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Gordan MS 69 Germany, s. XVIin

Philo, of Alexandria / Liber questionum et solutionum philonis in genesi

ff. 1r-33v [Title:] Liber Questionum et Solutionum Philonis in Genesi.

Questio Prima.

Inc.: Quare quadraginta annorum erat Ysaac cum nupsisset ei Rebecca? Nuptie mature sapienti quadragenarie sunt: bonum est. enim prius exerceri [added in margin: et concrescere] eruditionem diuinis spectaculis, nullo alterius desiderio occupatam.

Expl.: Illi namque per corona adipiscenda species gestant optimas pro uictoria et laude exercicii hy uero usque ad terrestreas peregrinando deueniunt Eplicit liber questionum/ laus deo omnipotenti maximo. f. 34 ruled but blank.

Philo Judeaus, L'Ancienne Version Latine des Questions sur la Genèse de Philon D'Alexandrie; F. Petit, ed. (Berlin, 1973). MS 69 includes a twelve-paragraph fragment of the De vita Contemplativa at the end. Repertorium Biblicum Medii Aevi; F. Stegmüller, ed. (Madrid, 1950) no. 6977a.

 Paper (watermarks in gutter: ff. 1-8 similar to Briquet Lettre P 8622; ff. 9-34 similar to Briquet Couronne 4952), ff. i (modern paper) + 34 + i (modern paper), 186 x 136 (quires I and II c. 145 x 95; quire III c. 140-165 x 105), modern foliation. Written in 26-30 lines with faint vertical bounding lines in lead.

I8, II14, III12.

Folio 1 written in a humanistic cursive bookhand possibly in Italy, remainder of text written in gothic cursive.

Binding: Germany, early 19th century. Parchment over boards; parchment is a leaf recycled from a liturgical book, possibly an antiphonal, psalms and antiphons with 4-stave musical notation.

Written in Germany in the early sixteenth century. Provenance unknown. Perhaps formerly Phillipps 21819 (number written in lead on inside back cover). Inside front cover in lead: "K4". In the library of Howard L. Goodhart (bookplate), and given by him to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan (bookplate) and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

secundo folio: sed euastendos

Bibliography: Faye and Bond , p. 401, no. 69; Iter Italicum, p. 351, no. 69. Not included in H. L. Goodhart and E. R. Goodenough's General Bibliography of Philo, (Yale, 1938).

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