Social Reform in England), the gymnasium, resignation of Dr. Rhoades, college pranks, campus job (Postmistress of Radnor Hall), Oral Exams
  • Class play programs, 1894-1895, various invitations, official Bryn Mawr College correspondence
  • Bill for Books, 1894
  • Reading list for “Rhetoric and 17th Century Authors” from Dean’s Office
  • 2 letters from Mary Gwinn
  • Programs from Musical programs at Bryn Mawr 1894
  • Letter from Jewish Publication Society of America to Bertha Szold, May 1894, regarding a Latin translation
  • Photos: 2 photos of Bryn Mawr students in gowns, 1894; cap and gown portraits, 1894;  9 photos of campus (including graveyard, gymnasium, chapel); 5 studio portrait photographs; Class of 1895 photo removed to Archives Photo collection
  • Clipping from newspaper, December 1894 “Life at a Girl’s College”
  • Commencement invitation, program, white and yellow ribbon
  • Letter from Bryn Mawr College regarding donations for the formation of Geology Department, Oct 1895
  • Obituary for Bertha Szold (Levin) from Alumnae Bulletin, Jan. 1958
  • “Questions issued by Committee on Health Statistics of the Alumnae Association of Bryn Mawr College” questionnaire booklet, June 1895
  • Pamphlet for book The Szold of Lombard Street By Alexandra Lee Levin ( Bryn Mawr 1933)


9LS, Box #37

Mattson, Rebecca (Darlington) [1896]
  • Cyanotype of Taylor Hall, Common room in Radnor & Pembroke East,  Denbigh Dining Hall; Cyanotypes & Floor Plans: Dalton, Merion, Radnor, Denbigh,and Pembroke Halls
  • Photograph from unidentified play [“The Peterkin Family”?]
  • Bryn Mawr College dramatic programs1894-1895
  • Banquet Menu, May 1895
  • Handwritten song lyrics (Latin)
  • Calling cards; letters & notes from friends 1894-1896
  • Commencement Program & newspaper clippings 1895-1896
  • College News clippings: article on “The Sonnet” and student-written sonnets; cartoons;
  • Clippings from The Fortnightly Philistine: article on “The Bulletin Board”; poems; “Truth Askmore” advice column; joke articles on Plenary, fire brigade, variety show; “College Recipes” & Advertisements (jokes)
  • Room assignment 1895
  • Notice about skating on ponds, 1896
  • Basketball cheer; two hand-drawn sketches of basketball players
  • College News clipping: Athletics 1896
  • 6 candid photos [students and professors?]; photograph of basketball team (no year)
  • Class Day 1893 program
  • BMC Record Book
  • Bryn Mawr College diploma 1896


Box #41

Nichols, Terzah
  • Calling cards; notes from friends and family
  • Bryn Mawr Class Play programs 1892-1899
  • Large collection of dinner name cards/toast cards, many hand-drawn & watercolors
  • Handwritten song lyrics [class songs, dinner songs, Glee Club songs, etc.] 1892-1898
  • Philadelphia Musical Programs & Boston Orchestra Programs 1892-1900
  • Baldwin School play program 1893
  • Baldwin School Commencement programs 1895- 1900
  • Sketch of student from Freshman class supper
  • BMC dance cards 1893-1894
  • Bryn Mawr College Commencement programs 1893-1902
  • Programs from World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893
  • Program from University of Pennsylvania play 1893
  • Hand-drawn Valentines 1893-1894
  • Princeton glee Club program 1893.
  • Toast cards (drawing of young woman at piano) 1894
  • Commencement programs from Swarthmore, Haverford, & Drexel 1894
  • Ticket stubs, etc. from vacations 1894
  • Program for “Radnor Hunt” hunting competition, Thanksgiving 1894
  • Passenger list from NYC Navigation Company 1895
  • Copy of The Fortnightly Philistine Dec 1895; May 1897
  • Cards from Inter-class sports games 1896
  • Program from 25th Anniversary of Fairmont Park celebration 1896
  • Newspaper clipping: picture of “The Composite Girl Graduate: from several photograph’s of this month’s graduates of Wellesley, Vassar, and Bryn Mawr” 1896
  • Watercolor “Ye Maid and Ye Drummer” card 1898
  • “Songs of Wellesley” Lyrics page
  • “A Sonnet to Bryn Mawr” poem by Canon Raurisley (?)
  • Alumnae Supper programs 1900-1901


Box #6

Scudder, Sylvia (Bowditch)  [1899]
  • Large photo [front cover] of Bryn Mawr College dorm room and two students
  • Bryn Mawr College dramatic and musical performance programs, 1895-1899
  • Various official Bryn Mawr correspondence throughout
  • Calling cards and invitations throughout
  • Class song booklet, 1889
  • 8 small professional photos of campus,  including little poems
  • Letter from Bridget C[?],  re a burned shirt she was laundering for Sylvia, other small notes regarding laundry
  • Photos (4) from ‘The Critic” performed at Bryn Mawr College, December 1895
  • Letter from M. Carey Thomas to Sylvia, removed to Mss Coll, May ‘79
  • Notice of Meeting of Self-Governance meeting, March 1896
  • Programs from musical and theatre performance in Philadelphia 1895-1899
  • Admission materials, room assignment cards
  • Invitation to the University of Pennsylvania Library and picture of library
  • Small picture of Merion and  floor plan, labeled with inhabitants of each room; floor plan for Denbigh
  • Magazine (no title) called “Our Colleges for Women: A Day at Bryn Mawr” with illustrations of laboratory, rooms, campus buildings
  • Undated newspaper article on women in athletics (around 1896)
  • Commencement invitation & program, June 1896
  • Large, very good quality photo of 1899 Basketball team; poor quality photo of 1896 team
  • Small portrait photos and small photo of women playing tennis at Bryn Mawr
  • Ribbon from Princeton (?), “1746-1896”
  • Photos (3) from “The Leap-Year Wooing of Prince Knowledge” performed by class of 1900, Nov 1896
  • Note from President’s off “the ice on the College pond is bearing to-day”, Jan 1897
  • 1897 monthly calendar
  • Various homemade valentines, sketches, notes, hand-written poems (“to Sylvia” and “Who is Sylvia?”)
  • Hand-drawn sketches of women in costume
  • Watercolor poster for the “Fortnightly Philistine Out To-day”
  • Note from M.Carey Thomas for subscription to the “College Settlement”
  • Circular and letter from “Colchester, Roberts and Co.”, providing “original essays, orations and debates” to college women, priced per hundred word.
  • Elaborately painted dance card
  • Invitation to wedding of Marie Chase Scattergood, and recall of invitation due to the death of Mary W. Garrett, 1897
  • Invitation to Baldwin School Graduation, 1897 and 1899
  • Postcard of woman on horseback
  • Invitations to various lectures at Bryn Mawr College (James Wood, presenting college flag; W.H. Tolman and De Rebus club)
  • Letters from Helen Thomas; letters from M.Carey Thomas removed to Mss Collection
  • toast card with donkey and lion
  • various letters from friends, c. 1899
  • newspaper clipping from fire at Professor Scott’s house
  • various exam question sheets (loose in back)
  • Self-Governance Constitution and resolutions (loose in back), 1899
  • One-page The Yellow and White Journal, June 1906


Box # 7
Kilpatrick, Mary Grace 
  • Playbill for “As You Like It” Performed by class of 1900
  • Playbills for various dramatic performances at Bryn Mawr and class plays 1897-1899
  • Playbills for various Philadelphia plays and operas, 1897-1899
  • Programs for  Bryn Mawr Musical Groups, 1897-1898-1899
  • Various sporting events clippings 1898-1899
  • Sketch of Mary Kilpatrick, Autumn 1897
  • Hand-written poem about Marion Park, 1897
  • Various newspaper clippings 1897-1898, including a visit to the States by Prince Albert of Belgium, and shortage of condensed milk
  • Various class song lyrics, 1897-1899
  • Hand-drawn invitations to Class Supper,1898 and 1899
  • Color program from “Peace Jubilee”, Philadelphia, Oct 1898
  • Invitation for Mary Kilpatrick to tea with M. Carey Thomas, to meet the Bryn Mawr School Children, Nov 1898
  • Dance card (with cover) from Junior Promenade at Bryn Mawr College, Feb 1899


Box # 42
Howard, Jeannie Colson
  • Written in front cover: list of Self Government positions & student each year 1897-1901
  • Large collection of calling cards, invitations 1897-1901
  • Many hand-drawn name cards, small cards with poems and ink drawings on them
  • “As You Like It” at BMC program and photos (2)
  • 1901 Freshman Play program and very small cyanotypes
  • BMC Class play & Glee and Mandolin Club programs 1897-1899
  • Ribbon dance-invitations 1898
  • Commencement program 1898
  • Dance card (with leather case)
  • Letters from family and friends 1897-1901
  • Play and orchestra programs from Philadelphia 1898-1900
  • Program for Glee & Mandolin Club at Johns Hopkins University 1899
  • Poem for Jeannie with hand-drawn picture of BMC student and professor 1898
  • Poem booklet by “C.S.” to “J.C.H. and G.T.L.”  - a long poem about missing girls at Bryn Mawr 1898
  • Many notes and poems written by friends 1897-1901
  • Lyrics of “Vaudeville Song” from Junior-Freshman Play 1899
  • May day 1900 programs & photographs
  • Class supper programs 1901
  • BMC receipts/bills 1901
  • Song lyrics and addresses from 10-year reunion of Class of 1901, 1911
  • Also included with scrapbook is an “Exercise Folio” notebook with cyanotypes of:
  • Campus buildings
  • 9 photos of students & their dorm rooms
  • Students around campus and at Commencement
  • Professors at Commencement
  • Students on May Day
  • And miscellaneous photographs of Commencement and a hockey game.


