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June 2005
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Personal Incoming and Outgoing Correspondence (alphabetically ordered by correspondent)
BoxFolderWriter Date
   Incoming Correspondence  

Blume, Peter

Thanks RL for a reprint of poems published in the Hudson Review. ALS. 1p.

"You compose your poems within a world of space (a plastic sense), and they have movement. Whether you deal with abstractions or reality they are 'plastic.' As you say 'Verb not noun or adjective.' "

1981 Apr 13

Booth, Philip

In thanks for a copy of RL's Sestina for a Far-Off Summer. TLS. 1p.

"The poems seem wonderfully to be one man's; they stretch themselves with an imagination that is all yours, and hold themselves up for repeated reading."

1962 Sept 11

Burford, Lolah

Card inscribed to RL and his family. Includes her maiden name (Lolah Mary Egan) and her years at Bryn Mawr (1947-1951). ANS. With a photocopy of her letter to an unidentified Mayor. Also with a photocopy from Burford's Edward, Edward, in which she marked passages regarding Edward's opinions on Latin and includes a note in her own hand:

"I concur in Edward's 'salute' to Latin, but I'm not so hard on Romans and Roman civilization, etc., as Edward is!"


Butterly, Daniel R.

Writes regarding his wood cuttings made to illustrate the Iliad, inspired by RL's translation. TLS. 1p. Poster of woodcuts enclosed.

1979 May 17

Cappello, Rosemary

Reports on her failure to locate a publication called The Press at RL's request and includes a brief account of one of her own poetry readings. TLS. 1p.

1982 June 8

[Caskey, John L.]

Signed "Jack." Feedback on RL's classical translation, most likely of Herodotus. ALS. 4p. See Box 5 for other Herodotus materials.

n.y. 11 and 25 July

Cole, Henri

Regarding the Academy of American Poets.

n.y. January 18

Costley, Bill

Representing the Literary Public Affairs on WZLY-FM at Wellesley College and relates updates on programs and his son Alex. TLS. 1p.

1983 April 5

Cunliffe, Joan

Memorandum from the National Book Committee regarding a panel in Translation, for which RL was a juror.

1974 October 8

Darrow, Karl K.

Regarding the Penrose Lecture and sharing his reminiscences about Paul Shorey. TLS. 1p. For the Penrose Lecture materials, see Box 4, Folders 21 and 22.

1970 Apr. 5

Davis, Willoughby T.

Thanks RL for a copy of his New Testament translation and remarkes on time spent in the Navy. TLS. 1p.

1982 Dec

Diamond, David

Thanks RL for his poems and hopes to see him in a few weeks. TLS. 1p.

"What a splendid heart and mind feels and thinks within you. 'A decade or so now left...' No...More. And more. Let me rephrase you: Unknown territory glimpsed to be. But of course the end will be what it has to be. For us all. In sadness but fulfillment."

1981 May 4

Dodds, E. R.

In thanks for a copy of RL's I.T. (Iphigeneia in Taurus) TLS. 1p.

"...(you can say more in seven pages than others do in seventy)."

1974 May 1

[Eberhart, Richard]

Signed "Dick." Thanks RL for a copy of one of his books, grives feedback on the poems, and updates RL on his son Dikkon and family. TLS. 1p.

"I recognize your new work as so different from our beginnings and your too much 'Swinburne.' I like the hardness and realism of your work, the dryness, the vast understanding from which items are plucked and made memorable..."

1983 Oct 30

Finestone, Nathaniel

Regarding RL's Gospels. TLS. 2p.

1979 June 23

[Fitzgerald, Robert]

APcS. Signed "Bob." Seconds RL's nomination and asks RL to second his of John Frederick Nims. This is most likely Robert Fitzgerald, who did nominate Nims and was seconded by Lattimore. See AAIAL Nominations in Box 8, Folder 9.

1982 June 26

Flanner, Janet

Thanks for a poem, probably RL's "The Father." ALS. 2p.

