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MS 5 Eastern Germany or Poland, 1454

Bonaventure / Commentarius in librum II sententiarum petri lombardi

1. ff. i recto -viii verso [Index:] [A]b aliquid... coacte perpetrantur non omnia possunt sine voluntate comitti.

2. ff. 1r-495v [Title:] In nomine domini. Incipit secundus liber operis fratris Bonauenture super sententias.

Inc.: Solummodo hoc inveni quod deus fecerit hominem rectum et temporibus ipse se infinitis immiscuit quaestionibus...

Expl.: ...qui se infinitis questionibus miscuit peccatorum secundum quem series manifestat duorum librorum precedentium cuius est omnis honor et gloria et imperium per infinita secula seculorum. Amen. Finitus 1454 18 Maii. f. 38v blank.

Bonaventure, Commentarius in secundum librum Sententiarum Petri Lombardi (Treviso, 1477); Opera omnia S. Bonaventurae (Quaracchi, 1889) v. 4.

Paper, (watermarks: unidentified ferule; similar in design to Mosic and Traljic Tête de Boeuf 1442; similar to Mosic and Traljic Tête de Boeuf 1447; unidentified crown; two different and unidentified steer's heads; mountain similar to Briquet 11790; Greek cross similar to Briquet Croix Grecque 5548-9), ff. viii + 495; 310 x 210 (220 x 140) mm., written in 32-39 lines with single vertical and horizontal bounding lines in lead. Contemporary foliation in upper right corner; leaf signatures lower left (usually just the first half of the quire); some signature notations missing possibly due to trimming. Prickings for bounding lines visible in outer three margins.

Collation uncertain due both to the tight binding, and the large number of leaves removed, probably at the time of binding, leaving behind stubs of paper, but no loss of text. Horizontal catchwords centered in lower margin below text. Folio 34 has been crudely torn out leaving traces of writing, but there is no corresponding loss of text. Some quires supported along the inner margin by strips of parchment containing musical notation. This parchment may be either on the inside or the outside of the quire.

Written by several scribes in gothic cursive above the top line. Marginalia in contemporary hands.

Major and minor text divisions marked by crude 1- to 4-line red ink initials; larger initials have terminals ending in foliage serifs. Running headings on verso, in black. Guide letters for decorator visible beside or inside initials.

Original binding of wooden boards covered in pigskin. Five metal bosses on each cover with two rectangular clasps on the upper board and leather straps on the lower. Chain attachment at bottom of lower board missing with piece of board. Gold-tooled on spine: "BONAVENTURA/ COMM/IN 2 LIB/ SENTENTIARUM/ MS./1454".

Written in Eastern Germany or Poland, completed 18 May 1454. Ownership note along bottom margin of f. 1r: "Ex libris Matthaei Ant. Donadzki, Thorunensis ad S. Laurentium prepositi, ad S. Joannis Commendarii. Hic liber dono oblatus usui R.R. Patrum O.S. Francisci de Observentia in Conventu Thorunensis degentium. 1727." In top margin of f. 1r shelf list N.18 (crossed out) B. 4. Catalogue entry glued to inside front cover. Purchased from Maggs by Howard L. Goodhart (bookplate) in 1949, and presented by him to Bryn Mawr College in 1957.

secundo folio: f. ii: de modis f. 2: quod subiciter

Bibliography: Faye and Bond, p. 434, no. 5.


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