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Biblical Translations
Box Folder
2 1

Translations of the Books of Matthew and Romans

Notebook containing translation of Matthew (dated 19 Nov. 1961), first seven chapters of Mark (n.d.), and Romans (29 Nov. 1979). AMs. Together 87p.


Translation of the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles (through I Corinthians)

Notebook containing translation of Acts (30 Apr. 1980) and Epistles (27 Nov. 1980). AMs. Together 142p.


Translation of II Corinthians -- Jude

Notebook (27 Oct. 1981). AMs. Together 131p.


Translation of the Book of John

Notebook. AMs. 44p.


Translation of the Book of Matthew. TLS, 2 copies, 56p.

Carbon typescript with revisions in RL's hand.


Translation of the Book of Matthew

Photocopy of typescript, with revisions in RL's hand. 56p.


Translation of Book of Acts and Romans

Photocopy of manuscript. AMs. 150p.


Translation of I Corinthians - I Timothy

Photocopy of manuscript. AMs. 109p.


Translation of I Timothy - Jude

Photocopy of manuscript. AMs. 52p.

  10 Notes on the New Testament. AMs. 5p.

Acts and the Epistles Materials

Preface to Acts and Epistles and Notes. AMs, 6p; AMs, 7p.

10 (oversize)

Translation of Mark.

Manuscript notebook.




Classical Translations of Richmond Lattimore
Box Folder


Iliad, 1.1-4.247; 4.247-6

Handwritten translations. Two notebooks. For Iliad 22.387-end, see Box 1, Folder 3. For miscellaneous notes on Homer, see Box 8, Folder 5.


The Odyssey, 4-7; 8-10; 11-13; 14-17; 18-21; 22-24

Handwritten translations in 6 notebooks. Bound in 2 boxes: Books 4-13 and 14-24.


The Odyssey

Notes for translation. AMs.


The Eumenides and Euripides' Helen

Handwritten translations in notebook. 74p. With miscellaneous notes and Introduction to Helen interleaved. AMs. 6p. Also with an interleaved typescript list of seniors registered for Greek 101 and Greek 203 of Semester II, 1954-5.

The Frogs

Handwritten translation in notebook. With Introduction and miscellaneous notes interleaved. AMs, 6p.


Hesiod's Theogony and The Shield of Heracles

Handwritten translations in notebook. Together 59p.


Homeric Hymns

5 translations. To Delian Apollo, To Pythian Apollo, To Hermes, To Pan, To Selene. TD. Together 28p.


Iphigeneia in Tauris

Notes for translation and Introduction. AMs. 23p.


Odes of Pindar

1. Typed versions of "Pythia 3: For Hieron of Syracuse;" "Pythia 8," with photocopy of typescript; "Isthmia 3: For Melissos of Thebes," with two photocopies; and "Isthmia 4: For Melissos of Thebes," with emendations in RL's hand and 2 photocopies.

2. Feedback on Isthmian Odes 3 and 4. Signed "Rick" [Richard Hamilton].

2. Notes. AMs. 70p. together.


Euripides' Alcestis, Iphigeneia, Rhesus

3 Notebooks containing translations.

1. Euripides' Alcestis. With interleaved introduction. AMs.
2. Euripides' Iphigeneia in Tauris. See notes in Folder 8.
3. Euripides' Rhesus. With interleaved introduction. AMs.


Twelve Greek Lyrics

Translated in close approximations of the original metre. For the use of classes in Greek Literature at Bryn Mawr College. 1949.

Poet and Poems Other Details
1. "Invocation to Aphrodite" Translation of Sappho 1.
2. Untitled Translation of Sappho 31.
3. Untitled See "Sappho 27" in Box 1, Folder 3, p.78.
4. "To a Rival" See "Sappho 58" in Box 1, Folder 3, p.80.
5. Untitled  
6. "Epitaph" See "Sappho 158" in Box 1, Folder 3, p.84.
1. "Storm in the State" See "Alcaeus 46" in Box 1, Folder 3, p.89.
2. "Prayer for Safety at Sea" See "Alcaeus 78" in Box 1, Folder 3, p.79.
3. "Winter Scene" See "Alcaeus 90" in Box 1, Folder 3, p.90.
"On Friends Lost at Sea" For other translations of Archilochus, see Box 1, Folder 3, pgs. 94 and 106.
Semonides of Amorgos  
"An Essay on Women" See handwritten version in Box 1, Folder 3, p. 84
Comment on a poem of Cleobulus. "Epitaph by Cleobulus" and "The Comment of Simonides"  




Herodotus Materials
Box Folder
    The unpublished manuscript of Three Battles in Herodotus with related materials. See also correspondence in Box 6, Folder 2.
5 1

Introduction, "The Compositions of the History," and Appendix 3 (not present in other versions). AMs. 60p. and 62p.


Title page, Contents, Preface, and Chapter on Marathon. Introduction, listed in Contents, is not present. With corrections in RL's hand. TD. 68p.


Chapter on Salamis. With additions and corrections in RL's hand. 69-121p.


Chapter on Plataea. With additions and corrections in RL's hand. TD. 122-175p.


Conclusion, Appendices, and Maps (14), typescript and manuscript with corrections and additons in his own hand. TD, 176-94p; AMs.


Carbon copy of complete text except for chapter on Plataea. TD. 184p. Additional carbon copy of chapter on Salamis and Appendix 2. TD. 148p.


Report re: Publication

Report (author unknown) evaluating publication potential, with notes in RL's hand. 7p. Carbon copy of the typescript, with additional notes in RL's hand. 4p.

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