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Gordan MS 67 Italy, s. XVmed

Josephus Flavius / De iudaeorum vetustate siue contra apionem

ff. 1r-69v Iosephus, De Vetustate Iudeorum.
Inc.: Sufficienter ut arbitror et per libros antiquitatum opulentissime uirorum Epafrodite legentibus eos aperui de nostro genere iudeorum.
Expl.: Tibi autem epafrodite ueritatem maxime diligenti et per te similia nosse de nostro genere cogitantibus hic libellus conscriptus esse dignoscitur fint [sic] finit liber secundus flauii iosephi de uetustate iudeorum. f. 70 ruled but blank.

Josephus, De Iudaeorum Vetustate siue Contra Apionem; C. Boysen, ed., Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (Leipzig, 1898) v. 37, 1-142.

Parchment (yellow on hairside), ff. ii (modern paper bifolium, i=front pastedown) + 69 + i (contemporary parchment) + iv (modern paper, iv=back pastedown), 235 x 153 (176 x 72) mm. Written in 25 lines, ruled with double vertical bounding lines full length in pale black ink (Derolez 13.31). No prickings visible.

I-VII10. Vertical catchwords between two inner bounding lines with pen flourishes on four sides (Derolez 12.5), verso. Quire and leaf signatures occasionally visible between the right-hand bounding lines, recto.

Written by a single scribe in a fine humanistic cursive bookhand above the top line.

On f. 1r a partial border in upper, lower, and inner margins, white vine-stem ornament on blue, green, and red, and gold ground with gold balls. In lower border an oval medallion has been left blank for the insertion of a coat of arms. On f. 1r, a 7-line gold initial with intertwining white vine-stems; title in blue. On f. 35r a 4-line gold initial on a blue and purple ground infilled with white penwork designs. Running heads in red. Finding aids in margins sometimes written in red.

Binding: Italy, 19th century calf binding with fine blind tooling. Title in gold on spine: "JOSEPHUS/ DE/ VETUSTATE/ JUDEORUM" and "M.S./ SUPER/ MEMB/ SAEC. XV."

Written in Italy around 1450. Early provenance unknown. In the collection of Sir T. Phillipps (n. 9401 on inside cover). Unidentified British catalogue entry, no. 13 accompanies the text. Obtained from E. P. Goldschmidt in 1938 by Howard L. Gordan (bookplate), and given by him to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan (bookplate) and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

secundo folio: uel ut dicam

Bibliography: Faye and Bond, p. 400-401, no. 67.

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