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illumination from Gordan MS 51

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Gordan MS 7 Italy, s. XV2

Ovid / Heroides

ff. 1r-69v [Title:] publii ouidii nasonis epistolarum erodium liber primus penelope ulissi

Inc: Hanc tua penelope lento tibi mitit ulixe./ Nil me rescribas at tamen ipse ueni.

Expl.: Ut ualeant, alie ferrum patiuntur et ignes./ Fert aliis tristem sucus amarus opem.// f. 70 ruled but blank.

Ovid, Heroides 1-20, text breaks off at 20.186; the final 58 lines of 20, and all of 21 are lacking; H. Dörrie, ed., P. Ovidii Nasonis Epistulae heroidum (Berlin, 1971).

Paper (watermarks: ff.1-50 Briquet Lettre R 8941; ff. 51-i Briquet Etoile 6062), ff. i (parchment) + 70 + i (parchment), 290 x 216 (175 x 105) mm, from ff. 1-40 nearly contemporary foliation, modern foliation from ff. 41-69. Written in 25 lines, ruled with double vertical bounding lines full length in hardpoint (Derolez 13.31).

I-VI10. Vertical catchwords between two inner bounding lines (Derolez 12.5), verso.

Written by a single scribe in a humanistic cursive bookhand above the top line. Headings in red in another, slightly later hand up to f. 20r, and page numbers in red to f. 40r. Marginal notations, in ink, in a fifteenth century hand; letters numbered and a few notes, in lead, in a modern hand.

Spaces for initials left open except for f. 1 where the text begins with a crude 4-line initial in black ink.

Binding: Original, half bound in brown calf over oak boards with two leaf-shaped catches on the lower board, and two red leather straps set into upper board. Boards have some worm damage and upper right corner of top board chipped. On panel on upper spine: “P. Ovidi/ Nasi/ Epistoli/ MS”; on paper labels on lower spine: “Ms #7” and “PHILLIPPS MS./ 16362”.

Written in Italy in the last half of the fifteenth century. Early ownership inscription on f. i recto: “hic liber est Petrii Albertii” refers (according to Libri) to the Alberti family of Florence; G. Libri sale (London, 28 March 1859, n. 752) to Quarich for Sir T. Phillipps (n. 16362 on spine and on f. i verso); his sale (London, 1903, n. 865) to Bolton [possibly resold in a later Phillipps sale (London, 1911, n. 781) to Breslaur?]; on inside of front cover a catalogue description from Maggs, Cat. 542 (1930), n. 161. On f. i recto: “Census 1677 no. 7”. On rear parchment flyleaf recto: “GD” and “400”; on verso: “1054”. In the library of Howard L. Gordan (bookplate), and given by him to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan (bookplate) and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

secundo folio: si maneo

Bibliography: De Ricci, p. 1677, no. 7.

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