"---That you were impressed by it gives me pleasure and the sense of reward which writers only receive from writers, not from write a poem to a piece of writing is like writing doubly on the same page... "

n.y. Apr 15

Gideon, Miriam

Thanks RL for poems. ALS. 1p.

1981 Apr 28

Gillis, Dan

APA appeal. TLS. 1p.

1982 Feb 25

Ginsberg, Allen

"I am nominating Pound's peer Basil Bunting for honorary membership in the National Institute of Arts and Letters. If you know his work and are willing can you second the nomination? If it's ok please let Margaret Mills know, at the Institute, before Oct. 1." APcS.

1981 Sept 2

Haile, Penn

Writes to RL from Vermont that he's been entertaining an Italian friend, wants to get out another issue of Groundswell, the periodical he began with Alec Laing; and is concerned about his friend Gerry's arthritis. TLS. 1p. With original envelope.

1970 Feb 3

Letter from Gerry Jacobsen to RL. Writes regarding RL's participation in Penn's memorial service. ALS. 1p. With original envelope.

1983 Apr 19

Richmond Lattimore's Memorial to Penn Haile. TD and AMs versions.


Hayden, Phyllis McGinley

Thanks Rl for two books and sends three of her own works in return - Love Letters, Times Three, and Christmas Legends. ALS. 2p.

1968 Jun 7

Hazard, Patrick

On Beaver College letterhead. Enclosed a check to cover expenses of photograph. ALS. 1p.

"Rereading your fine act of piety to Stevens makes me regret all the more my having to admit failure on funding Bard to Bard..."

n.y. Aug 18

Hazo, Samuel

Business card of the President of the International Poetry Forum, with "Thanks!" written on it.


Heerman, Anne

Assignment of a Radnor Junior High student. ALS. 1p. With envelope.

"I was wondering what first made you want to write poetry?"

1967 Oct 23

Hewitt, Harry

Regarding setting Lattimore's poems from Poems from Three Decades to music, his own work, and birds. ALS. 2p.

"You're a good editor of your own works (many poets are not)...these are all 'male voice' texts - so we must look about for a competent baritone..."

1976 Apr 16

Jaunzems, Eva C.

Requesting, as a graduate student, information regarding a theory. TLS. 1p. With notes in RL's hand.

1976 Nov 29

Johnson, J. Chester

Thanks RL for responding to his work. TLS. 1p. See poem sent by Johnson to RL in Folder 22.

1971 Oct 24

Justema, William

Writes that he is off to visit Israel and Egypt and to glean experience for an essay on "The Language of Religion" which might include Lattimore renderings. Mentions RL's sister Isabel. ALS. 1p.

1980 Dec 22

Kilpatrick, Jack

Sent with clipping (not extant) and writes admiration of RL's Oresteia, which he reviewed. TLS. 1p.

"Nothing in the world of literature has so thrilled or excited me in a long time...I fear my review is not a very professional job, for God knows I am no Greek scholar, but personally as well as publicly I wanted to let you know what a wonderful piece of poetry you have created here."

1953 June 18
61 Laing, Alexander

Regarding the death of his wife, the poet Dilys Laing. Also gives his response to Sestina for a Far-Off Summer, comments on RL's original poetry versus translations, and writes of his own poetic program. TLS. 2p. Also includes a copy of a program of his wife's poems, assembled after her death, and with a note in his hand to RL.

"It's unwary of me to trust my judgment in matters springing out of my own experience as well as out of yours, yet I should tell you that your poems of simple recollection of your own emotional experience seem to be your very best. Nothing odd about that, is there, now that it's stated? I suppose I've had to get over my memory of most of the Lattimore I've read, for many years, as having been translation that I was moved to trust..."

"...Your devotion to Greece has acted somewhat in the same fashion, hasn't it? Instead of the long middle period of grinding it out, you've dealt all the way with first rate material and have kept your skill sharp in translating it so freshly. Am I permitted to think that now the just rewards are arriving...that the high inner experience of Lattimore himself will be more and more the subject?"