Box #8
Parris, Marion (Smith)
  • May Day play programs 1901
  • BMC Admission materials (examinations, letters, room lists), 1897
  • Pamphlet & floor plans for Taylor, Pembroke, Radnor, Dalton, Denbigh, and  Merion Halls
  • Calling cards, Invitations 1898-1904
  • Various notes and letters from friends and family 1897-1901
  • BMC Class Play & music performance programs 1897 – 1906
  • Program and cyanotypes from “As You Like It” at BMC, 1900
  • Variety of examinations 1897 – 1900
  • Hand-made ink drawing of girl playing basketball, from “Freshman Team Supper” 1898
  • Various class meal programs 1898-1900
  • BMC “Special Exercise” gym check-list 1897
  • Class of 1901 class song lyrics; Class of ’89 lyrics, Class of ’97  lyrics
  • Chaperone List 1897-1898
  • Letter from costume-renting company 1898
  • Newspaper clippings: “At the Women’s Colleges” columns about BMC 1898
  • Letter to alumnae and students of BMC regarding raising money for the Sargent portrait of M. Carey Thomas 1899
  • Name cards from class dinners
  • Commencement Programs 1899-1906
  • May Day 1900 program, clippings, memorabilia
  • Magazine photo: “The Girl Graduate” Class of 1900 Commencement photo
  • Letter from M. Carey Thomas to Lucia Shaw Holliday regarding the caricaturing of professors in student entertainment 1900
  • Clippings from 3 different newspaper regarding Bryn Mawr girls putting out a fire 1901
  • Alumnae supper programs 1902-1906
  • Newspaper clipping of various Bryn Mawr events, 1901
  • BMC Self-Government Constitution & Resolutions 1901
  • Notice for meetings of Self-Government 1899
  • Letters & papers regarding the Alumnae Association, 1902-1906
  • Constitution and By-Laws of the Bryn Mawr Club, New York 1901
  • Notes from a meeting of “The Committee of the Bryn Mawr Club for securing contributions to the Library Fund of the College”; papers regarding Library Fund (Marion Parris,  chairman of Finance Committee of BMC Club, NY); alumnae appeal pamphlet; letters from M. Carey Thomas regarding the appeal 1902
  • Agreement to be signed by subscribers for Library Fund 1902
  • Blueprint of “Summit Grove Bryn Mawr College”; rules for Summit Grove dormitory
  • Poster for “Everyman” performed at Bryn Mawr College 1902
  • Announcements for various guest lecturers/performances at BMC 1902-1903
  • Photographs (6) from “The Comedy of Errors” 1902
  • Photographs of students & May Pole on May Day 1903
  • Letters to BMC Alumnae regarding the endowment fund 1903-1904
  • Program from Debate between BMC Law Club and New York University Law School; announcements for Law Club meetings 1904
  • Pamphlet from BMC Alumnae  Finance Committee 1904
  • Program for Commencement Week 1904
  • Announcements/invitations for Bryn Mawr’s: Law Club, The Philosophical Club, the Graduate Club,  the English Club, 1904-05
  • BMC “Information for Students” poster 1904
  • Transcription of Address delivered by M. Carey Thomas in memory of Mary Helen Ritchie, Feb 1905
  • May Day memorabilia 1906
  • The Yellow and White Journal, June 1906


Box #11 & #12

Congdon, Elizabeth (Barron) [1902]

Volume 1: 1898-1901

  • BMC room assignments: 1898, 1899
  • Invitations, notes from friends, 1898-1901
  • Calling cards, wedding invitations 1899-1900
  • Homemade valentines (about 12)
  • Telegrams from family, 1898-1901
  • Bryn Mawr Class Play, dramatic and musical performance programs, 1898-1901
  • Bryn Mawr College Glee and Banjo Club Performance Programs:  1898-1900
  • Large number of various dramatic programs from Philadelphia, 1898-1901
  • Various wedding announcements from newspapers
  • Various newspaper clippings concerning women’s golf and photos of women golfers 1900-1901
  • BMC admission material 1898
  • Bryn Mawr College letter regarding class placement, 1898
  • Photograph: 1902 basketball team (good condition) and room photo (very bad condition)
  • Vacation registration card, Bryn Mawr College
  • 2 photos of unidentified plays at Bryn Mawr College
  • Harvard University dance invitation, 1899
  • Letter from M. Carey Thomas: “Elizabeth Congdon: please don’t put your milk outside the window.”
  • Announcement of May Day Festivities to raise money for new student building, April 1900
  • Large collection of May Day 1900 newspaper clippings, programs, magazine photos  
  • Commencement clippings and memorabilia 1900
  • Souvenir scorecard from Yale-Princeton baseball game, and Harvard-Princeton baseball game, June 1900
  • Princeton memorabilia: Photograph Class of 1900; dance cards 1901-1902; Princeton sports clippings; campus songs
  • Newspaper clipping concerning a large tea social given by Miss Wooters for Miss Congdon, Thanksgiving
  • University of Pennsylvania football game program, Dec 1900
  • Newspaper clippings of Bryn Mawr girls putting out fire at Professor Scott’s Home – Girls Fire Brigade of Bryn Mawr
  • Order form for Bryn Mawr College Calendar, 1901
  • Invitation from M. Carey Thomas to help receive guests at Deannery, March 1901
  • Hand-written notes from Mary Gwinn Newspaper clipping concerning 14th Annual meeting of Association of Colleges and Prep Schools, attended by M. Carey Thomas, 1901

Volume 2: 1901-1902

  • Section from 1913 Pittsburgh Gazette (tucked in front)
    Section from 1904 The Chicago Chronicle (tucked in back)
  • Wedding invitations 1901 - 1902
  • Calling cards
  • Telegrams (from boyfriend at Princeton)
  • Bryn Mawr class play and musical recital programs, 1901-1902
  • Dramatic Programs, Philadelphia, Atlantic City  1901-1902
  • Daily Program of the Pan-American Exposition, Jun 1903 in Buffalo, NY
  • Golf clippings and tag for Elizabth Congdon, Women’s U.S. Championship 1901
  • Bryn Mawr College Opening newspaper article, Oct 1901
  • Snapshot of group of men
  • University of Pennsylvania football program, 1901
  • Homemade valentines
  • Princeton Junior Promenade dance card with leather case,  Feb 1902
  • Letter to Bryn Mawr alumnae to contribute to library fund, 1902
  • Princeton University Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs Performance Program: Feb, 1902
  • Clippings from various newspapers regarding fire in Denbigh, March 1902
  • Program for meeting of American Academy of Political and Social Science, April 1902
  • Newspaper clipping of mock-trial at Bryn Mawr to raise money for library fund
  • Clipping from The Daily Princeton concerning Princeton debate team March 1902
  • Bryn Mawr Commencement Program, June 1902
  • Newspaper clippings of Bryn Mawr Commencement, June 1902
  • Harvard-Princeton Baseball game program, June 1902


