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Gordan MS 155 [Rome?], Italy, 1453

Cardinal Bessarion / Letter of recommendation for Pietro del Sacco of Verona

f. 1r Inc.: Bissarion [sic] Miseratione divina episcopus tusculanus sacrosancte Romane ecclesie cardinalis In ciuitate bononie exarchatuque Rauennatense ac pro[uincia] Romandiole sedis apostolice Legatus et intemporalibus vicarius generalis dilecto nobis egregio artiuum [sic] et Medicine doctori Magistro petro quondam Magistri francisci phisici de saco de Verona bononie commomoranti salutem in domino.

Expl.: . . . bononie in palatio nostre solite residentie anno domine millesimo quadringentesimo quinquagesimo tertio indictione Prima die pontificatus in Christo sanctissimi patris et domini domini Nicolai diuina prouidentia pape Quinti Anno Sexto.

(signed) N. Perottus

Cardinal Bessarion, Letter recommending the physician Pietro del Sacco of Verona for nomination to the chair of medicine at the University of Bologna.

Parchment (single sheet folded twice vertically and twice horizontally, with two holes [each 30 x 10 mm. oblong] along the right vertical fold after the document was written; some rubbing), 375 x 510 (400 x 265) mm, written in 35 ruled lines, with a double vertical bounding line along the left margin, a single vertical bounding line along the right margin, and two bounding lines along the top, one above the text, the other above the first word of the text, which is written (possibly in another hand) in 5-line initials; all lines in hardpoint. Prickings for rulings and bounding lines visible in margin.

Multiple prickings and discoloration are the only remnants of the seal.

Written and signed by the humanist Niccolo Perotti who served as Bessarion's secretary during this period.

Written in Italy in 1453, possibly while Bessarion and Perotti were in Rome. Docketed and dated on verso. Provenance unknown. In the library of Phyllis Goodhart Gordan and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

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