1963 Apr 18

Lattimore, Owen.
Richmond Lattimore's brother Owen Lattimore was a scholar, author, and teacher who also travelled extensively and worked in China and other eastern countries. In 1952 he was accused by Senator Joseph McCarthy of being an espionage agent for the Soviet Union. All charges were eventually dismissed. More correspondence from Owen Lattimore (including letters from Eleanor Lattimore, Alice Lattimore, and Richmond) may be found in Box Five of Katherine McBride's general correspondence.


Three newspaper clippings pertaining to Owen Lattimore's publications and hearings.


Addressed to "Scop" [RL] and Alice, and signed "Scop." Writes that he has just left Mongolia and while in a city library has found a medieval MS of the Drutski-dubetski family "where Uncle Alec had been a tutor!...I've never owed the Mongols so much friendship as I do now. They really put me on my feet. And I'm coming home with so much work to do that I shall just have to start my new life." ALS. 2p.

1970 Oct 13

Letter from Piel Gerard to RL, sending Owen's address. TLS.


Luetge, William J.

Requests RL's autograph on four of his favorite poems. ALS. 1p.

1974 Apr. 30

Maurin, Mario

Thanks for Elephants and an off-print, which he "wasted no time Frenchifying." ALS. 2p. Last name not evident, but on Bryn Mawr Department of French letterhead. See his French translations of two of Lattimore's poems in Folder 22.

1981 Apr 14

Sent notes constructed from a class meeting and thanks for RL visiting his class. ALS. 1p.


McGrew, Julia

In response to The Stride of Time. TLS. 1p.

"But 'Eagle Over the Coast,' even, or especially, for one who tends to diminish Robinson Jeffers as too often a poseur, is...most extraordinarily re-creating a poem -- re-creates the poet, the experience of his best writing, and re-creates a KIND of reading."

1966 June 17

[Meredith, William]

Signed "Bill." Thanks RL for a sheaf of his poems. ALS. 1p. See also Meredith's poems inscribed in RL in Folder 22 and his other letter seconding his nomination of Frederick Morgan to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

"I'm delighted and grateful for the little sheaf of best Lattimore. 'Shanhaikuan' is absolutely lovely. 'Aspects of Time' is fine - the words like found stones from another age. It's comradely of you to send them..."

1981 Apr 18

Moss, Roger W.

Invitation to membership in the Athenaeum. TLS. 1p.

1981 Mar 30

Murphy, Allen A.

Thanks RL for his hospitality and writes regarding photographs and an exhibition by the Pennyslvania Humanities Council. TLS. 1p.

1983 Apr 5

O'Donnell, Lynn

Representing Power/Rector Productions and regarding a television program on the subject of translation, to include RL. TLS. 1p.

1982 Apr 4

[Brown?], Paterson

Expresses pleasure in RL's translation of the Gospel and the Revelation. Enclosed an edition of the Thomas Gospel (not extant). On Christ Brotherhood, Santa Fe, New Mexico, letterhead. ALS,.1p.


Perel, Earl Jay

In response to RL having read his typescript. TLS. 1p.

"I was pleased to learn that you enjoyed my work, Although I would have very much appreciated some slight comment, especially on the poetry...Let me thank you again for your willingness to help me. I quite agree: it is something difficult to sell."

1975 Sept 29

Pritchard, William

Pritchard's thoughts on modern poets. TLS. 1p.

"Cummings? Well, he's just never meant much to me; but I could be impressed by an account of him as a superb song-writer. I must think about Cummings more. Jeffers I have never got anywhere with; and since I've gotten everywhere with Frost, I can't understand your preference for the former."

1977 Dec 22

RL's draft response in his hand. TL. 2p.

"As for Frost, I think back to a generation ago when I argued with friends who were horrified to hear that I thought Jeffers a better poet than Frost. Why on earth, they asked me, and I could only mumble weakly, because he writes better poetry. This I still think to be true: a more imaginative eye, surer ear, stronger hand, stronger lines...Williams has far more followers, though his influence is mostly bad (wasteful spate of watery verse)."