9LS, Box #9
Dabney, Edith (Ford)
  • Photographs of Bryn Mawr buildings and student rooms
  • Class Play and musical performance programs 1899-1903
  • Calling cards, invitations 1899-1905
  • Correspondence from friends, family, and BMC administration 1899-1903
  • Notes, poems, scraps of paper, etc. from friends 1899-1903
  • Variety of notes/pieces of paper from the front of dorm doors; a variety of scrap-paper lists: meeting attendance, party guest lists, etc.
  • Dramatic and musical programs from Boston, Philadelphia, etc. 1900 – 1905
  • Program and photographs: “The Quest of the Lantern” 1899
  • Photographs of BMC campus, winter 1900
  • May Day 1900 programs, photos, newspaper clippings, The Puritan newspaper/pamphlet about May Day at Bryn Mawr
  • Harvard & Cornell Glee &Mandolin Clubs program 1905
  • Commencement program 1900-1903
  • Dance cards, restaurant cards, Tennis Club cards 1900-1905
  • Pictures of students playing tennis 1900
  • “The Rivals” at BMC program and photograph
  • Poems and drawings (in envelope) from a Valentine’s party 1901
  • Picture of students on field, with parasols
  • Newspaper clippings from shooting of President McKinley, Seattle newspaper 1901
  • Notes from friends & administration regarding Edith Dabney’s extended absences from biology lab
  • Newspaper clipping: Rockefeller offers BMC matching grant, 1901
  • Bryn Mawr College Appeal (library fund) 1901
  • Newspaper clipping “College Women of the Present and Future” by M. Carey Thomas, in McClure’s Syndicate 1901
  • Newspaper clippings: fire in Denbigh & follow-up clippings regarding the fire brigade 1901
  • Post for “Everyman” at Bryn Mawr 1902
  • Notes preparing/regarding meetings for Self-Government, of which Edith was president (1902-1903)
  • 3 photos of students in countryside surrounding BMC
  • Self-Governance Association constitution (with notes) 1903
  • Various song lyrics
  • Serious and humorous sketches of college student
  • Letters from the alumnae association; Alumnae Association dinner program 1903
  • Letters from friends after graduation 1903—1905
  • Pictures of BMC basketball game (14)
  • Miscellaneous pictures of Commencement 1903 and campus
  • Professional photos from unidentified play
  • Large photo of basketball team, 1903 [?]
  • Letter from the “Gap in the Wall Gang”(humorous)  1903
  • Harvard song lyrics 1904


9LS, Box #34

Kohm, Elsie (Rauh) 
  • Calling cards, toast lists 1901-1902
  • Humorous notes & poems from friends
  • BMC Glee Club programs 1900-1902
  • Poem by Elsie Kohm “Oh to be a Freshman Once More”
  • Unidentified family photo, small photo of students
  • List of events for track meet, 1901
  • Collection of “characteristic Bryn Mawr bills” such as laundry, drug store, groceries, etc. 1901
  • Typed list of “honorary corresponding secretaries” who can answer queries about the college throughout the country
  • BMC examinations 1901-1902
  • Correspondence from friends – with some photographs, and  letters from “after I had decided to give up college” to take care of her mother  1901-1902
  • Train ticket 1902


9LS, Box #36

Sturgis, Helen 
  • Floor plan and pamphlet for Pembroke Hall, Merion, Radnor, Dalton, & Denbigh
  • Invitation to Christian Union reception; Christian Union committee list 1901-1902
  • Handwritten course schedule for 1901-1902
  • Script for “David Garrick” & BMC program
  • 1907 Class Song (by Clara Herrick)
  • Letters, telegrams, notes, calling cards
  • Lots of verses friends wrote for one another
  • Philadelphia play programs 1902
  • Examinations 1902
  • Newspaper clipping: letter to the editor regarding the article “College Girls and Marriage” 1902
  • BMC Musical and Class Play programs 1902-1903
  • Handwritten transcription of toast speech give by Frances Eleanor Mason, at ‘05 Class Supper, May 1902
  • Watercolor picture advertising for a lost jacket, signed “A.S.”
  • Copy of the Fortnightly Philistine, December 1901


9LS, Box #14
Williams, Esther (Apthorp) [1907]
  • Pembroke West dorm rules & Bryn Mawr Handbook, 1903
  • Various song lyrics (Class songs, hockey songs, lantern night, banner songs), 1903-1905
  • Calling cards, party invitations ,etc., 1903 [labels of what parties they are invited to, cute notes from friends, many mementos from dances, parties, etc]
  • Small professional photographs of Bryn Mawr campus buildings
  • Class play performances 1903 –1907
  • Play program from Prince Camaralzaman at BMC, 1903 – 4 photographs from production;
  • “Fire Rules” for fire brigade booklet
  • Various small memorabilia including: Bryn Mawr skating pond ticket; hand-drawn card “preparing for Bryn Mawr”; cloth mask from dance, owl cards;  various banners and cards from class dances;  “A Japanese Nightingale” program and fan; many flowers and ribbons from events
  • Tickets and schedules from Pennsylvania Railroad, Boston and Albany Railroad, Atlantic City Railroad, 1904
  • Letter from New York University School of Law, 1907
  • 5 candid outdoor photographs of students, moderate quality but unique
  • Various examination booklets, [English, History, Psychology] 1903-1907
  • Program for Debate between Bryn Mawr College and New York University Law School, 1904
  • Telegrams from family; notes from friends
  • Letter from BMC Bursar’s Office appointing Esther Williams to fire captain of Pembroke West, 1905
  • The Survey magazine, September 1911 [suffrage]
  • Newspaper comic: “Massachusetts at the St. Louis Fair”
  • Booklet for ordering new books from New York City (including Jack London’s The Call of the Wild)
  • Constitution and By-Laws of the Bryn Mawr Club of Boston, 1904
  • Bryn Mawr College “Regulation of the Senate” in regards to plagiarism and expulsion, 1904
  • Program from Indoor Track Meet at Bryn Mawr College, 1905
  • Commencement Program, 1905
  • Envelope of newspaper clippings from May Day 1906 (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Postcard to Ester Williams from France, 1906

    An envelope of loose programs, invitations, Valentines, Christmas cards and letters, including:
  • Constitution of the Athletic Association of Bryn Mawr College
  • Letters from Athletic Association, regarding basketball team; budget 1904-1906
  • Commencement Programs, 1906-1904
  • Booklet & list of passengers from Hamburg-American Line (Steamship), 1906
  • “The College Code of Honor” questionnaire
  • House Privileges of the Bryn Mawr Club
  • Letters from M. Carey Thomas regarding the Christian Association and re problems with Dr. Whitney in the philosophy department, 1907
  • Letter addressed to Miss Denison from Constance Applebee regarding Athletic Association and new hockey field, 1905


9LS, Box # 44

Thompson, Genevieve 
  • Large picture of 1907 Hockey team, very good quality
  • Small pictures of campus buildings; hockey game
  • Picture of Bryn Mawr exhibit at St. Louis Fair
  • Pictures of May Pole 1906-1906, including pictures of M. Carey Thomas
  • Unidentified play pictures (very good quality)
  • (non professional) pictures from a small play night; variety of misc. photos of students in costumes
  • Miscellaneous pictures – family/friends
  • Pictures of Junior-Senior Supper 1904-1905 decorations & play
  • Portrait of BMC student in cap & gown 1906
  • Pictures of May Day 1905 (?)
  • Pictures of Greenfield, Massachusetts; vacation at a lake; pictures of family
  • May Day 1936 program
  • Yale Glee club program 1907
  • Various calling cards & invitations
  • Notes & Letters from friends, family; letters from Bryn Mawr regarding Genevieve’s exams during stays in the hospital 1903-1907
  • Invitation to Commencement at Smith College 1904
  • College Exams 1904-1907
  • List of Chaperones 1903-1904
  • Self-Government Associations Decisions of the Executive Board 1903
  • Tickets from Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition 1909
  • Variety of play programs from Philadelphia & Seattle
  • Poster for “As You Like It” by Association of Collegiate Alumnae of the State of Oregon 1907
  • Comic by Eleanor Mason of Bryn Mawr girls singing from Pembroke in the rain
  • Drawing: Mid Year Philosophy Club
  • Notice to incoming students inviting them to traditional tea, from M. Carey Thomas 1903
  • BMC play programs 1903-1905
  • Announcement of voting times for Self-Government
  • Newspaper clippings: May Day
  • BMC Comics: “Is This True” with Bryn Mawr labeled as “Spinster’s Home”; comic comparing “Freshman Rush in the good old Days” to “Freshman Rush in 1903”
  • [mock] love-letter from friend, with drawing of “the holy kiss of friendship”
  • Commencement program 1907
  • BMC Course in Elocution excerpt from Hamlet
  • Notice of Student Government meeting and proposed agenda 1903
  • Comic: “Our Beautiful Bryn Mawr Spring” – lots of rain
  • Valentines cards
  • Hand-drawn green lantern, owl cards, drawing of college student with caption “Et Tu Geneivive”, a variety of other name cards


