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Gordan MS 30 France, 1457

Jean Germain / Deux pans de la tapisserie chréstienne

1. ff. 1r-3r [Heading in upper margin in a 17th century hand:] Table des Chapitres de chemin de Paradis de l’Eveque de chalons sur Saone Jehan de Souhan 1456.

Inc.: Le prologue parlera de la cause de ce livre et du nom di cellui.

Expl.: Le dixhuitieme chapitre parle daucuns commandemens de la loy nouvelle en____ ____[sic] particulier [hole in leaf]. f. 3v ruled but blank.

Table of contents for article two.

2. ff. 4r-169r [Prologue:] Iehan Germain par la grace de dieu Euesque de chalon sur la saone maistre en theologie a paris: A nos tres chiers freres en ihesu crist et cooperateurs a la conduite de nos subgetz les doyen archediacres chanoynes de notre eglise les curez vicaires et autres nos enfans espirituelz de notre dicte eueschie salut.

Inc.: La premiere partie de ce livre declarera la premiere partie du patron comme tous prelatz evesque et curez et autres doivent enseigner leurs soubgetz de bien viure en ce monde pour estre dignes davoir triumphe en paradis. En ce premier livre notre entention sera de encommancer linterpretation des six parties du premier pan de notre patron. . .

Expl.: . . . les enhortent de laisser leurs vices par doulces manieres a part et ensecret sans les scandaliser ne publier leurs faultes a aultres et plus tost parler a leur descharge que a leur charge. Explicit primus liber millesimo ccccmo lviimo xxvii die aprilis post pascha. ff. 38v, 39r, 89v, 90r, 119r ruled but blank.

Jehan Germain, Deux Pans de la Tapisserie Chréstienne; Les Manuscrits François de La Bibliotèque du Roi, IV; A. Paulin Paris, ed. (Paris, 1841) n. 456, 93-95.

Paper (watermarks: similar to Briquet Lettres soudée 9744-46), ff. i (modern paper) +169 + i ( modern paper), 273 x 205 (190 x 115) mm., modern foliation, 30 lines ruled in red ink with single vertical and horizontal bounding lines full length. Prickings visible in upper and outer margins.

I10, II12, III12 (-12), IV-VI12, VII20, VIII-IX12, X12 (-6), XI10, XII12, XIII13 (collation uncertain), XIV12 (-6, 12). No catchwords; quire and leaf signatures visible on ff. 50r and 51r.

Written by several scribes in an upright bâtarde below the top line. Marginal notes and corrections in several hands, both contemporary and later.

The text begins on f. 4r with a crude 8-line red initial with a unfinished sketch of an acanthus leaf beside it. Chapters begin with 5- to 3-line red initials, chapter titles and paragraph markers throughout in red. Guide letters to decorator visible in margin. Frequently the scribes have extended most of the ascenders in the top line of script and some of the descenders in the bottom line into the upper or lower margins, often embellishing them with flourishes, hearts, fleur de lys, and other penwork designs. The quality of this embellishment varies from scribe to scribe, quantity of decoration often replacing quality. Some of the extraneous decoration has been added by later hands.

Binding: 17th century French brown calf. Stamped in gold on spine: “Rituel Ancien/ .M.S.” Printed paper label with Phillipps number glued to spine; paper label with Goodhart number taped to the lower spine.

Written in France in after 1457. Early signatures of Joannes de La Juppe senior (ca 1500) on f. 159r, 159v and 169v; on f. 159v “Gengulfinas” has also written his name; on f. 119r “Nycolaus Grandjan, Matisconensis Ecclesie [Mâcon Cathedral] 1599”; on f. 169v a birth entry of Humbertus, son of Claudius Libaud (1540). On f. 110v there is an unidentified small, round library stamp. Obtained from Paris by Thomas Phillipps (his Middle Hill stamp 2840 on recto of front flyleaf, and his number in ink on f. 1r), his sale (London, 1903, n. 497) to Quaritch (Cat. 321, Dec. 1912, n. 265; Cat. 357, Feb. 1920, n. 391); Maggs, cat. 542 (1930), n. 165). Owned by Howard L. Goodhart (bookplate, De Ricci census no. in lead on inside front cover), and given by him to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan (bookplate) and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

secundo folio: [table, f. 2] La tierce

[text, f. 5] livre

Bibliography: De Ricci, p. 1682, no. 30.

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