Radloff, Mrs. Carol

Director of the North Shore Country Day School, requesting permission for the high school to perform RL's Trojan Women. TLS. 1p.

1971 Oct 6

Richards, I. A., and Dorothea Phillip Richards

In thanks for a copy of Sestina for a Far-Off Summer. Dorothea adds her remembrances about ascending Parnassus. ALS. 2p.

1965 Mar 8

Richards, J. F. C.

Regarding retirement and RL's fortunate position at Bryn Mawr. ALS. 2p.

"It must be very gratifying, as you retire, to know how much you have been appreciated at your college. I have always been happy for your sake that you were allowed to do what you do so well, and that you could spend your time writing poetical translations of Greek authors, instead of hunting for some boring subject, which would be accepted as a contribution to knowledge, however insignificant it might be. The rest of us were always caught in that kind of rat-race, asking nervously what we must do to be saved. But you remained gloriously free on the heights and Bryn Mawr was delighted to keep you there."

1971 July 12

Sexton, Anne

Writes in thanks for a copy of RL's Sestina for a Far-Off Summer. TLS. 1p. With corrections and exclamations in AS's hand.

1962 Sept 16

Writes in response to reading Sestina for a Far-Off Summer. Lists her particular favorites from the volume. TLS. 1p. With corrections and a note in her hand.

1962 Nov 6

Swenson, May

Writes in response to receiving a copy of Sestina for a Far-Off Summer. TLS. 1p.

1962 Oct 9

Turner, Eric G.

Writes in response to receiving a copy of RL's translation of Euripides. "You vary the tone and style with great skill. And I have wrestled with Euripides' Greek..." ALS. 2p.

1974 Apr

Wallace, William

Regarding military numbers at Plataea. ALS. 1p. See Box 5 for other Herodotus materials.


Warren, [Robert Penn]

Thanks RL for his poems: ""I am very glad to have the poems, particularly 'Homecoming Day' and 'Home.' These are certainly the real thing. I do wish that our paths could cross more often..." Signed "Rob." TsPcS.

1981 May 2

Webster, T. B. L.

Remarks on RL's Story Patterns and Greek tragedy. ALS. 2p.

1964 June 9

Wheelock, John Hall

Regarding reprints sent to him, RL's tribute to Richards, and RL's poetry. ALS. 4p. With envelope.

"I would say that we see pretty much eye to eye where many of our youthful contemporaries are concerned...I am an admirer of your own poetry, and am by no means willing to see it yield first place to your scope and virtuosity as translator. You are one of the true poets of our time who write not too much but too little."

1974 Jan 5

Williams, Miller

In response to RL's interest in him. TLS. 1p.

"I'm honored to have attracted the interest of a poet and scholar of your distinction and I wish I could give you an answer to your questions that would be more satisfying to you than this one is likely to be. All I can tell you is that the answer is in the mystery."

1983 Mar 8

Williams, William Carlos

Williams' response to reading Lattimore's poetry and a statement of his interest in the effect of classical languages, particularly Greek, on modern poetry. Discourses on the qualities needed for greatness as a poet. TLS. 1p.

"What I am interested in is how a knowledge of the old language has influenced you in writing modern english or american verse. You are not quite easy in the medium. You do not quite make your verses sound as if they originated in a language which is in everyday use..."

1953 June 25

Winnington-Ingram, R. P.

Regarding honorary membership in the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies. TLS. 1p.

1981 Nov 16

Worth, Douglas

Sends a copy of his new manuscript Diptych and remarks that a comment from RL would help. TLS. 1p.

1978 Feb 14

Unknown Correspondent

On University of Kansas Classics Department letterhead. Writes on the occasion of birthday, also sends a gift to RL and asks for a list of other poems published since the collected volume. TLS. 1p.

1981 July 29

Unknown Correspondent

Postcard from Greece relating sight-seeing. Signature and postmark not clear. With envelope. APcS.


Unknown Correspondent

Notes on Greek text. Signature not clear, on University of California, Los Angeles letterhead. ALS. 1p.