9LS, Box #17

Congdon, Louise (Balmer) [1908]
  • Public Ledger, June 12, 1910 – 2 pages of newspaper photos covering President Taft at Bryn Mawr Commencement (in front cover)
  • Calling cards and place cards
  • Class song lyrics (Freshman Rush Song, 1904) (Banner Song 1904)
  • Hand-drawn Bryn Mawr Playbills, Bryn Mawr performances 1904-1906
  • Play programs from Philadelphia, 1904-1906
  • Bryn Mawr musical group programs, 1904-1906
  • Hand-drawn class play programs, 1907 Class performed 1904; 1907 Class performed 1905; 1909 Class performed 1906; 1909 performed, 1906; 1908 Class performed in 1906.
  • Telegrams, wedding invitations, package notification slips
  • Events at High School: invitation to 1905 Class dance at Hill School, concert, basketball game, play programs, dance cards (with leather case), newspaper clippings, 1905
  • Room payment receipts, 1904-1907-
  • Ribbons worn at various Bryn Mawr occasions
  • Hand-written notes from friends and family 1904-1906
  • Room assignment, 10 Rockefeller, July 1904
  • Consulting appointments card, Marion Parris, 1904
  • Newspaper article about “William Standen, official protector for Bryn Mawr Girls,”  “Lantern Man” who escorts girls to the from station
  • Program for “The Japanese Nightingale” at Bryn Mawr, with hand-painted fan
  • Notice of Henry James lecture at Bryn Mawr, January 1905
  • Mid-year examination booklet, February 1905
  • Hand-made valentine, Feb 1905
  • Hand-written song about going to Presidential inauguration (Theodore Roosevelt), Feb 1905
  • Clipping listing Supreme Court Justices, 1905
  • Program for Freshman Show, March 1905
  • Invitation to Trophy Club, 1905
  • Newspaper and photos, clippings, small piece of May Pole streamers, May Day 1905
  • Loose newspaper with advertisements
  • SGA Constitution, 1905 and SGA resolutions,
  • College examination booklet, French Literature Final, June 1905
  • SGA decisions of the executive board, Oct 1903
  • Play script: “When The Students’ Building Is Done” – Class of 1908, performed 1905
  • Hand-drawn owl card
  • Letter to Louise Congdon from Van Horn and Son Theatrical Costumers, regarding costumes provided for Bryn Mawr College plays, Nov 1905
  • Letter to Louise Congdon from the May Day committee, asking her to be on the Costume Committee, Jan 1906
  • Unidentified snapshot of girl with harp, photos of unidentified Bryn Mawr College play
  • May Day program , ticket, play programs, newspaper photos and clippings, May Day 1906
  • Ticket to College Breakfast, Senior Class Dinner, 1906
  • Commencement Program, June 1906
  • Hand-drawn card with poem about being Treasurer of Self-Government, 1906
  • Examination Questions from Sophomore year
  • Program and photos from “An Industrial Exhibit” in Philadelphia about modern industry, photos of child labor
  • Invitation to meeting of Conference Committee of Bryn Mawr College
  • Hand-drawn dance card with owls, place cards, menu
  • Hand-drawn valentines, one says “A Glance Into the Future,” rejecting different types of men


Box #32
Sharpless, Lydia 
  • Entrance exams 1903
  • Scholarship letter from M. Carey Thomas 1907
  • Handwritten hockey schedule 1904
  • BMC class play programs 1904 – 1907
  • 1908 Hockey team picture (good condition); small pictures of hockey game (moderate condition); Varsity Hockey photograph; Varsity basketball 1907
  • Name cards, toast cards misc dinner memorabilia 1904 – 1908
  • Hockey& track memorabilia (posters, letters, scorecards ) 1904 – 1908
  • College Exams 1904 – 1908
  • Small photographs from unidentified BMC play 1904-1905
  • Script for “When the Student’s Building is Done” 1905
  • Class of 1908 song lyrics
  • BMC’s “Two Gentlemen of Verona” program & three large photographs
  • Program from “200th Anniversary of the Birth of Benjamin Franklin”, Philadelphia 1906
  • BMC comic: “The Low Buildings Fire” 1906
  • May Day 1906 program, play programs, small photographs of students in costumes (33, good condition)
  • Class of 1906 songbook
  • Calling cards, wedding invitations 1905-1906
  • Cyanotypes of basketball game 1906
  • Photographs of “The Brandywine” (poor quality) & camping trip 1906
  • Photograph of “The Apple” (Constance Applebee) 1906
  • BMC “Masks and Faces” program and large photographs 1907
  • Long, handwritten poster/program for Hockey Team of 1908 Show
  • “Track Finals” booklet 1907
  • BMC “Ivanhoe the Eleventh” program and large cast photograph 1907
  • BMC “A Princesse” program & show photographs 1907
  • Christmas card 1908
  • “A Summary of Punctuation” booklet 1908
  • Misc pictures of girls around campus 1908
  • May Day 1908: photographs (non-professional), lyrics, list of prizes
  • Small photographs of basketball game 1908
  • BMC “Romeo and Juliet” 1908 large photographs
  • Toast cards 1908
  • Commencement Program; Class photo 1908
  • Loose photographs: May pole dancing; May Day from top of cloisters, student portrait, 1908 hockey team (candid cheering), misc pictures of students in costume
  • Card from “Students’ Fiction Library, Denbigh” 1908
  • BMC 25th Anniversary program 1910
  • 1905 Class Song booklet


9LS, Box #13

Pressinger, Mildred (Kienbusch)
  • Various correspondence: notes from friends, hand-drawn pictures, letters to M. Pressinger, telegrams, 1905-1909
  • Variety of hand-made & store valentines; Christmas cards 1905-1909
  • Manuscript lyrics: class songs, hockey song, lantern night, basketball songs, 1905-1909
  • Notices for meetings of: Law Club, Undergraduate Association. Christian Union, Athletic Association, Philosophical Club; Oriental Club; [results of various elections ; directions to voters, etc], 1905-1909
  • Formal dances memorabilia (flowers, ribbons, dance cards, etc.) 1905-1907
  • Various small memorabilia: small, metal teapot charm with a letter from friend; “1909” felt banner;
  • Announcement of various lecturers at Bryn Mawr College, 1905-1907
  • Playbills for dramatic and musical programs at Bryn Mawr College 1905-1909
  • Handbook of Bryn Mawr College 1905
  • Class Schedule, 1905
  • Christian Union Materials: Christian Union Committee member list, 1905; Week-end Conference for Christian Work at Bryn Mawr College, 1905
  • Tipyn o’Bob Bryn Mawr College Magazine, 1905-1907
  • Examination booklets and questions, 1905-1907
  • Materials concerning the Philadelphia Branch of the Consumers’ League of PA, 1905-1906
  • Poster for the Glee and Mandolin Club Concert, April 1906
  • Newspaper clippings & memorabilia, May Day 1906
  • Letter regarding room-mate draw, 1906
  • Miniature cap & gown portraits of classmates (16), good condition
  • Songs of the Class of 1906 booklet
  • Large posters mocking freshman, drawing of campus, 1906
  • Schedule for opening of academic year, 1906-1907
  • Card from Bryn Mawr College Grocery Shop
  • Pamphlet regarding the Alumnae Endowment Fund, 1906
  • Large hand-drawn poster for Class of 1909 Show, 1906
  • Hand-drawn class dinner invitations & toast lists 1906-1907
  • Commencement Programs, 1907—1909
  • Manuscript page [letter or speech?] of impressions of the new Thomas Library by M. Pressinger
  • Picture and article regarding speech by Ambassador James Bryce at Bryn Mawr College, 1907
  • Bryn Mawr Department of Physical Training list of rules, 1907
  • Script of “Patience or Bunthorne’s Bride” and BMC program, 1907
  • Script of “the Rose and the Ring” & “Browne With An ‘E’”
  • Pamphlet for Summer School in French and German at Bryn Mawr College 1907
  • Newspaper clipping: “Education and the Uses Thereof”, tongue-in-cheek article about women who learn too much classical studies in college
  • Newspaper clipping: dresses from a French clothing catalogue, 1907
  • Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts catalogue, 1908
  • Invitation to laying of cornerstone of new gymnasium, Bryn Mawr College
  • Small William H. Taft pin
  • “A Voyage on a Pan of Ice” by Wilfred Grenfell booklet, 1908
  • Bryn Mawr College Gymnasium “Prescription Card” with instructions for exercises for M. Pressinger, 1908
  • Pencil drawing of man (professor?)


