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Gordan MS 111 Italy, s. XVmed

Marcus Tullius Cicero / De officiis, etc.

1. ff. 1r-99v [Title:] M. T. C. De Officiis Liber Primus Feliciter Incipit.

Inc.: [Q]uamquam te marce fili annum iam audientem cratippum idque athenis habundare oportet praeceptis institutisque philosofiae propter summam et doctoris auctoritatem et urbis...

Expl.: Vale igitur mi Cicero tibique persuade esse te quidem mihi clarissimum sed multo fore cariorem si talibus montis praeceptisque letabere.

Cicero, De Officiis; C. Atzert, ed., Teubner fasc. 28 (Leipzig, 1963) 1-123.

2. ff. 100r Inc.: [E]st quidem lex vera recta ratio nature congruens diffusa in omnes constans sempiterna. . .

Expl.: cui qui non parebit ipse se fugiet ac naturam hominis aspernatus hoc ipso soluet maximas penas et si cetera supplicia que putentur effugerit. f. 100v ruled but blank.

Unidentified paragraph on natural law.

Paper (Watermarks: ff. 1-40 similar to Briquet Ciseaux 3670; ff. 41-100 similar to Briquet Fleur 6653), ff. 100 + ii (paper), 165 x 115 (113 x 68) mm., modern foliation, 23 lines, ruled with single vertical and horizontal bounding lines in hardpoint (ff. 21-22 and 29-30 ruled in ink) (Derolez 13.13). Remains of pricking in three outer margins.

I-IX10, X12.

Written by a single scribe in a humanistic bookhand above the top line.

On f. 1r, 43r and 68v chapter headings in red, on f. 100r space for heading remains unfilled; spaces for 4-line (f. 1r) or 3-line (ff. 43r, 68v, and 100r) initials left unfilled. Guide letters to decorator visible.

Binding: Original blind-tooled brown calf boards with two brass leaf-shaped clasps on back (one now missing) and two small round bosses on front with the remains of straps. Re-backed brown leather spine, now cracked, has small dark-stained panel tooled in gold: CICERO/ DE/ OFFICIIS/ MS.

Written in Italy in the middle of the fifteenth century. Early provenance unknown. Two catalogue entries glued to inside front cover, the second numbered 109a. Owned by Howard L. Goodhart (bookplate), and given by him to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan (bookplate) and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

secundo folio: tractare

Bibliography: Faye and Bond, p. 404, no. 111.

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