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Gordan MS 8 Italy, s. XVmed

P. Papinius Statius / Achilleis

ff. 1r-22r [Title:] Stacii Achileidos poetae clarissimi liber primus incipit.

Inc: Magnanimum eacidem formidatamque tonanti/ Progeniem et patrio vetitam succedere caelo. . .

Expl.: Hactenus armorum comites clementia meorum/ Haec memini et meminisse iuuat. scit cetera mater. f. 22v ruled but blank.

Statius, Achilleis; Aldo Marastoni, ed., P. Papini Stati Achilleis (Leipzig, 1974).

Parchment, ff. ii (modern paper) + 22 + ii (modern paper), 216 x 129 (150 x 85) mm, modern foliation. Written in 26 long lines in the first quire, and 27 in the second. Ruled with double vertical bounding lines full length in brown ink (Derolez 13.31). Pricking visible in top margins, occasionally in lower and outside margins.

I10, II12. Horizontal catchword in center of lower margin, surrounded by decorative penwork in brown ink (Derolez 12.1), verso.

Written by a single scribe in a humanistic bookhand below the top line. Marginal and interlinear glossing, particularly on ff. 1r and 7r; alternate readings in margin on ff. 10v, 12v, 14r, etc.; additional notes throughout in a modern hand (von Schennis?) in lead and red pencil.

On f. 1r a 3-line red initial on a penwork ground with penwork designs extending half-way down the inside margin begins the text. 2-line red initials begin other four Books of the poem. Letters in Book headings on f. 1r, 4v, 8v alternate red and black, headings on ff. 13v and 19r in red. Paragraph markers and the first initial in each line in red. Guide letters for decorator visible.

Binding: Modern brown morocco by James MacDonald Co. On spine in gold: MS. STATIUS ACHILLEIS ITALY, SAEC. XV. Small label on spine: “MS #8”.

Written in Italy around the middle of the fifteenth century. Early provenance unknown. On f. 1v in the same hand that wrote the text: “TAJ”. Armorial stamp of Friedrich von Schennis, Swiss-born landscape painter and engraver (1852-1918) on f. 1r and 22r. On inside cover, in lead: “76383”. Obtained from the estate of W. M. Voynich by Howard L. Goodhart, and given by him to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan (bookplate) and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

secundo folio: unam

Bibliography: De Ricci, p. 1677, no. 8.

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