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MS 2 (olim Goodhart 20) France, s. XIVmed

Giles, of Rome / De regimine principum

1. ff. 1r-192r [Title in upper margin, partially effaced:] A[egidius] De Regi[mine]

[Preface:] Ex illustrissima ac sanctissima prosapia oriundo suo domino speciali. domino Philippo primogenito et heredi preclarissimi uiri domini Philippi dei gratia illustrissimi regis francorum...

[Table of chapters, Bk. I, part 1:] Incipiunt capitula prime partis libri primi. [Chapter heading:] Capitulum primum.

Inc.: Quis [sic] sit modus procedendi in regimine principum. Oportet ut latitudo sermonis in unaquaque re fit secundum exigenciam ipsius rei et non magis nec minus ut uult philosophus...

Expl.: Quod totum ordinare debent ad commune bonum et ad pacem ciuium, nam si intendunt commune bonum et pacem ciuium merebuntur pacem illam eternam in qua suprema requies quam deus ipse suis promisit fidelibus qui est benedictus in secula seculorum. Amen.

Text is defective: f. 42 missing with portions of chapter 23 and all of chapter 24 of Book I, part 2. Text breaks off at... sed secundum passionem et uoluntatem. tanto//, and resumes with: Philosophus iiii ethice mediocriter... ; f. 51 missing with portions of chapter 32 and all of chapter 33 of Book I, part 2: ...quaedam gentes bestiales morabantur sacrificantes matres proprias et//[uirtu]tes minime inter uirtutes alias et perseuerantes... An entire quire is missing from ff. 125-136 containing portions of Book II chapter 12 and all of chapters 1-6 and portions of chapter 7 of Book III. Text breaks off on f. 124v: ...apud reges autem et principes inter uias tantas//, and resumes on f. 137r with: patres non certificarenter de propiis filiis...

2. ff. 192r-194v [Table of chapters, Bk. II, part 2, through Bk. III, part 2:] Incipiunt Rubrice capitulorum secundae partis secundi libri de regimine principum.

Inc.: Quod decet omnes parentes circa proprios filios esse sollicitos...

Expl.: Expliciunt rubrice super libros de regimine principum. f. 195r blank.

P. Glorieux, Répertoire des maîtres en théologie de Paris au XIIIe siècle; (Paris, 1934) 400 q; De regimine principum; Oliverius Servius, ed. (Rome, 1482).

3. ff. 195v-196r [Title:] Officium beate Katerine uirginis quod ordinauit dominus Johannes papa xxii...

Inc.: Deprecare regem celi pro me uirgo Katerina/ adiuuare queso veni et saluare me festina.

Expl.: mortem quod Christus est peruenire ualeamus per dominum nostrum Jesum Christum. Amen.

f. 196v palimsest; faint remnants of text.

Office of St. Catherine.

Parchment (thick), ff. iv (two modern parchment bifolia; i = front pastedown) + 196 + iv (two modern parchment bifolia; iv = back pastedown), contemporary foliation (modern refoliation, ff. 178), 256 x 193 mm. Written space for articles 1 and 2: 165 x 115 mm., 2 columns of 32 ruled lines with single vertical and horizontal bounding lines full across in ink. Pricking visible in upper and lower margins. Written space for Article 3: 256 x 116 mm., 2 columns with double vertical bounding lines in lead.

I-II14, III12, IV12 (-2, 12), V-XIV12 (X missing), XV10. Catchwords, enclosed in penwork rectangles, or in a few cases in more elaborate penwork decorations, are either centered below the two columns or placed between the rulings of the inner columns, verso.

Articles 1 and 2 are written by several scribes in an informal gothic bookhand below the top line with marginal notations throughout; article 3 added later in gothic cursive.

On f. 1r an historiated 7-line pink initial on a blue ground shows a 3/4 portrait of the author clad in his black Augustinian robes presenting a book. Ornate blue and red acanthus leaves extend along inner margin. Both initial and border decoration badly worn. 3-to-2-line red and blue ink initials, with penwork flourishes in the other color, mark major text divisions. Running heads alternate red and blue letters. Paragraph marks alternate red and blue. Chapter headings in red. Guide letters for decorator visible. Ink has worn in places, and there is some water damage in the margins, but no loss of text.

Binding: nineteenth-century quarter bound in blind-tooled brown calf over oak boards with two plaited leather fastenings of three strands each. Gold tooled title on spine: "AEGIDIUS/ DE REG/ PRINCIPU", at bottom "c. 1350".

Written in France in the middle of the 14th century. Early provenance unknown. Offered for sale by Maggs, Cat. 542 (1930) n. 73, with facs. Sold by Sotheby (London, 1934 March 12, n. 834) to Rowe. Sold by Sotheby (London, 1934 Nov. 26, n. 520) to Howard L. Goodhart (bookplate), and presented by him to Bryn Mawr College, March 1949.

secundo folio: ostendunt

Bibliography: DeRicci, p. 1674, no. 20.


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