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MS 39 Italy, s. XVmed

Ambrose / De fide ad gratianum augustum libri quinque

ff. 1r-150v Inc.: Regina austri venit audire sapientiam salomonis: ut in libro regnorum legimus: hyram quoque rex ad Salomonem misit: ut cognosceret eum.

Exp.: Sic et arrius altissimum dei filium sui similem uult uideri: quem non in diuinitatis aeternae maiestate ueneratur: Sed ex carnis infirmitate metitur. ~ telo" ~.

Ambrose, De fide ad Gratianum Augustum libri quinque, PL 16; 527-698.

Paper (watermarks similar to Briquet Fleur 6597), ff. i + 150 + i, 236 x 168 (153 x 89) mm, modern foliation, written in 23 lines, ruled with double vertical bounding lines full length in hardpoint (Derolez 13.31). After the third quire the bounding lines in the outside margin of the recto are doubled, that is, there are three lines rather than two.

I-XVIII8, XIX8 (-8). Vertical catchwords between two inner bounding lines (Derolez 12.5), verso.

Written by a single scribe in a humanistic cursive bookhand below the top line. Æ diphthongs written out in text. With the exception of the final word, the Greek in the text is treated in two different ways: either a space has been left for the insertion of Greek (i.e. f. 67v) or the Greek has been (fairly accurately) transliterated (i.e. f. 69r). On ff. 69r and 111r the Greek for the some of the transliterations has been added in the outer margin, in a later hand.

Spaces for 7-line initials left open at the beginning of each book, chapters have spaces for 2-line initials and a few lines are left blank between chapters, perhaps for headers. The first seven lines of each book are written in uncials. Guide letters for rubricator visible.

Binding: Eighteenth-century half-bound vellum over marbled paper boards. Corners worn; boards badly rubbed. Gold-tooling on spine; also on spine in capital letters on dark brown label: "Sapientiam/ Salomonis/ Manoscr./ Cartac.".

Written in Italy in the middle of the fifteenth century. Notes in various hands on front pastedown: "Ambrosii", "7", "Cod. III. Latine"; on f. i "Forsam Rabbi Salomon" has been lined out; below that "Di fogli 150"; at the bottom of f. i recto and continuing on to the verso are 19 lines in Italian that explain how one owner discovered the attribution to Ambrose, along with the incipit and explicit of the text and a seventeenth-century citation for a printed text: "Del presente codice. . . " The first two lines of this statement have been written twice, the first attempt has been crossed out. Shelf mark on f. 1r "63".

Purchased by James and Florence Tanis in 196? in Los Angeles, CA from an unknown dealer, and given by them to Bryn Mawr Library in honor of Leo M. Dolenski in April 1997.

secundo folio: [A]ssertio autem


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