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Richmond Lattimore (foreground, in profile) in the 1955 Faculty Show Profs. in the Pudding

Richmond Lattimore (foreground, in profile) in the 1955 Faculty Show "Profs. in the Pudding.'




Notes & Notebooks         


Bryn Mawr Correspondence
Box Folder
Writer and Contents
8 1

Carpenter, Rhys

Writes to RL in response to a received copy of Story Patterns in Greek Tragedy. ALS. 1p.

1965 Feb 8

Thanks Lattimore for an offprint of comments on Paul Valery and requests more offprints.

"It was an excellent device to print an original with two diverse translations. Neither of the two seems to me very magical (as all good poetry surely should be); but by reading them I got a better grip on the original version with its bewilderingly mixed metaphors..."

1972 May 6

Davis, Kit

Photocopy of inter-departmental memorandum regarding Summer 1983 Forum. TD. 2p.

1983 Nov 4

Ely, Gertrude

Hand-drawn invitation to her Spring party. 1 AL. See also RL's poem "Ode for Getrude Ely's Spring Party" in Box 1, Folder 4, p.7.


McBride, Katherine

Grants Lattimore sabbatical leave for 1968-1969. TLS. 1p.


Oppenheimer, Jane

Get-well card. Enclosed photocopy of poem (author unknown) on which is a note written in Lattimore's hand.




Bryn Mawr Projects                      
Box Folder

Bryn Mawr Centential Volume, A Century Recalled
Correspondence and notes regarding the centennial volume, for which Richmond Lattimore began an essay
on verse at Bryn Mawr: "Seasons of Verse: Poetry at Bryn Mawr." He was unable to finish the essay due to
illness, and poems were used for the volume instead of the proposed essay.

8 2 Patricia Labalme to Richmond Lattimore  

Ideas concerning the centennial volume. Two letters. ALS.

Apr 28, May 10

Attributes her delay in answering to the fact that she is "not entirely reconciled to your foregoing verse of your own in favor of an essay about verse at Bryn Mawr," and welcomes him to the project. TLS. 1p.

1983 May 27

Official missive outlining project and guidelines. TLS. 2p.

1983 June 15

Writes to express regrets at RL's illness.

1983 Aug 23

"Report of the President to the Board of Trustees." Photocopy.

8 2

Notes for Essay [& Miscellaneous Photocopies]

Notes on poets and poetry at Bryn Mawr. Includes Marianne Moore and a note to "look up more about HD." AMs. Notepad. 17p.

"Tentative Prospectus for the Centennial Volume of Essays." 2 versions, photocopies of typescripts.

"Extracts from the Will of Joseph Taylor." Photocopy. Remarks on the education of females.

"Report of the President to the Board of Trustees." 1884. Photocopy.


Oral History: Correspondence with Caroline Rittenhouse
During the early 1980's a series for oral history at Bryn Mawr was conducted by Caroline Rittenhouse. Lattimore contributed two
fifteen-minute interviews to the archives on the 7th and 9th of November 1983. The collection includes a small amount of
correspondence related to the oral history project.

8 3

Caroline Rittenhouse to Richmond Lattimore

Asks Richmond Lattimore if he would be interested in recording an interview for the oral history collections of the Bryn Mawr Archives, focusing on teaching and scholarship. TLS. 1p.

1983 May 13

Richmond Lattimore to Caroline Rittenhouse

Agrees to interview for the oral history collections. ALS. 1p.

1983 May 19

Richmond Lattimore to Caroline Rittenhouse

Writes that he has had a return of his winter pneumonia and that the oral history project will have to be delayed. ALS. 1p.

1983 July 16


National Affiliations
The American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters (AAIAL)
Box Folder
8 7 AAIAL Brochures and Drafts  
    Drafts of AAIAL descriptive brochure. 2 photocopies.  
    Brochure of the National Institue of Arts and Letters. 1974
    By-laws of the AAIAL and proposed amendments. Photocopy.  
8 8

AAIAL Correspondence


Copland, Aaron and Barzun, Jacques

Letter to members regarding meetings. TLS.

1974 Apr 16

Cowley, Malcom

Extracts from a letter from Wallace Stegner to Cowley on the subject of the Institute and West coast writers, and sent to members of the subcommittee. With notes on the letter by Cowley. Photocopy. TLS.

1974 June 26

De Vries, Peter

Letter to Richmond Lattimore with attached photocopy of meeting details. With notes in RL's hand. TLS.