9LS, Box #38
Harlan, Anna 
  • College Girls Record scrapbook
  • Newspaper clippings of May Day 1908
  • Rolled scroll program from Medea & misc. BMC programs 1904-1906
  • Commencement program and memorabilia 1909
  • May Day Postcards 1906
  • 1909 Class Stationary


Box #15 & #16

Gilroy, Jessie

Volume I (Loose pages in acid-free folder)

  • Small photos of Merion and Taylor Halls
  • Photo: 1910 Freshman Hockey Team, large, very good condition, names on back of photo
  • Small snapshot of Betty Smith, 1910, Freshman year
  • Portraits in cap and gown of Jeanne Kerr and Berry Swift, with photo of student room
  • Pamphlet for New Gymnasium, with picture, 1908
  • 4 pages from professional book (yearbook-like), featuring picture of Constance Applebee
  • Invitation to 15th anniversary for class of 1910
  • 16 Professional photos from May Day, 1910
  • Loose pages from “The Book of the Class, 1910”
  • 60 portraits of members of class of 1910, with names
  • 12 portraits, girls in caps and gowns
  • Small photos of campus buildings, Gulph Road, classes of 1908-1911
  • Small candid photos of girls playing basketball and field hockey, 1910
  • panoramic photo of unidentified play
  • 4 medium-sized individual portraits from “Medea”, Junior-Senior Play 1909
  • hand-painted portraits of knight and castle, initials “E.S.S(?)”
  • 5 large cast photos from Love’s Labor Lost, Sophomore Play 1910, good quality
  • Small copy of portrait of M. Carey Thomas by Sargent
  • Four photos of campus Sundial Memorial to Clara McKenney, Senior Row, Thomas, 1910
  • Photo of M. Carey Thomas speaking from Deannery, last day of classes, 1910
  • Photos of four girls “The Family”, 1906

Volume 2

  • Very small booklet, color, calendar from Colgate & Co 1909 (tucked in back cover)
  • Black and white painting of battle, no title/date (tucked in back cover)
  • Sketch of girl on horse from magazine, no title/date (tucked in back cover)
  • Hand-drawn cards and invitations
  • Bryn Mawr College Musical Programs, 1908-1909
  • Letters from friends, 1908-1909
  • Musical programs from New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia 1908-1909
  • Bryn Mawr College dramatic programs and class plays 1908-1909
  • Calling cards, invitations, holiday cards, dance cards
  • Various sheet music (chorus)
  • Bryn Mawr College exams [Psychology, Education Philosophy, French]1908-1909
  • Cut-out snapshots of Jessie Gilroy, no date
  • Admission materials, 1905
  • “Guide to English Field Hockey for Men and Women” by Constance Applebee, May 1902
  • May Day program and playbills, 1906
  • Program from “The Mask and Wig Club”, 1907
  • Large cast photo from unidentified play
  •  “Patience, or Bunthorne’s Bride, a Comic Opera” script
  • Hand-made valentine
  • Large photo of “Romeo and Juliet” at Bryn Mawr and hand-drawn program
  • Membership card and letter from Belfield Country Club (Germantown PA), 1908
  • Graduation program for Philadelphia High School for Girls, 1909
  • Photograph and memorabilia from “Vacation Bible School”
  • Schedule for Reading Express trains to Atlantic city, Cape May, Ocean City, Sea Isle City
  • Recommended reading lists for French and German, 1905
  • Sign for Quiet Hours, Bryn Mawr College
  • Bryn Mawr College Academic Buildings and Halls of Residence Plans and Descriptions booklet, 1907
  • Bryn Mawr College Information for Students (dining hours, meal prices, various charges, laundry service, emergencies)
  • Newspaper clipping from laying of cornerstone of  new gymnasium
  • Theodore Roosevelt photo pin
  • Hand-written lyrics to song about suffrage
  • “1909” felt letters and list ,“Varsity Practice”
  • Blank application for a teaching job at Bryn Mawr and a letter from Ethel Walker, appointment secretary, about applying for teaching job, Jan 1909
  • Public Ledger article on John D. Rockefeller monetary gift to Bryn Mawr, Feb 1909
  • Panoramic postcard of Pittsburgh sent to Jessie Gilroy, 1909
  • “college girl” valentine cards
  • Glee and Mandolin Club Program with pencil sketches, May 1909
  • Class of 1910 performance of “Medea”  scroll program, 1909
  • Commencement invitation & program, June 1909


9LS, Box #29

MaGoffin, Henrietta
  • Photographs: girl with a horse, (unidentified) play photos, hoop race/May Day, The Deanery, campus buildings,
  • Walnut Lane School memorabilia
  • Notes from friends
  • BMC dance cards; name cards from dinners
  • Class Day 1908 program
  • BMC letters dealing with class placement 1909
  • Library rules 1911
  • Notice about closing of classes due to influenza 1911
  • Miscellaneous BMC materials: class schedules, cut cards, semester calendars, room payment  1910-1911
  • Listing of SGA/class officers  1907-1911
  • Wedding invitations; calling cards (many M.Carey Thomas & Miss Garrett)
  • Class play and musical programs 1908-1911
  • Newspaper clipping: Picture of Helen Taft upon Graduating from Baldwin School 1908
  • BMC Commencement program 1911, 1914
  • Selection from class play “Everyfreshman” 1909
  • Song lyrics [cut from songbooks] 1909-1911; College News article on song lyrics
  • BMC Tuition bill 1911
  • Newspaper clipping: “New Training of Teachers”
  • College News editorial about The Christian Association 1910
  • Various BMC student cartoons
  • Various poems clipped from newspaper
  • College News articles (humorous) about fire drills; jumpers
  • Pamphlet from Association of College Alumnae
  • Handwritten schedule of Commencement Events 1911
  • 2 photographs of hockey game (poor quality)
  • Bryn Mawr College Handbook 1907


9LS, Box #33

Corwin, Margaret Trumball
  • Large pictures of campus buildings from newspaper; group picture of students in the cloisters, pictures of Professors and M. Carey Thomas
  • Photographs of: Bryn Mawr countryside, Pembroke in winter, students in their dorm rooms
  • Class Play/Musical programs 1908-1909-1910
  • Christian Union badge, 1908
  • Typed poem to Margaret Corwin
  • Calling cards, flower cards, toast cards
  • Class of 1912 group picture (good quality)
  • “Pictorial Supplement” from the Sunday Public Ledger with pictures of BMC
  • May Day 1910 program, newspaper pictures, professional photographs, newspaper articles
  • College Breakfast program 1910
  • Newspaper clippings from President Taft’s visit to BMC and Commencement 1910
  • Loose photographs: girls with Bryn Mawr banner, Commencement, campus buildings, garden party crowds
  • Photographs/postcards from Lake George
  • Program from BMC 25th anniversary 1910
  • Program and photos from “Arms and the Man” at BMC 1910
  • Pamphlet for “Bellowstone Rational Lark” at Vassar College


9LS, Box # 18 [NOTE]

Maguire, Elizabeth Yarnall [1913]

  • Sketch of students taking an exam, lantern  nights, other sketches
  • Professional photos of campus buildings 1908
  • Admission materials 1908
  • Large collection of hand-written notes from friends 1908-1912
  • Bryn Mawr class advising materials/schedules 1909
  • Various tests/exams 1909—1913
  • College News articles on plays; poems 1909-1913
  • Poster & memorabilia from Banner Presentation 1909
  • Bryn Mawr College class play programs & musical performance (Glee Club; choir) programs1909-1913
  • Small photograph of 1910 basketball team; small candid of students 1910
  • May Day 1910 newspaper clippings and memorabilia; 8 professional photographs
  • Newspaper clippings: 1910 Commencement
  • BMC 25th Anniversary program; newspaper clippings 1910
  • Banner Presentation programs 1910—1912
  • Various bills/letters regarding “class paper” – stationary, which Elizabeth Maguire served on the committee for 1910
  • Dance cards/calling cards 1909-1912
  • Portrait pictures of students (on cardboard  backing) 1910
  • Class meal toast/name cards (hand-drawn) 1909-1913
  • Professional panorama photograph of Sophomore Play 1911
  • Ribbon for “Taft”; various political meeting; women suffrage poster 1912
  • Large professional photograph from “If I Were King” play; 4 large professional (good quality) photographs from unidentified play, 1912
  • Small portrait photographs of BMC students (4)
  • Newspaper clippings: BMC commencement 1912
  • Newspaper clipping: Women’s tennis tournament in Philadelphia 1912
  • Newspaper clippings: May Day 1913; May Day 1914
  • May Day 1914 program
  • Large (very good condition) photograph of Class of 1913
  • 4 professional photographs from unidentified play


9LS, Box # 40

Waller, Ruby 
  • Newspaper clipping: “BYRN MAWR GIRLS IN PANTS: If It Hadn’t Been For A Farmer Hazing Might Have Led to Fine Young Scandal” Oct 1910
  • Program from BMC 25th Anniversary 1910
  • Program from Banner Presentation 1910
  • Musical & dramatic programs from Philadelphia , NY, etc. 1910-1913
  • Memorabilia from class dinners 1911
  • Programs from BMC class plays and musical performances Music and Plays at BMC 1910-1913
  • Letters from family/friends 1910-1913
  • Dance cards, class supper toast cards 1910-1911
  • List of Rockefeller Hall freshmen 1940
  • Newspaper clipping: “College Life at Bryn Mawr” from The Sun 1911
  • Newspaper clippings regarding BMC closure die to scarlet fever & and measles 1911
  • Large watercolor poster of 1914 to 1913 Class Play, 1911
  • Name cards from class dinners
  • US Naval Academy track meet program & dance card 1912
  • Christmas card to the class of 1911 with blue lanterns
  • “Bryn Mawr: A Characterization” booklet, reprinted from the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Quarterly, Jan 1908
  • 1914 Class Songs Booklet


