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MS 37 Spain, s. XVIex

Castle liturgical psalter

1. ff. 1r-117v [Title page:] Psalterium in Dominicis per annum. Ad Matutinum. Invitatorium.

Inc., f. 1v: Adoremus Dominum qui fecit nos...

Expl.: Versus. loquebantur variis linguis apostoli, alleluia. Resp. Magna

Psalms of the Sunday Office of Matins through None with antiphons and responses throughout the year. Musical notation for the Te Deum and for the Hymns, antiphons, and responses at Prime and Terce.

2. f. 118r-v Index organized alphabetically by Psalms, antiphons, verses.

Parchment (brittle, hair-side yellowed), ff. 118, 460 x 322 (419 x 217) mm., contemporary foliation in red, in upper right corner, recto, mostly obliterated due to repairs and rubbing; later foliation in brown ink in either lower right or lower left corner, recto, (ff. 116-118 mistakenly numbered 117-119). Written in 18 lines; each line of text has double rulings: a pair of lines, in lead, encloses the body of the text, these lines in turn are centered between a second pair of lines ruled in ink to which the ascenders and descenders rise and fall; double vertical and horizontal bounding lines in ink as well as double vertical bounding lines in lead. The leaves with musical notation are written in 6 lines of five-line staves, with vertical bounding lines in hardpoint or lead.

I10 (-2, 8), II-V8, VI4, VII-XIII8, XIV10 (-8), XV10 (-1).

Written by several scribes in a large, round, liturgical gothic. Diphthongs noted throughout.

Simple initials in red; staves in red with square, black neumes. Rubrication throughout. Guide letters for rubricator visible inside or beside most initials.

Text very worn and much repaired, large sections of text have been replaced with newer leaves; many places are patched with newer pieces of parchment.

Binding: Contemporary brown leather over boards, edges covered with a now-rusty iron which has been nailed on. Brass boss centered on back and front cover, two rusted iron clasps on front and back, with fasteners missing.

Written in Spain in the last part of the sixteenth century. Unidentified catalogue entry (no. 63) glued to inside front cover. Early provenance unknown. Given to Bryn Mawr College in 1972 in the bequest of Ethelinda Schaefer Castle.


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