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MS 8 (Olim Goodhart 38) England, 1301

Inventory of jewels and other objects belonging to Edward I, in roll format

[Heading:] In quodam panero ferro ligato sunt iocalia qui fuerunt domini Delauthi [?] [Text:] Una corona auri cum rubectis... [the rest of line illegible due to rubbing]
Exp.: ...anno xxvi libri fuerunt per eosdem thesauria et canicrus de scocio in quorum custodiam adhuc remanent in superiori thesauria regis apud turrim Londoniensis.
A detailed inventory of the jewels and other precious objects in the possession of King Edward I of England for the years 1300-1301. The locations of the objects are described, as well as the chests and boxes in which they are kept. Items which are gifts include the donor's name.

Parchment roll composed of two membranes stitched together with a 5 mm. seam allowance; 1085 x 220 mm. Written in one column on both sides with single vertical and horizontal bounding lines in hardpoint. Headings for different containers written in 2-line script enclosed in a frame. Beginning of parchment quite worn; although the headings are still legible, the text is very faint and difficult to read in the first two sections, each 10 lines. Written in an English secretary hand by a single scribe. Boxed.

Written in England in 1301, possibly on the occasion of the conferment of the title and dignity of Prince of Wales upon Prince Edward, possibly in connection with the series of gatherings for receiving the homage and fealty of all crown tenants. In the library of Sir Thomas Phillipps (no. 24014 in ink at top of roll); his sale (London, 29 June 1936, n. 121) to Maggs. In the library of Howard L. Goodhart, and presented by him to Bryn Mawr College in 1951.

Bibliography: De Ricci, p. 1684. no. 38; Faye and Bond, p. 434, no. 8. Edward Owen, M.A., "Welsh Gifts of Jewels to Edward I," written shortly after the Sotheby's sale in an unidentified journal or newspaper. Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Secular Spirit: Life and Art at the End of the Middle Ages (New York, 1975), a catalogue of an exhibition held at the Cloisters, Mar. 26, 1975-June 3, 1975, p. 24, no. 6.

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