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illumination from Gordan MS 51
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Gordan MS 25 Germany, s. XVin

Meditations on the passion

ff. 1r-115v Inc.: Secundum legem debet mori Iohannis xix per gracia in principio sermonis impetranda aduerto singulariter de die ista quam hodie ipse auctor tocius gracie pro peccatoribus gratuite exorauit.

Expl.: Et hoc notat magister suzo doctor// Ends imperfectly. f. 114 ruled but blank.

An unidentified narrative of the passion that incorporates many lengthy citations from the Bible and Biblical commentators including Anselm, Albert the Great, Augustine, Bede, and Jerome; as well as more contemporary scholars such as Nicholas de Lyra and Henry Susa.

Paper (watermarks: ff. 1-72, 74-79, 103-114 similar to Briquet Monts 11800; f. 73-103 similar to Briquet Tête de Boeuf 14873, except f. 84 similar to Briquet Tête de Boeuf 14750; back pastedown similar to Briquet Tête de Boeuf 15152-57), ff. ii (paper bifolium) + 115, 218 x 218 (written space varies greatly, c. 235 x 150), modern foliation. Written in two columns of anywhere from 30-50 lines depending on the hand, with single vertical bounding lines for each column in hardpoint, final quire bounded in ink; no rulings.

I10, II8, III12 (+ f. 24), IV12, V12 (-8), VI-IX12, X12 ,+ bifolium: f. 115 and back pastedown). First six quires have quire signatures on the recto of the first leaf in the lower left margin; quire and leaf signatures occasionally visible in later quires; catchword in the lower right gutter verso at the end of the eighth quire.

Written by several scribes in a variety of gothic cursives.

A few crudely-drawn red or blue initials are scattered throughout the text. Underlining and sentence strokes throughout in red.

Binding: Germany, about 1805, brown and tan marbled paper boards. A parchment strip has been glued to the spine. On this strip, gold-tooled: "DE PASSIONE JESU CHRISTI MANUSCRIPT (GERMANY XVTH CENTURY)". Labels containing Goodhart, Phillipps and Van Ess numbers glued to spine. Cover slightly worn, corners rubbed; spine has been reinforced with several strips of cellophane tape, now worn and peeling.

Written in Germany in the fifteenth century. Early provenance unknown. In the collection of Leander van Ess, Darmstadt (n. 304 corrected from 404 on paper label on back spine in ink). Bought in 1824 by Sir Thomas Phillipps (number 690 changed to 688 on label on spine in ink and on Middle Hill stamp on f. ii; "Phillipps ms 688" written on f. 1r in ink.). Sold by Phillipps (London, 1910, n. 100) to P. M. Barnard. Inside front cover in lead: "K1 H10". In the library of Howard L. Gordan (bookplate), and given by him to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan (bookplate) and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

secundo folio: generis probarentur

Bibliography: De Ricci , p. 1681, no. 25.

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