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MS 34 Germany, s. XIV?

Radnor missal

1. f. 1r Ruled but blank.

f. 1v Scriptum est enim percussi pastorem et disperguntur oves gregis postquam autem surrexero precedam vos in galyleam et ibi me videbitis dicit dominus. Added in an almost contemporary hand, noted in neumes.

2. ff. 2r-4v In vigilia Pasche ad benedictionem ignis.

Sung parts noted in neumes. Saints in the litany include: Materne, Godeharde, Bernivarde, Odilia, Gertrude, Walburgis, Elizabeth.

3. ff. 4v-12v Benedictio cerei. Sung parts noted in neumes.

4. ff. 12v-19v In festo Purificationis beatae Mariae Virginis. Ordo ad benedicendos cereos.

Sung parts noted in neumes.

5. ff.19v-25v In die Palmarum. Ordo ad benedicendos ramos.

Sung parts noted in neumes.

6. ff. 26r-32v Incipit maior consecratio salis et aquae. Includes litany.

Among saints: Cantius, Arthemius, Metrone, Habundius, Hilarius, Crescentiana, Gertrudis.

Parchment. ff. 32, 280 x 211 (205 x 149) mm. Modern foliation. Written in one or two columns,18-23 lines, ruled in black ink with double and single vertical and single horizontal bounding lines, full length. Four-line musical staves with the fa line red and do line yellow; germanic neumes are written in the one note basic virga symbol (virga en clous). Remains of prickings visible at outer margins.

I14 (-1, 2, 13, 14), II10, III14 (-1, 14).

Written by a single scribe in a large, liturgical gothic hand.

Three 3-line initials in blue with red penwork designs mark major text divisions. Plain 1- to 2- line initials alternate red and blue, some with pen flourishes. Rubrication throughout.

Binding: Original beveled oak boards with dark brown leather covering half the board vertically from the spine forward. Spine repaired with more recent leather. Metal clasps; bottom leather strap missing.

Written around the fourteenth century, probably in Southern Germany. The three quires very possibly were removed from a larger volume to serve as a liber ritualis for the special occasions listed. The text is devoid of any identifying marks. Early provenance unknown. Given to Bryn Mawr College by Radnor High School, Radnor, Pennsylvania, 14 November 1984.


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