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Gordan MS 77 Italy, s. XV2

Theodoros Gazes / Eisagoges grammatike (in Greek)

ff. 1r-44v [Title:] [theodorou grammatikeis eisagogeis ton eis tessara to proton]

Inc: [ton tessaron kai eikosi grammaton, phroneienta men eppa. a. e. ei. i. o. u. o. sumphona de ta loipa eptakaideka; ton de phoneienton makra men ei. o. braxea de e. o. dixsonade a. i. u. ex on diphthoggoi kurios men. ai. au. ei. eu. oi. ou.]

Expl.: [exei de parepomenon sxeima; o men gar aplous. oion epei. o de sunthetos. oion epeidei. peri men sun ton okta. tou logou meron tautei dioristho to proton:]

[below text in a later hand:] nona angeleta sopra tali acorta/ siecse dal siecse [?]

Book One, Grammatikes Eisagoges;Theodoros Gazes (Venice, 1495).

Parchment, ii (modern paper bifolium) +i (contemporary parchment) + 44 + xviii (contemporary parchment, ruled) + ii (modern paper bifolium), 147 x 102 (100 x 65) mm, modern foliation. Written in 14 lines, ruled with single vertical bounding lines full length in ink (Derolez 13.11).

I8 (+ f. i, + f. 9), II-IV10, V8, VI8 (+ f. xi), VII6. Quire signatures in lower inside corner of verso on the first leaf of quires I-V (i.e., a, b, g. . .).

Written by a single scribe in an upright greek miniscule which hangs from the guide lines.

Oversized gold initial begins text, headings and first initial of each sentence in a discolored red or dark brown.

Binding: 19th century vellum over paper boards. In ink on spine: "Theodori/ Grammatica Graeca./ MSS.” and on paper label taped to spine, in ink: "MS #77

Written in Italy the last half of the fifteenth century. Early provenance unknown. Ownership note: "H. Drury, Harrow, 1819" in ink on the recto of f. i. His sale to Sir Thomas Phillipps (Ms. 3396). Obtained from Robinson by Howard L. Goodhart (bookplate) in 1947, and given by him to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan (bookplate) and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

secundo folio: bareia

Bibliography: Faye and Bond, p. 401, no 77. Iter Italicum, vol. 5, p. 350, no. 77.

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