Box # 20

Fordyce, Rebecca (Gayton) [1916]
  • Bryn Mawr College “Finding List” [directory] 1912 & 1914
  • Commencement Program & Invitation 1913
  • Admission materials and BMC admission letters 1912
  • BMC Information for Students [rules & services] 1912
  • Handwritten song lyrics (1916 Class Song; tennis song) 1912
  • Advertisement card for cap & gown company, 1912
  • BMC Banner show/class play programs 1912 – 1916
  • Photograph of Taylor Hall 1912
  • Ribbons/pieces of banners, etc. memorabilia from parties 1912 – 1915
  • Various College examinations 1912—1916
  • BMC “Regulation of the Senate In Regards To Written Work” 1912
  • Newspaper clippings: May Day 1912
  • Memorabilia from trip to Panama: Booklet from Hamburg-American Line; photograph of passengers; photograph of children in Panama 1913
  • New York City and Philadelphia playhouse programs 1913-1916
  • Valentines 1913
  • Newspaper clipping regarding stolen articles at Bryn Mawr and students’ hesitancy to reveal “sensational” items that had been taken [monogrammed pajamas] 1913
  • Newspaper clippings: flood of Youngstown, 1913
  • Class dinner name cards/toast lists with drawings of women 1913
  • “1912” felt basketball letters
  • Telegrams from family 1912-1916
  • Newspaper clippings: May Day 1913
  • Newspaper clipping: “Sacrificed to Heathen Gods: Four Americans the Victims, One a College Instructor” regarding David Hilt Tennent – BMC professor – killed in New Guinea  1913
  • Health department “Sports List” cards 1913-1916
  • Christmas card with photograph 1933


Box # 19

Thurman, Mary (Martin)  [1919]
  • Various going-away and good-luck letters from friends as Mary Thurman leaves for Bryn Mawr
  • Various lyrics to songs for class of 1919; other song lyrics
  • Programs for Class Plays, 1915-1917
  • Great manner letters and notes from friends regarding social events, arrangement for class performances
  • Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards, 1915
  • Ideas for Freshman Show notebook and various other papers, 1949
  • Academic Schedule, 1915-1916
  • Letters from various freshman during summer 1916 thanking Mary Thurman for sending student handbooks
  • Various College News clippings regarding class of ‘19, 1916
  • Receipt for moving picture machine & Operator for one night; Letter from President’s Office to Miss Thurman regarding the “moving pictures”, 1917
  • College News clippings; including: wartime events, social conduct rules, shows, sports, traditions, comics
  • Letter and memorabilia regarding Silver Bay Conference in New York 1917
  • Correspondence regarding printing and mailing handbooks to the freshman class, 1917
  • Letters from family and friends, 1917-1919
  • Flyer for “1921’s Masquerade” dance, 1919
  • Articles about war effort
  • Comic: fad of short hair at Bryn Mawr


9LS, Box #10

Helmer, Phoebe 


  • Address page of friends
  • Notes from friends 1916-1917
  • Class play programs 1916—1917
  • Hand-written invitations to a variety of meetings
  • Valentines 1916-1917
  • Dance card 1916
  • Program from lecture by Ian Hay 1917
  • Visiting card from BMC infirmary 1917
  • Programs from New York city theaters
  • Manual of Bryn Mawr Students’ Association for Self Government 1917
  • Small paintings and sketches by Phoebe Helmer


Box #21 & #23 

Burroughs, Elizabeth (Kelley)  [1926]

Volume 1: 1917-1924

  • Various invitations, calling cards
  • Letters from both Bryn Mawr College and Vassar College relating to Elizabeth Burrough’s college application and decision 1917-1921
  • Bryn Mawr College admission materials, June 1921 – June 1922
  • Letter of acceptance to Bryn Mawr College, 1922
  • Letter from Katharine Van Bibben ’24, welcoming Elizabeth Burroughs to Bryn Mawr and inviting her to join the Christian Association; Christian Association membership card, 1922-1923
  • Many College News clippings 1922-1924
    Topics include:  many about sports, speakers at Bryn Mawr, reviews of plays, traditions, academic prizes, M.Carey Thomas
  • Bryn Mawr College plays and musical performance programs,  1922-1923
  • Newspaper clipping: “Evolution” illustrating changing girls’ field hockey outfits from 1890-1922
  • Pages from Bryn Mawr record book, 1922-1923
  • Newspaper clipping: Samuel Arthur King, who taught a Shakespeare class at Bryn Mawr College, celebrates 300th Anniversary of Shakespeare folio, April 1923
  • Programs from Good Shepherd Church, Rosemont, 1923
  • May Day newspaper clippings and memorabilia, 1923-1926
  • Commencement Program, 1924, 1926
  • Letter from Marion Park appointing Elizabeth Burroughs to “electric light lieutenant” for Radnor Hall, in charge of turning off lights in the hall and in rooms when not in use, June 1923
  • Bryn Mawr College Health Department sports-ability classification card, 1923
  • Postcards from 1923 Presidential Election
  • Various letters regarding Undergraduate Scholarships, including letter from Marion Park, detailing the Alice Feree Hayt Memorial Scholarship, which was given to Elizabeth Burroughs from 1922-1924; a letter from Mrs. Hayt regarding the scholarship and Elizabeth’s infirmary bill, 1923
  • Transcriptions of letters sent home to family, Dec 1923; get-well letters sent to Elizabeth while she was ill with mumps in the infirmary, 1924
  • Course Card with classes , 1923-1924
  • Required reading lists for English Literature classes, 1924
  • Bryn Mawr Christmas Card
  • Elizabeth Burroughs Academic record at Bryn Mawr College, 1926
  • Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin, 1966

Volume II: 1924-1926

  • May Day newspaper clippings and memorabilia, 1924
  • Comic: “The Return to An Undergraduate” at Bryn Mawr
  • Christian Association papers, 1924
  • Bryn Mawr play & music programs: 1924-1926
  • College News Articles: plays, sports speakers, Bates House, photos of sports practices,
  • Membership card to the “Bryn Mawr Liberal Club” 1924
  • Pamphlet from Bryn Mawr Club New York City and ‘Letter from an Undergraduate” booklet to raise money for Department of Music and build auditorium, 1924
  • St. Patrick’s Day dance card, 1926
  • Letter from Undergraduate Committee regarding building of a student’s building, 1924
  • Tuition Bill, 1924
  • Pamphlet for Bates House
  • Letter of Scholarships, 1925
  • Opera and dramatic programs Philadelphia, 1925-
  • Newspaper clipping: Bryn Mawr women’s sports at Lake Placid, Jan 1926
  • Bryn Mawr Self-Government Constitution and Resolutions, 1925-1926
  • Hand-made valentine “Bryn Mawr Crossword Puzzle”
  • Gym class registration card, 1926
  • May Day Hymn & memorabilia, 1926
  • Commencement newspaper clippings and memorabilia, 1926

Volume III: 1927-1933

  • Loose in front: various alumnae materials from 1965-1985 concerning EBK, Class of ’26, Constance Applebee, miscellaneous materials
  • Photograph: Pembroke West room, June 1935 with flowers, lantern
  • Alumnae meeting letters, 1931
  • College News Clippings 1927-1932 Topics include: academics, sports (lacrosse, track), weddings, women’s education, plays, ghosts on campus, May Day
  • Many various newspaper clippings and  magazine articles regarding Katherine Hepburn, including some about her early college days at Bryn Mawr, her impressions on Hollywood, her early plays and movies, 1932-1933


