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illumination from Gordan MS 51

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MS 33 France, s. XVmed

Radnor hours # 2, use uncertain

1. ff. 1r- 4v Text obliterated from f. 1r. Gospel Pericopes:

Luke 1. 26-38; Matthew 2. 1-12; Mark 16. 14-20 incomplete; beginning defectively with Luke 1. 26 and ending at Mark 16. 15: ... Euntes in mundum universum praedicate//

2. ff. 5r-11v Obsecro te... [masculine forms; Leroquais, LH 2.346-47] begins and ends imperfectly:

//partu virgo post partum fons misericordie... et victoriam contra omnes// O intemerata... [Leroquais, LH 2.336-37] begins imperfectly on f. 8r: //rium ianua regni celorum...

3. ff. 12v-32r Hours of the Virgin, use uncertain.

Text begins incompletely in Matins at the first psalm: //deos quoniam non repellet Dominus plebem suam... Lacuna between ff. 14 and 15, text ends before second Psalm of the Nocturn and resumes: //manet in saeculum saeculi: judica Domini... Text breaks off after Lauds.

4. ff. 32r-34v Suffrages to the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, Michael, John the Baptist, Peter, and Nicholas. Lacuna between ff. 34 and 35.

5. ff. 35r-47v Resumption of the Hours of the Virgin.

Text mutilated, several lacunae: after f. 38 text breaks off in Prime with the rubric for the prayer; f. 39r resumes prayers for Prime: //concede nos tuos... Terce ends at f. 41v. Lacuna between ff. 41 and 42; Sext is missing. None begins at f. 42r: //Gloria patri et filii. Sicut erat. Alleluia. Hymn. Veni creator... None ends at f. 43v in final Psalm: ... Ecce sic benedicitur homo qui timet dominum// Vespers begins on f. 44r in final Psalm: //In convertendo... and ends on f. 44v in the hymn "Ave Maria Stella": ... Jesum semper colletemur//. At f. 45r Compline begins in the first Psalm (12): //meus meus super me respice... and breaks off at f. 46v: ... De quo non implevit manum suam qui metit, et// Lacuna between ff. 46 and 47; Compline resumes on f.47r: //sit laus deo patri. ant. ecce completa...

6. ff. 48r-60r Penitential Psalms, beginning in middle of the first Psalm:

//meo lauabo per singulas noctes lectum meum...

7. ff. 60r-64v Litany of the Saints.

Among saints listed: Clete, Sixte, Corneli, Audoene, Eustachi, Genovesa.

8. ff. 65r-67v Short Hours of the Cross end abruptly with rubric for Matins of the Holy Spirit.

9. ff. 68r-93v Hours of the Dead begin in first Psalm:

//in requiem tuam quia Dominus benefecit tibi... On f. 71v Vespers ends in the Deus Venie: ... beata Maria semper virgine intercedente// and resumes on f. 72r with the third Psalm (7): //et gloriam meam in pulverem deducat... At f. 74v the second lesson ends abruptly: ... et peccatum meum scruteris. Et sci// On f. 75r the first Psalm of the second Nocturn begins: //scue ibi me collocavit... Text breaks off again at f. 79v in the third Psalm of the second Nocturn: ...propter inimicos meos// and resumes in the fourth lesson: //considerasti qui quasi putredo... The extant responses to the lessons are: 1. Credo quod, 4. Heu michi, 5. Ne recorderis, 6. Domine secundum , 7. Peccantem me, 8. Requiem eternam, 9. Libera me.

10. ff. 94 r-v Fifteen Joys of the Virgin begin and end imperfectly:

//ie fis onques. Et me doit... Tres doulce dame pour icelle grant ioye que vous eustes quant vous alastes en la montai//

Parchment. ff. ii (modern paper) + 94 + ii (modern paper), modern foliation, 147 x 115 (94 x 60) mm. Written in 15 lines, ruled in red ink with single vertical and horizontal bounding lines.

Text bound too tightly and is too mutilated for accurate collation.

Written by a single scribe in a rather large liturgical gothic bookhand.

Text is decorated on ff. 21r and 39r with a 3/4 border along the inner margin, top and bottom of page: red and black penwork embellished with blue and gold acanthus leaves in the lower inside corner, pink, blue and red fruit and flowers, green leaves and small gold seedpods. Many other pages have side borders of similar design. These borders are a mix of naturalistic and stylized fruit and flowers. Note especially ff. 4v and 46r where the flowers, set upright on a horizontal patch of green, give the impression that they are "growing." On ff. 49r and 56r a semé of large gold dots adorn the side border. Pages with 3/4 borders are illuminated with 3-line initials (D in both cases), blue with white penwork on a black-framed gold rectangular ground, the curve of the D ends, top and bottom in red finials with white penwork which extend outside the rectangle. Inside the initial, diagonal vines, black thinly lined with white, curve into red and blue flowers. The pages with side borders are decorated with 2-line initials, gold outlined in black on a red and blue ground; the ground is patterned with either white or gold geometric penwork designs. Line fillers are rectangles: half blue and half dark pink with white penwork framed in black, the two colors separated by a gold dot. The ink on some of the borders and initials is smeared.

Binding: nineteenth-century gold-tooled calf. On spine: EVANGILL/ ET/ PSEAUMES.

Written in France around the 1460's. Early provenance unknown. On f. 53r: "Margueritte dela Linde 1618 et/ Jehanne [Morterre] 1618"; Catalogue entry glued to inside cover; longhand catalogue entry on paper glued to f. iv; on f. iir, in lead: "On Sale Atkinson Jan 28-22." Given to Bryn Mawr College by Radnor High School, Radnor, Pennsylvania, 14 November 1984.


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