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Gordan MS 97 Italy, 1417

Geoffrey, of Vinsauf / Poetria nova

ff. 1r-53v [Text imperfect, begins at line 80:] Ost [sic] opere prime quo limite debeat ordo/ Currere. cuncta sequens omni pensare statura/ Pondera, sinistre pendet sententia. . . Si mediocris ama mediocria. Sumere noli/ Que quando sumus presimus [sic] in omnibus una// [text breaks off at line 298 at the bottom of f. 6v and resumes on f. 7r at line 369:] //Indefensa modo gestu restare dolorem/ Exundent celi lacrimas ex terminet ora. . .

Expl.: Set licet omnis apex tibi crescat honoris honore/ Crescere non poteris quantum de iure mereris. Explicit liber poetrige Nouelle deo gratias. Qui scripsit scribat semper cum domino uiuat Uiuat in celis dominicus nomine felix; Mccccxvii. ff. 53v-54 ruled but blank.

Geoffrey de Vinsauf, Poetria Nova; The Poetria Nova and its Sources in Early Rhetorical Doctrine; Ernest Gallo, ed. (The Hague, Paris, 1971) 13-129.

Paper (watermarks: ff. 1-50 Briquet Monts 11750; ff. 50-54 Briquet Huchet 7683) with an outer parchment bifolium for each quire, ff. 54, 219 x 150 (80 x 120) mm., modern foliation. Written in 18-21 ruled lines with double vertical bounding lines and double top and single lower horizontal bounding lines full across in ink (Derolez 13.35). Prickings visible in all three outer margins.

I10 (-1, 2, 9, 10), II-IV14, V8(-7, 8=back pastedown). Horizontal catchwords with flourishes on all four sides are centered in lower margin, verso (Derolez 12.1). Modern signature numeration on first leaf of each quire, recto.

Written by the scribe Dominicus in a well-spaced, fere-humanistic hand above the top line. Extensive interlinear and marginal notation in a second hand throughout.

Text divisions in alternating red and blue 2-line initials with contrasting red and blue penwork infilling and extensions. Yellow sentence strokes. Guide letters to rubricator visible.

Crude repairs on f. 50 made with torn strips from gummed paper labels on which are printed large, red, block letters; strips are small enough that no words can be read.

Binding: Original red sheepskin over wooden boards with 7 brass bosses on front and back in two sizes; one large boss missing from both the front and the back. Remains of two fasteners with leather straps on front board, only one catch remains on back. No leather on spine; on edge of upper wooden board is glued a shelf number on a small parchment? label: "XXV.3.V".

Written in Italy in 1417 by the scribe Dominicus. Provenance unknown. Shelf number "XXV.3.V" written on spine and inside front cover. Also on inside cover in lead: "A 5," "Gordan MS 97," and "L5/57". "#11235" written in lead on back cover. Obtained from E. P. Goldschmidt in 1949 by Howard L. Goodhart (bookplate), and given by him to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan (bookplate) and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

secundo folio: primus apex

Bibliography: Faye and Bond, p. 403, no. 97.

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