Box # 39

Shoe, Lucy Taxis (Merit) [1927]
  • Newspaper clippings (with many photographs): field hockey at BMC 1925
  • Newspaper clippings: May Day, archery, and other Bryn Mawr-related newspaper articles 1925
  • Newspaper clippings: Bryn Mawr Commencement 1925
  • Programs for class plays & musical performances at BMC 1923-1926
  • Many lists, notes, etc. to plan for Freshman play 1923-1924
  • “The School for Scandal”  program & newspaper clippings; “Pirates of Penzance” program & newspaper clippings 1925
  • Sophomore dance card 1926
  • Large collection letters, notes from friends, calling cards, invitations, etc 1923-1927
  • Official Bryn Mawr correspondence [including instructions and rules for “Pay Day Mistresses”; reserved book room lists; cards from library, gymnasium, book store, etc.] 1923-1926
  • Collection of “Cut Cards” regarding skipped classes 1923-1926
  • BMC Music Department Concert programs 1924-1927
  • Bryn Mawr Christian Association membership cards and misc. correspondence 1923-1926
  • Memorabilia in regards the Bates House 1925
  • Various hand-written songs, poems, etc. 1923-1927
  • Letters concerning Students’ Building; endowment drive pamphlet, misc materials 1925
  • Newspaper clippings of various BMC students’ engagements/weddings 1925-1927
  • Various examination questions 1925-1927
  • Lists of basketball & hockey team players 1926-1927
  • Program for field hockey tournament at Merion Cricket Club 1926
  • Alumnae Association Commencement program 1929
  • Newspaper clippings: hockey and archery photos


Box #35

Asher, Dorothy (Meyer) 
[A.B. 1931]
  • Newspaper clipping: picture of Commencement procession 1929; pictures of College News and The Lantern editors 1932
  • Admission materials/letters concerning admission from BMC and Wellesley College 1927
  • Newspaper clippings: BMC Commencement 1931
  • Freshman materials 1927
  • Song lyrics 1927-1928
  • Clippings about class officers 1928
  • Calling cards/invitations 1927-1933
  • Clippings/photos of classmates 1931
  • Newspaper clippings: May Day 1930
  • Newspaper clippings related to Dr. Louis Fieser, BMC professor & memorabilia from farewell party 1930
  • Newspaper clippings/letters regarding science and science at BMC 1930
  • Newspaper clippings: Bryn Mawr sports 1927-1929
  • Professional photographs of campus buildings
  • Letters & newspaper clippings regarding Dorothy Asher’s scholarship in science to the Graduate School at University of Pennsylvania
  • Clippings concerning staff of The College News[and Dorothy moving up to Business Manager]1929-1931
  • Photographs (6) of Bates House 1929
  • Small photograph of Katherine Hepburn as “Pandora” May Day 1928
  • Dance cards & dance memorabilia from BMC and University of Pennsylvania 1929-1933
  • BMC Play/Musical performance programs 1929-1931
  • Photo of Dorothy Asher at Garden Party 1933
  • Cartoon about Penn Graduate exams 1932
  • Newspaper clippings regarding graduation from University of Pennsylvania 1932
  • Newspaper clippings, memorabilia and photos from May Day 1928-May Day 1931
  • Photographs of commencement  (& Faculty-Varsity Baseball game) 1931
  • “Highlights” – magazine/newspaper clippings from 1928-1931. Includes important students and achievements, sports, awards, class presidents, plays, and commencements.
  • Collection of personal photographs: BMC campus, candids of student, May Day & Class Day 1928, “Old Wives Tale” performance, friends, hockey, sunbathing on Rock Tower 1927-1929
  • Newspaper clippings: Rockefeller Christmas Pageant 1927
  • University of Pennsylvania identification card 1928
  • Valentine cards 1927-1929
  • Letter regarding influence outbreak in Philadelphia and delayed start of classes, Jan 1929
  • Commencement Program 1931
  • Reunion memorabilia 1956-1981
  • Bryn Mawr comic from The New Yorker, Nov 1930


Box # 30

Fairbank, Lucy
  • Newspaper/Magazine clipping: Lucy Fairbank’s poem “The Subway” & “Autumn”
  • Letter from BMC regarding grant, 1933
  • BMC Course Cards 1932
  • 4 photos of Lucy Fairbank at Bryn Mawr (in dorm; graduation)
  • Picture of Bryn Mawr alumnae trip 1986
  • Newspaper clipping: picture of Lucy Fairbank at May Day (1930s)
  • Photographs of Bryn Mawr students around campus (6)
  • 2 photographs of tennis match at BMC
  • Programs from plays in Philadelphia, New York, etc. 1932-1933
  • Invitations/calling cards 1932 – 1933
  • Notes from friends 1932-1933
  • Play program from Princeton University 1932
  • Bill: BMC infirmary stay 1933
  • Newspaper clipping: photograph of Princess of China being interviewed by Bryn Mawr student 1933
  • Newspaper clipping: impressions of inauguration day 1933
  • Photographs of mother & aunts 1933 & the house she stayed at in Washington DC; program from US Senate 1933; Postcards of paintings from a gallery visit
  • Invitation for “Undergraduate Daughters and Nieces of Alumnae of BMC” to meet M. Carey Thomas 1933
  • Song lyrics & photographs, May Day 1933
  • Program and many (small) photographs from “Patience or Bunthorne’s Bride” (both cast photos and photos of directors/rehearsals) 1933
  • Photographs from summer as camp counselor in Wisconsin 1933 [?]


Box # 31

Richards, Marie A.
  • Newspaper clipping: Incoming BMC freshman 1931
  • Newspaper photo of class presidents at BMC 1931 & 1934
  • Small photographs of students around campus – with names – and campus buildings
  • May Day 1932 photographs & newspaper clippings  [students in costume; May Pole]
  • Portraits of students, with names [many of Lucy Fairbanks]
  • Newspaper clipping: The “Lantern Man” Joseph Haggerty
  • Small photographs of trees fallen on campus (storm damage?)
  • May Day 1933 photographs & newspaper clippings  [photos:“Patience”]
  • Small photographs of graduating seniors; picnic on the grass 1933
  • May Day 1934 photographs & newspaper clippings  [photos:”The Gondoliers” ]
  • Newspaper clipping: “Bryn Mawr To Link The Major Sciences: College plans to break down ‘imaginary barriers’ between branches” 1934
  • May Day 1935 photographs & newspaper clippings 
  • Poem from friend written for Marie Richards on May Day 1935
  • Photographs of Marion Park and Dean Manning
  • Photographs of Garden Party, graduation class of 1935, Commencement newspaper clippings
  • 50th Anniversary of Bryn Mawr 1935 photographs and newspaper clippings
  • Photo of friends, May 1936
  • Large, good quality portraits of: Lucy Fairbank, Sarah Flanders, Juliet Kibbey, Nora MacCardy, Margaret Simpson, Lydia Hemphill, Jeanette Colegrove, Elizabeth Bingham, Marie  Richards


Box # 43

Wilbourne, Elizabeth (Secombe) 
  • Clippings and memorabilia from vacations 1935
  • Constitution and Resolutions of the BMC Self-Governance Assoc. booklet, 1935-1936; 1936-1937
  • Reading lists for English classes 1935-1935
  • College memorabilia (ticket stubs, programs, dance cards, etc.) from Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and Haverford College 1935-1938
  • Favorite Authors” pamphlet on Cornelia Meigs
  • Lyrics and sheet music for Sophomore Lantern Hymn
  • Telegrams from family & friends 1935 – 1938
  • Invitations from friends at BMC and other places 1936-1938
  • BMC 50th Anniversary program 1935
  • Humorous notes and letters from friends 1935-1937
  • Christmas cards, valentine’s cards 1935-1937
  • Comics about Bryn Mawr College [“rugged Individualism & “Jean Harlow”]
  • “Manifesto of The Veterans of Future Wars” & song lyrics 1935
  • Various memorabilia from class dinners and dances 1935-1936
  • May Day 1936 program (large), May Day “Quiet” poster, College News May Day pictures 1936
  • Haverford College Commencement program 1936
  • BMC Commencement program, 1936
  • Review of The Covered Bridge by Cornelia Meigs in The New York Times Book review, 1937
  • Invitation from the Japanese embassy for a reception 1937
  • Musical programs and ticket stubs from miscellaneous places 1936-1937
  • “Bryn Mawr Girls’ Guide Book” 1937-1938
  • Pamphlet of Marion Park with quote about The New York Times 1937
  • Student movie card; Foreign Policy Association card 1937
  • Program/Schedule from, the “1938 Institute of Government” at National Institute of Public Affairs 1938
  • BMC class play programs 1938
  • Final exams 1938
  • Memorabilia from Graduation (lyrics, newspaper clippings, programs) 1938

Loose Materials

  • Haverford College football memorabilia/dance cards 1934-1935
  • Dance memorabilia from University of Pennsylvania; Princeton, Episcopal High School
  • BMC course cards 1934-1938
  • BMC 1938 Song Book; Freshman Lantern Hymn
  • Joke edition of The College News 1938
  • Supreme Court, National Archives, Washington DC pamphlets; pamphlets for documentary films in Washington DC 1938
  • College News clippings 1935
  • Music & play programs from BMC, Haverford College, Philadelphia
  • Wedding announcement clippings