Unknown Correspondent

Signed "Greg." Thanks RL for his hospitality and mentions happy memories of Bryn Mawr. On Harvard University Department of Classics letterhead. ALS. 1p.

n.y. Dec 13

Unknown Correspondent

Signed "Deborah." Birthday greetings on the reverse of a colored ink drawing of the symbol of St. John. Note on the reverse explains iconography of drawing. ANS. 1p.


Unknown Correspondent

A poem of three lines, on a Bryn Mawr card. AN.



Outgoing Correspondence
61[Leach, Eleanor] Ellie 

Writes in response to Leach's letter and encloses his chapter on Legend. Mentions that he does not have a lecture topic and is "not much inclined to write one. If I did it might be on something like the 'optatives of consent and refusal' (mine own invention) which nobody would want to listen to." Also writes that he is occupied with writing notes to his Iphigeneia in Taurus. ALS. 1p. For Optatives of Consent, see Box 4, Folders 12 and 13. (Gift of Professor Eleanor W. Leach, 2005).

1972 Nov 4

Pettinella, Dora M.
Correspondence regarding the translation of RL's poems into Italian.

  Refers Pettinella to University of Michigan Press for copyright information. ALS. 1960 May 1
   Thanks Pettinella for her letter and gives biographical information. ALS.1964 Oct 22
   From the University of Michigan Press to Dora Pettinella regarding her Italian translation. 2 letters. TLS. 2p.1961 Jan 30 - Feb. 28
638Schmidt, Alesandra.  
  Letters regarding Alesandra Schmidt's thesis, which he directed. 5 TLS. 9 ALS. Includes Mabel Lang's notes. (Gift of Alesandra Schmidt, 2004). 1967-1968



Correspondence with Publishers (chronologically arranged)

The Dial Press

Sidney Q. Phillips to RL. 2 TLS.

1946 Sept
66 The New Yorker

Howard Moss to RL. 16 TLS.
Beata Sauerlaunder and R. Hawley Truax to RL. 3 TLS.
Hardy T. Mason to Elisabeth Case. Carbon copy. 3 TLS.
Draft letter of RL to New Yorker. TLS.


The University of Chicago Press

Roger W. Shugg, Carroll G. Bowen, Estelle Stinespring, et al. to RL. 15 TLS.


The Hudson Review

Frederick Morgan to RL. 2 ALS.
Frederick Morgan et al. to RL. Some with notes in his hand. 8 TLS.
Book list. TLS.


The Johns Hopkins Press

Harold E. Ingle, et al. to RL. 8 TLS.
Announcement from Oxford Books.


The University of Michigan Press

John Scott Mabom, et al. to RL. 8 TLS.


John F. Nims, et al. to RL. 3 TLS.
2 form letters of acceptance of poems for publication.


Harcourt, Brace, Jonanovich, Inc.

Fred Wieck, Patricia Mach to RL. 2 TLS.


Harper & Row

Hugh van Dusen, Fred Wieck to RL. 3 TLS.


The University of Sussex and Aldus Books

Essay describing Literature of the Western World project. Photocopy.
Notes to contributors. Photocopy.
David Daiches, University of Sussex, to RL. 6 TLS, 1 ALS.
Aldus Books. 2 ALS.


Charles Scribner's Sons

RL draft to Scribner's. AMs.
RL to Scribner's. Sample form-letter requesting copyright for poems previously published.
List of poems and publishers in RL's hand.
Charles Scribner, Jr., et al to RL. 7 TLS.


Correspondence re: Greek Tragedy in New Translations

Athenaeum Publishers to RL. 1 TLS.
William Arrowsmith to RL. 2 TLS with photocopy.
Joan Daves to RL. 2 TLS.
Oxford University Press to RL. 2 TLS.


Farrar, Strauss & Giroux

Robert Giroux to RL. 6 TLS.
Nancy Miller, et al to RL. 4 TLS.
Roger Strauss to RL. 2 TLS.


