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MS 15, Italy, s. XV3/4

Paulus Orosius / Historiae adversus paganos

1. ff. i recto-vi recto [Table of contents:] Tabula super Paulo Orosio et primo.

ff. vi verso-viii blank.

2. ff. 2r-174v [missing folio 1, text begins:]

//seros, quanto longius a remedio ueteris religionis, alienos ut merito hac scritatione claruerit regnasse mortem...

Expl.: ...De qualitate autem opusculorum tu uideris, qui praecipisti tibi adiudicanda si edas, prete [sic] iudicata si deleas. Finis Pauli Orosii.

Karl Zangemeister, ed., Historiarum adversum paganos libri vii (Leipzig, 1889). Text begins incompletely in chapter 14 of the Prologue of Book One.

Paper (watermarks similar to Briquet Huchet 7686), f. i (modern paper) + ff. viii + 174 + i (modern paper), 289 x 211 (197 x 120) mm. Written in 30 long lines. Contemporary foliation. Double vertical and horizontal bounding lines, full length (Derolez 13.36), ruled in hard point, no prickings visible. Marginalia in several contemporary hands.

I10(-1), II-XVII10, XVIII4. Vertical catchwords in lower margin right of inner vertical bounding lines (Derolez 12.7). Quire and leaf signatures (e. g., a1, a2, a3...) on first five leaves of each quire.

Written in a humanistic cursive. Marginal notations throughout in a later hand.

Alternating 2- to 3-line blue and red ink initials of modest quality. Text divisions and headings in red.

Lower half of inner margin of folio i missing, with modern repair, resulting in some loss of text in the table of contents on f. i recto. Folio 174 loose. Water stained throughout.

Binding: Twentieth-century luan plywood boards with worn leather spine.

Produced in Italy in the third quarter of the 15th century. Ownership inscription on f. viii recto: "[Clerico?] Camillo Riccio A. V. et S. V. et am. A. et s.s. et u. f. r. et hoc verum est. Hic olim fuit R. Presbiteris V. H. Marcelli Ricci nunc vero mei Camilli Ricci sui nepotis et A. S." On f. 174v: "Camilli Ricci Bellicastrensis sum," and repeatedly in a variety of hands: "nec no suorum amicorum omnium" or "nec non suorum natos amicorumne." Below in another hand: "Non mancare con la prima commodita raguagliarlo di quanto occorre." A draft of a letter found inside this book was written by the Vicar of a parish church on behalf of Antonius Laurus, who was Bishop of Bellcastris from 1599-1609. No other provenance known. Bought from H. P. Kraus (typed description taped to inside back cover) by Howard L. Goodhart in April 1949 (bookplate; his note on f. i recto), and presented by him to Bryn Mawr College in March 1950.

secundo folio: f. ii: de olinto

Bibliography: Faye and Bond, p. 435, no. 15.

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