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MS 13 Rouen, s. XVI1/4

Pierre Mesenge de Rouen / Journal de sainct voyage pour visiter le sainct sepulcre

ff. 1r-2v [Preface:] Preface de liure et exhortacion pour esmouuoir les crestiens de aller visiter le sainct sepulcre de nostre seigneur en jherusalem. Et les autres sainctes lieux en la terre saincte.

ff. 2v-66v Inc.: En l'an de grace mil cinq cens et sept le huitiesme jour d'auril apres pasques je pierre mesenge presbytre chanoine de Rouen a compaigne de maistres jehan masselin, jacques de la chesnaie, jehan chauuin presbytres et nicholas masselin, jehan loymare, jehan vollant, Roger guenet marchans de Rouen et guillaume de la haye marchans de Caen menes de deuocion d'aller visiter le glorieux sainct sepulchre de nostre saulueur ihesu christ en Jherusalem et autres lieux sainctes en la terre saincte.

Expl.: Et de la a laide de dieu nous en retournasmes en france chascun en sa maison. Et feusmes de retour en cette ville de Rouen le vingtiesme jour de decembre en l'an dessusd.

f. 67 ruled but blank.

Reinhold Röhricht, Bibliotheca geographica Palaestinae chronologisches Verzeichniss der auf die Geographie des Heiligen Landes Bezüglichen Literatur von 333 bis 1878 (Berlin, 1890) lists MS 13 on p. 168, A.2 (Amsterdam).

Parchment (thick), ff. iv (modern paper) + 67 + iv (modern paper), modern foliation. 367 x 222 (217 x 141) mm. Written in 38 lines; single vertical and double horizontal bounding lines, full across in ink, ff. 1-35 ruled in red ink, ff. 36-67 ruled in black. Remains of prickings in all three outer margins.

I-VIII8. Horizontal catchwords in lower center margin, verso; some lost due to trimming.

Written in an elegant gothic bookhand below the top line.

Folio 1r decorated with a rectangular border along upper and inner margin of text, a gold ground framed in black with vines, scrolls, fruits, and flowers in shades of blue, yellow, red, green, pink, and white, the gold ground is dotted with black; also on f. 1r, one 6-line blue and white monochrome, scrolled initial in a gold rectangle framed in black. On f. 6v ten prayers are each introduced by ornate 2-line initials alternating between monochrome initials similar to the one on f. 1r, surrounded by fruit or flowers in red, blue, green, and white, and gold initials on blue ground embellished with white filigree penwork. Many other 1- and 2- line monochrome initials and line fillers throughout the book, some additionally decorated with colorful fruit, flowers, ornate penwork. A single pen and ink 2-line inhabited initial on f. 24v depicts a man's profile. The style of the monochrome initials, typical of Rouen, is similar to the Chew Psalter, Bryn Mawr MS 28.

Binding: Dutch seventeenth-century gold-tooled vellum.

Written in Rouen after 1507. Early provenance unknown. P. A. Bolongaro-Crevenna collection, Amsterdam (Catalogue raisonné de la collection de livres de M. Pierre Antoine Crevenna à A. 1775, V, 37) (sale, April 1790, lot 5780 [on paper label inside front cover]); in the collection of Thomas Johnes of Hafod, the seventh Duke of Newcastle (his "Magnificent library"), sold by order of the Earl of Lincoln (sale, Sotheby, 6 December 1937, lot 956) to Charles J. Sawyer, Ltd. Unidentified catalogue entry, in French, glued to inside front cover. Several numbers on the verso of f. i, in lead: "MS. 915.69 M 56," "23/B," "411," "5y3 d. 12." On back flyleaf in ink: "Ixr. Gg" and in lead: "6432". Acquired for the collection of Phyllis Walter Goodhart (bookplate) and Howard L. Goodhart in May 1938, and given to Bryn Mawr College (bookplate) in 1942.

secundo folio: sepmaines

Bibliography: Faye and Bond, p. 434, no. 13.

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