The Ark

Geoffrey Gardner to RL. 3 TLS.
RL, draft to Geoffrey Gardner. AMs.


Louisiana State University Press

Martha Hall to RL. 8 TLS. 2 ALS.
Beverly Jarrett, et al. to RL. 18 TLS.
Recommendation of Continuing Conclusions for publication. Photocopy.
Draft of RL acknowledgment of copyrights of other publishers/publications.
Note on Permission to Reprint.
Review list for Continuing Conclusions.
Advertising Schedule for Continuing Conclusions.

620Miscellaneous Publishers Re: Publication of Poems  

Paul Kurt Ackermann. Boston University Journal. 2 ALS.
Michael Alexander. Agenda. ALS.
Clive Allison, The Harlequin Poets, 1 TLS.
Joseph Epstein. The American Scholar. 1 TLS.
Robert Evett. The New Republic. 3TLS.
Jean Garrigue. Doubleday & Co. 1 TLS.
Verna Gillis. Poetry in Public Places. 1 TLS.
James B. Gwynne. Steppingstones. 1 TLS.
Marguerite Harris. A Tumult for John Berryman. 1 TLS.
Julian L. James. Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company. 1 TLS.
Alan Jenkins. The Times Literary Supplement. 1 TLS.
Carolyn Kizer. Poetry Northwest. 1 TLS.
Miriam Kotzin. Unclear publishers. 1 TLS.
Sydney Lea. New England Review. 1 TLS.
Denise Levertov. 1968 War Resisters' League Engagement Calendar. 2 TLS.
Amy Loveman. The Saturday Review. 1 TLS.
Alan F. Pater. Monitor Book Co., Anthology of Magazine Verse Yearbook of American Poetry. 1 TLS.
Ernest M. Robson. Primary and Dufour Press, 3 TLS.
Ernest Stefanik. The Rook Society, The Sound of a Few Leaves. 1 TLS.
Gregory Stephenson. Pearl. 1 ALS.
Vernon Sternberg. Southern University Illinois Press. 1 TLS.
James Vinson. St. James, Contemporary Poets. 1 TLS.
David Wagoner. Poetry Northwest. 1 TLS.
Robert Wallace. Bits Press, Light Year. 1 TLS.
Richard L. Wentworth. The University of Illinois Press. 1 TLS.
Steve Pike. The Word-Smith. 1 TLS and 1 ALS.
Unclear publisher. The Charles Street Press. 1 ALS.
Suzanne Zimmer. Poetry on the Buses. 1 TLS.


Miscellaneous Correspondence Re: Publishers/Publications

Helen Cohan. Appleton-Century-Crofts. 1 TLS.
Toby Cole. Actors and Authors Agency.
Janus Derks. Editions Rodopi. 1 TLS.
Emery George. Unknown publication. 1 TLS.
Pauline Hire. Cambridge University Press. 1 TLS.
Johnson, Pyke. Doubleday & Co. 1 TLS.
Elizabeth Kray. The Academy of American Poets. 2 TLS.
Ian Mackenzie. Ohio University Press. 1 TLS.
Michael C.J. Putnam. Brown University Department of Classics. 1 TLS.
Unknown correspondent. 1 ALS.




Works Sent to Richmond Lattimore
Poetry c. 1962-1981
BoxFolderContents (alphabetical by author)Date
622Bovie, Palmer. "Unnatural Love in Etruscan Places." Poem. Offprint. Inscribed to RL. 1962 Jan 1

Casseres, Isabel. Translations and Original Poems. Typescripts with emendations in handwriting. See also the letter of December 1972 from Frederick Morgan of the Hudson Review to RL regarding the publication of "Leave-Taking" (Box 6, Folder 8).


"Betrothal," from Federico García Lorca. 2 copies. "
"Lemon Grove," from Federico García Lorca
"Nocturnes from the Window." 3 copies.
"Song of First Desire." 2 copies
"Backwater (Final Song)." 2 copies
"Four Ballads in Yellow"
"Two Sonnets from the French of Joachim Du Bellay." 4p.
"The Cracked Bells," from Charles Baudelaire
"Contemplation," from Charles Baudelaire. 3 copies.