1974 Sept 19

Eberhart, Richard

Letter to Richmond Lattimore. Signed "Dick." Seconds RL's nomination of Philip Booth. "I had been trying to get Dartmouth to give him some honorary degree for at least ten years with no result. I wrote a long letter last fall. If he had a parcel of national awards they might leap to that music. I intend to keep trying..."ALS. Other letter from Eberhart to Lattimore in Box 6, Folder 1. Lattimore's official nomination in Folder 9.

1982 June 24

Meredith, William

To Richmond Lattimore, seconding his nomination of Frederick Morgan. "These shared opinions testify to an unused friendship between us that I'm proud of." ALS. See other letter from Meredith to Lattimore in Box 6, Folder 2, and his poems inscribed to Lattimore in Box 6, Folder 22.

1982 July 1
Letter to members of the Institute regarding nominations. TLS. 2 copies.
1982 May 28

Mills, Margaret

Letter to Richmond Lattimore asking for a ruling on a request made by Virgil Thomson. TLS.

1974 Mar 26

Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee on Progress and the Board of Directors. 1 TS.

1974 May 28

Letter to Richmond Lattimore regarding committee matters and enclosing photocopies of the letters of Malcolm Cowley and Jeffrey Grausam. TLS.

1974 Oct 7
Letter to Richmond Lattimore for sending nomination forms for Philip Booth and Frederick Morgan.
1982 June 18
8 9 AAIAL - Nominations  
    Photocopied typescript of RL's nomination of Philip Booth. In pencil: "1981"
    Handwritten draft and photocopied typescript of RL's nomination of Frederick Morgan. In pencil: "1982"
    Various photocopied typescripts of nominations. n.d.
    Notes on poets. n.d.
The Peace Movement - Letters, Etc.
8 10 Clipping from Richmond Lattimore's letter to the Editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, regarding communism. 1983 Aug 3
    Fragment of RL draft on nuclear disarmament. n.d.
    Becky Oates to RL. Thanks for helping the Vietnam Moratorium Committee. TLS. 1970 Feb 17
    Form letter from Benjamin Spock on boycotting Nestle products. n.d.
    Photocopied annoucement from Joyce Appleby and Donald Kalish of Concerned Faculty on Bilateral Nuclear Weapons Freeze. 1982
    Broadside letters from Poets for Peace. 2 copies. Richmond Lattimore is one of the signers. 1983 Dec 28
Follow-up letter with names of those not included in the broadside version.
1983 Mar 21


Notes and Notebooks
Box Folder
8 5 RL's Exams, Notes, Etc.
    Two notepads. Contain notes on Homer, warfare, and raids.
    Notes of various size.
    Class reading list and chronology of Greek history. Photocopy.
    Final exam with student's notes, photocopy.
    Draft of RL commentary on Bryn Mawr-Haverford theatre.
8 13

Miscellaneous Notes and Notebooks of RL

Two notebooks containing poetry drafts, miscellaneous notes concerning other poets, and lists of his own publications.


Notebook 1.

Contains lists of poets, states, cities, mileage and expenses; notes on poets; and untitled poetry drafts (below). AMs.

Poem Details
"After Christmas" Other versions in Folder 11 and Folder 4, p.2
"Alcaeus 54" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.171.
"A Votive Offering" Another version in Folder 5, Notebook 3.
"Bookman to Bookmen" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.176.
"Details from the Nativity Scene" Another version in Box 1, Folder 4, p.24.
"Dominant Over Mykonos," poem 3 of "Three Virgins" Another version in Folder 3, p.182.
"Ghost of No Flesh Remembered" Another version in Folder 4, p.31.
"Good Speed for Southward Voyagers" Another version in Folder 3, p.127.
"Hitler," from "Sonnets from the Encyclopaedia Britannica Second Series" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.145.
"Max Schmitt in a Single Scull" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.169.
"Mid-Continental" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.130.
"Not Happy Nature, Not Unhappy We" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.167.
"Poussin's World: Two Pictures" Another version in Folder 4, p.12.
"Psara" Another version in Folder 5, Notebook 3. Typescript in Folder 16.
"Sea Changes" Another version in Folder 3, p.128.
"Seen on Penteli," poem 1 of "Three Virgins" Another version in Folder 3, p.180.
"Shape in Flight" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.170.
"Ship Bottom" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.174.
"The Academic Overture" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.178.
"The Armory: After Alcaeus" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.172.
"The Father" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.17.
"The Line" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p. 179.
"The Lust of the Eyes" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.152. Typescript in Folder 9.
"The Winter Story" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.126.
"Three Analogues" Another version in Box 1, Folder 3, p.175.

Notebook 2

Spiral bound notebook contains drafts of poems (below), diary of Greece trip, expenses, and miscellaneous notes.