Box # 24

Young, Ellen Sudders
  • Illustrated opening for “Memory Book”
  • BMC Class play and musical performance programs and ticket stubs 1922-1926
  • Ticket stubs from BMC events: May Day, Lantern Night, play performance 1922-1926
  • Newspaper clippings: Bryn Mawr opening,  various articles on Dr. Marion Park’s induction as president 1922
  • Large collection of hand-drawn and store bought valentines 1922-1923
  • Newspaper clippings: various academic prizes 1923; BMC Gymnastics 1923
  • Christian Association memorabilia 1923
  • May Day 1923 newspaper clippings
  • Various calling cards and invitations 1923-1928
  • Newspaper clipping: traditional burning of notebooks at bonfire 1923
  • Photographs of BMC campus in winter
  • Memorabilia from Camp Westminster (songs, banner) 1923
  • Newspaper clippings: Commencement, speech of Alexander Meiklejohn (president of Amherst) 1923
  • May Day 1924 newspaper clippings and photographs
  • Newspaper clippings: Commencement & alumnae day 1924
  • Clippings from Christmas Pageant 1925
  • Newspaper clipping: BMC student tries to borrow an elephant from the zoo to play Calvin Coolidge in a skit 1925
  • Newspaper clippings: Helen Taft Manning becomes Bryn Mawr Dean 1925
  • Calling cards, Christian association cards
  • May Day & Commencement clippings 1925
  • Garden party ribbons 1925
  • Pamphlets from “Girls the World Around” and “What One Girl Did for the Y.W.C.A.” 1925
  • Newspaper clippings on Lantern Night, Class Plays, Hockey Team 1925
  • Newspaper clippings: May Day 1926
  • Commencement 1926 clippings and memorabilia
  • Newspaper clippings of friends’ weddings 1926-1928
  • Newspaper clippings: various Bryn Mawr occurrences 1926
  • Pamphlet – “Bryn Mawr’s experiment in art” 1927-1928
  • May Day/Commencement clippings 1927-1928
  • Commencement 1927 Alumnae Calendar
  • Assorted newspaper clippings: Resignation of Constance Applebee, British Bryn Mawr graduates become barristers, wedding announcements, Commencement 1929-1930
  • Collection of programs: Inauguration of Marion Edwards Park 1922;  Class Play programs 1922-1926; May Day 1924; Commencement 1924-1926; BMC Music/Orchestra program 1924-1927
  • 1925 Bryn Mawr Endowment booklets
  • Handwritten script for “Freshman Show: Behind the Curtain”
  • The Lion’s Tale alumnae magazine1951


Box #22
Killough, Linn (Buss) 
  • Loose in front: many miscellaneous magazine articles on Bryn Mawr College, women’s education, the future of Liberal Arts education, women’s college presidents, The Tri-Co, and animal-hiding tradition at BMC, from the 1950s
  • Bryn Mawr College Alumnae Bulletin, Fall 1970
  • Letters from Student Advisor and future roommate before Linn Killough’s arrival at Bryn Mawr College
  • Bryn Mawr booklet for prospective students, around 1950s
  • Various invitations, notes, etc. from friends, memorabilia from restaurants and cafes (near BMC and other places), 1943-1947
  • Bryn Mawr and Haverford play programs 1946-1947
  • Playbills and music programs from performances in Philadelphia, New York, 1943-1945
  • May day memorabilia, 1944, 1946
  • Song lyrics; Freshman & Sophomore Lantern Hymns lyrics and music
  • Letter  to Linn Killough from Dean of College, regarding language requirement for graduation, June 1946
  • Information on College Entrance Examination Board (SATs) April 1943
  • Bryn Mawr College Handbook and Self-Government Constitution, 1943-1944 & 1944-1945
  • Memorabilia from trips to New York, 1944-1945
  • Various Comics: History exams at women’s college; college girls on bicycles; “after-dinner sprawls”; Renascence of Rugged Individualism; women’s colleges cleanliness, etc.
  • Bryn Mawr College course card, 1943-1946
  • Dance cards from Bryn Mawr College and Villanova College, 1944
  • Memorabilia from holidays in Virginia
  • Memorabilia from Geology field trip, May 1945
  • Memorabilia from holidays at home in Texas, 1943-1945


Box #26-27

Case, Josephine (Schnurman)  [1954]

Volume 1. (1950-1952)

  • Playbills from BMC Class Plays, BMC/Haverford College Drama performances, BMC/HC Musical performances 1950-1952
  • Various correspondence from friends and family – many Christmas and birthday cards; hand-drawn notes, telegrams from family 1950-1952
  • Lantern Night: music & lyrics to freshman song, letter from “lantern girl” and Lantern Night ticket, 1950-1951
  • Syracuse University football program, Nov 1950
  • Playbills from theatres in New York City 1950-1952
  • Postcards (2) from Atlantic City, 1950-1951
  • Script for “As You Swipe It” by Class of 1954 & production photos (10), 1951
  • Bryn Mawr Physical Education letter certifying Josephine Case as “life-saver” 1951
  • Booklet from Mrs. Otis Skinner acting workshop, 1951
  • Script and photos for “The Menaechmi” at BMC 1951
  • Set & production drawings by J. Case for “Arts Night”  1951
  • Colgate University music concert program, 1951
  • Commencement Program 1951-1952
  • Photos of Bryn Mawr campus 1951
  • Large photos of Swarthmore theatre club production of “Othello.” 1951
  • Pictures from collegiate formal dance
  • Production photos (8) from “the Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife,” 1952
  • Pamphlet and postcards from Independence Hall, Philadelphia 1952
  • Casual outdoor photos (6) of students on Bryn Mawr campus, 1952
  • Playbill for “As You Like It” with Katherine Hepburn, 1950
  • Quiz (with corrections) on rules of dorm & social life at Bryn Mawr College 1954
  • Sign-out sheet from Pembroke East

Volume II (1952-1954)

  • Map and postcard of Bryn Mawr College 1952
  • Colgate University events programs, 1952-1953
  • Cards from friends and family: birthday cards, large number of Christmas cards
  • Class of 1954 “Opening Soon” program and production photos (3), 1952
  • Flyer for “Vote Democratic: Stevenson and Sparkman” 1952
  • Holiday College Dances Committee card 1952
  • Colgate football programs 1952-1953
  • Playbills from New York City theatres 1952-154
  • Playbills from BMC Class Plays, BMC/Haverford College Drama performances, BMC/HC Musical performances 1952-1954
  • Newspaper clipping: “Students Ships Fill Need for Non-Luxury Passage at Tourist Rates” about student trips at sea 1953
  • Bryn Mawr/Haverford “The Boy With a Coat” program and production photos (2), 1953
  • Letter from Professor Geddes Macgregor of Bryn Mawr concerning “Scottish Programme” 1953
  • Invitation to meet/attend presentation of M. Carey Thomas Prize to Marianne Moore, 1953
  • Newspaper clippings: May Day 1953
  • Newspaper clipping of article entitled “The Freedom To Think” about academic freedom in colleges [and communism] 1953
  • University of Pennsylvania “Class of 1956 Freshman Week End” program, 1953
  • BMC Commencement Program, 1953
  • Pencil sketch of patrons at Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1953
  • Postcards from vacations
  • Class of 1957 “Life Liberty and the Pursuit” program and production photos (2), 1954
  • “Special Student Sailings to Europe” pamphlet 1954
  • Letter from Alumnae Association 1954
  • Poster for Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Utopia Limited” 1950s


Box #25

Warram, (Martha)
Caroline (Lane)
  • Newspaper clipping of Caroline Warram as high school senior, 1950
  • Acceptance letters from Bryn Mawr College & Mount Holyoke College, 1951
  • Scholarship letter from The Seven College Conference Committee on National Scholarships for Women 1951
  • Various admission materials from Bryn Mawr College 1951
  • Freshman Lantern Night song and music 1951
  • Ballet, orchestra and dramatic programs from Philadelphia and New York City, 1951-1955
  • Programs from Bryn Mawr and Haverford music and dramatic performances [Maids and Porters] 1951-1954
  • Bryn Mawr room assignments, course cards, tuition bills etc 1951-1954
  • Telegrams and letters from family and friends 1951-1954
  • Calling cards, invitations and various tickets and programs to dances at Bryn Mawr College, 1951-1955
  • Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin newspaper clipping about Bryn Mawr, with pictures, 1951
  • Memorabilia from dances at WestPoint Military Academy, 1952-1954
  • Valentine cards 1952
  • Hand-written poem to Caroline Warram
  • 8 photos of Bryn Mawr campus and Caroline Warram , Winter 1953
  • Newspaper clippings regarding the Warram family 1952-1953
  • Large pictures of wedding party (Caroline’s sister, Ruth Warram) 1954
  • 7  photographs of Warram family/vacation 1954
  • Commencement program and memorabilia 1953-1955


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