"A Haunting"
"Night Scene." 2 copies.
"The Stone of Rio"
"Young Girl." 2 copies.
"Your Girl." 2 copies.

622Garrioch, Robert. "Sisyphus." Photocopy.n.d.
622 Hoekstra, Frances Stokes. "Leaving A Summer House." Poem. TD.1974 Nov
622Johnson, J. Chester. "Darkness." Poem enclosed in letter. Photocopy of TD. See the letter from J. Chester Johnson to Lattimore in Folder 2.1971 June 12
622Kizer, Carolyn. "Summer Near the River." Poem. TD.n.d.
622Lindeman, Jack. "Wish." Inscribed to RL. Photocopy.n.d.
622Maria. Untitled poem on card.n.d.
622Meredith, William. "Dreams of Suicide." Poem signed "W.M." and inscribed to RL. TD. See letter from Meredith to Lattimore in Folder 2.n.d.
622Meredith, William. "The Cheer." Poem. Inscribed to RL, signed "Bill". TD.n.d.
622Morgan, Frederick. "The Snows Have Melted." Poem. Offprint. Inscribed to RL.1976
622Maurin, Mario [M. M.]. "Shanhaikuan" and "Foyer." Poems. TD. French translations of Lattimore. See correspondence with Mario in Folder 2.n.d.
624Rothman, Anne. "Tapestry." Poem. TD. n.d.
622Unsigned. "Attic." Poem.n.d.
622Unsigned. "Elegy." Poem. Photocopy. n.d.
622Unsigned. "La Vie en Rose." Poem. TD.n.d.
622Unsigned. "To Richmond Lattimore." Poem. TD.1983 Apr
622Updike, John. "Seven Stanzas at Easter." Poem. Photocopy. Unsigned. n.d.
622"We Never Mention Aunt Clara." Poem as sung by James Montgomery, from The Baker Street Journal. 2p. Photocopy.1968 Mar
Essays and Other Works (alphabetical by author)

Dickinson, Hugh. "Primacy of Action in The Trojan Women." Photocopy of typescript.


Letter from Hugh Dickinson to Lattimore. TLS.

1980 May 15

Elliot, George P. "Back in There with The Gods." Photocopy of typescript. In hand: "Forthcoming in American Poetry Review."


Heighes, Ursula. 2 ALS. With musical notations to Greek lyrics.

1981 Sept & Oct
10 (oversize)

Lloyd-Jones, Hugh. "Modern Interpretation of Pindar: The Second Pythian and Seventh Nemean Odes." Photocopy.

1973 June 29

[Lloyd-Jones, Hugh]. "Nietzsche and the Study of the Ancient World." Typescript. With emendations.


McNeal, R. A. "Sense and Symbol in Pindar's Fourth Isthmian." Photocopy of typescript.


Meek, Allene. "Similes of Homer's Iliad." Photocopy of typescript.

814Nagg, G. "Pindar's Homer and the Traditions of Lyric in Archaic Greece." Photocopy. 

Palmer, John. "He Spoke Like a Dragon." Photocopy.


Pearcy, Lee T., Jr. "Hymn to Aphrodite." Translated. Photocopy of typescript.


Pearcy to Richmond Lattimore. ALS. Notecard.


Perkus, Nancy. "Homer and the Abstract Vision." Senior project submitted at Bard College. Photocopy of typescript.

1974 May

Letter to Richmond Lattimore. Reminds RL that they met at the symposium on translation at the Poetry Society of America and asked if he would read her thesis. "My first and last love is Homer..." ALS. Enclosed thesis not extant.

n.y. May 27

Sevcik, John. "Marathon: A Tragic Play in One Act." Photocopy of typescript.


Smith, Peter. Paper on Alcaeus. Photocopy of typescript.


Unknown author. "The Unity of Hesiod's Works and Days." Computer print-out.

1981 May 18

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