Poem Details & Other Draft Locations
"Greek Easter" Other versions in Box 1, Folder 3, p.109 and in Folder 19.
"White Harbor" Another version in Box 1, Folder 10.
"Problems of Disposal" Another handwritten draft in Box 1, Folder 4, p.45.
8 16

Notes Bearing First Lines of Songs

Notes, each bearing the first line of song and arranged alphabetically. AMs. 680p.



Miscellaneous Materials
Box Folder
8 4

Clippings from Bryn Mawr Publications

12 articles about RL from Bryn Mawr Now, The College News, etc.

8 11 Autobiographical Notes, Clippings, Etc.  

Autobiographical notes in RL's hand.

Draft on his method of writing.

Notes on his symptoms of illness.

Essay on his Fulbright year abroad.

Description of passages translated by RL and used in an untitled, undated exhibit. Photocopy of transcript.

8 newpaper clippings and 2 miscellaneous photocopies.

Announcement: RL named 46th Fellow of the Academy of American Poets (1984)

8 15

Miscellaneous Clippings Collected by Richmond Lattimore

On the topics of peace, sports, religion, etc.

c. 1975-1980
8 12


Miscellaneous programs for events in which Richmond Lattimore or his works were involved, chronologically arranged.

    Event Date
    Notice for the 413th meeting of the Mermaid Club, for which there was a reading of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. Lattimore is listed as assuming the part of John Worthing, J.P. [Oxford?]. [1930s?] 28 Jan
    Program from the Bryn Mawr Faculty Event, "Kind Hearts and Martinets." Both Richmond and Alice Lattimore participated. 1951 Mar 10
    "Forms and Ideas in Greek Tragedy." The Lord Northcliffe Lectures in Literature, University College London. Given by Lattimore, Mondays and Thursdays at 5.30pm. 1961?
    Writer's Cramp: Winter Schedule of Readings. Philadelphia. Lattimore is listed as giving a reading. 1978 Feb 22
    Program from a performance of The Oresteia, as translated and arranged by Lattimore for production by the Bryn Mawr-Haverford Drama Club. [1978] Oct 13-14
    Program from the Church of the Good Shepherd in Rosemont, Pennsylvania, welcoming Lattimore to their service. 1980 Jan 27
    Program from a performance of Aristophanes' Wasps. The Faculty of Arts of King's College London. North American Greek Play Tour. Lattimore's involvement is not clear. 1981 Sept - Oct
    Event Program of the Arts Council of Philadelphia. Readings by Lattimore. 1981 Nov 19
    Program from the annual general meeting of the The American Philosophical Society. Lattimore is listed as giving a reading, "Poems Old and New". 1982 Apr 22-4
    Program from Fritz Janschka and Company: A Retrospective Exhibition at the Comfort Gallery, Haverford College. Signed by Janschka. Lattimore's poem is listed with Icon for a Fallout Shelter and 54 drawings to Lattimore's 1964 translation of Homer's Odyssey. 1984 28 Jan-Feb 19
    Program from Euripides' Iphigeneia in Taurus, using Lattimore's translation. n.d.
    Program from the performance of Wayne Richardson's production of The Trojan Women at the Theatre Marquee. Using Lattimore's translation. 18 Mar n.y.
    Wednesday Calendar for the Walt Whitman International Poetry Center. Apr-May, n.y.
    Flier for the Walt Whitman International Poetry Center, for which Lattimore was a guest poet. July, n.y.
    Program from a performance of Menander's Dyskolos. n.d.
8 6

University of California, Los Angeles Students' Evaluations of RL.

39 questionnaire forms completed by students. 1 computer print-out of the results of the survey.

8 17

Pencil Drawings and Sketches by RL

29 pencil sketches; 2 in mat frame. Primarily of buildings, rooms, vases of flowers, and lamps.


8 14
Other Miscellaneous Materials
Diploma from the Baltic Shipping Company
1977 Sept
Russian word lists. 6p.
University of Illinois alumnus sticker
German train schedule
Transcript of a poem in Medieval French
Photocopy: "G. Nagg: Pindar's Homer and the Traditions of Lyric in Archaic Greece"
Misc. notes. 2p.
8 18


Lattimore served during the second World War for the Navy and did work as a cryptanalyst. Materials from that experience are extant in the collection and he discussed this work in the oral history interview.

    Clipping regarding cryptanalysis. From the Honolulu Advertiser. 1983 Mar 12
    7 Assignment notebooks from the Navy Department Course in Cryptanalysis. n.d.
10 (oversize) Certificates  
    Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching at Bryn Mawr College. Certificate. 1971 June
    Certificate of Election to the American Philological Society. n.d.
    Certificate of Election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. n.d.
    Certificate of Russian dancing lessons aboard the M.S. Mikhail Lermontov. n.d.


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