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MS 19 England, s. XVII1

Medical and cooking recipes, in English

1. ff. 1r-4v The Tabel...

Table of contents for pages 1-161.

2. ff. 5r-119v

Medical Recipes including a recipe from Paracelsus for a plaster "translated from Latin into English" with a commentary by "Thomas Potter" on ff. 9r-11r; "A Broath for the cough and Lungs devised by Doctour Barnstaile Doctour Fryer and Doctour Askins for the Lord Treasurer" on f. 43v; and "The medicine of that famous Master of Phisick Doctour Stevens wherewith he cured these diseases..." on f. 55v-58r; followed by home remedies and cooking recipes including: "To make a Marmalett of Quinces with Jelly Mrs Tomkins her way" on f. 117v. ff. 120r-125r ruled but blank.

3. ff. 125v-173v

Recipes in varying hands beginning with "The manner of making pomander chaynes according to Francisco Marenas," and concluding with a recipe: "This is a dish to serve up like a tart." f. 156r blank.

4. f. 174 r-v The Remaining Part of the Tabel...

Expl.: Finis Anno Domini 1649.

Continuation of the Table of Contents for the remainder of article 2 from pages 162-199.

Paper (watermarks similar to Heawood, Pot 3627), ff. i + 174 + i, contemporary pagination. 296 x 195 (ca. 290 x 135) mm. 20-50 lines; single vertical bounding lines full length in ink.

I22, II80, III17, IV-V16, VI15, VI18, VII-VIII16, IX14, X20.

Written by several scribes in a variety of English secretary and book hands.

Red display script highlights the titles of the recipes in articles one, two, and four. The recipes in article three are often embellished with penwork flourishes.

Binding: Original limp vellum, blind-tooled, with leather straps.

Written in England, in the first part of the 17th century. Dates in manuscript include a date on f. 140v "October xiv 1647" and at the end of the table of contents on f. 174v: "1649". The inclusion of Paracelsus and John Frye in the recipes, as well as the watermark, suggest that the manuscript was written in the first half of the seventeenth century with several later additions. A modern note accompanying the manuscript and signed by "Arthur E Leavey" states that the manuscript belonged to the Corbett family of Shropshire, England. Given to Bryn Mawr College Library by Emily Fox Cheston in April 1955.

Bibliography: Faye and Bond, p. 435, no. 19.


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