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Gordan MS 42 Germany, 1412

Saint Augustine / Liber de fide ad petrum diaconum, etc.

1. ff. 1r-12v [Heading:] Incipit Liber Sancti Augustini ad petrum dyaconum de fide Inc.: Epistolam fili petre tue caritatis accepi in qua te significasti velle ierosolimam pergere. Et poposcisti te litteris nostris instrui. . .

Expl.: in eo quod certum recipit. fideliter perseueret etsi quod aliter sapit. hoc quoque illi deus reuelauit. Explicit Augustinus de fide ad petrum. Anno domini 1412 feria sexta ante festum penthecosti. pregate per m.h.

Augustine, Liber de fide ad Petrum ; PL 40, 753-778. MS 42 lacks final chapter 45.

2. f. 12v Inc.: Beatus Bruno Signiensis Episcopus Super illud Mathei Attendite a falsis prophetis sic dicit sicut spina et tribulus ex quacumque parte illam correxeris. . .

Expl.: Accepta ergo contumelia. meditemur in opere dei uocem Ego non quero gloriam meam est qui querat et iudicium. Amen.

One or possibly two fragments (16 lines) attributed to Bruno Sigiensis. Fragments exhort the reader to bear contumely and injury in silence and not to answer accusations in order to please God.

Paper (watermarks: unidentified human head; ), ff. ii (modern paper bifolium, i=front pastedown) + 12 + ii (modern paper bifolium, ii=back pastedown), 271 x 202 (219 x 141) mm., modern foliation, written in 39-44 un-ruled lines with single vertical and horizontal bounding lines in brown ink.


Written by a single scribe in a well-formed gothic cursive below the top line.

Crude 2-line red and blue initials alternate throughout, some extending into margins. Headings in red; paragraph markers in yellow. Guide letters for rubricator visible in margin.

Binding: 18th century, place uncertain. Paper boards. An unidentified “Pro patria” watermark (upside down) is visible on the paper leaf which covers the front board. On the back cover another paper leaf contains the initials “L S” (also upsidedown) as the watermark. Goodhart number on paper label taped to spine, in ink.

Written in Germany in 1412. Early provenance unknown. On inside cover in lead: 47 f./ No 138 in Catalogue”, no. 286 in a catalogue entry glued to recto of flyleaf (Sotheby’s?). From the collection of Lord Vernon, at Sudbury Hall, Derby (bookplate); his sale (London 16 July 1928, n. 13 [in lead on back cover: “Soth: 16.7.28” and “S. 7. 36”]) to Dobell. Obtained by Howard L. Goodhart (bookplate; DeRicci census number, in lead on inside front cover) from Dawson, Los Angeles: (“n. 23 in a recent catalogue” [DeRicci]), and given by him to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan (bookplate) and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

secundo folio: illa natura

Bibliography: De Ricci, p. 2339, no. 42.

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