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Gordan MS 102 Italy, s. XV

Richard, of St. Victor / Benjamin minor, etc.

1. ff. 1r-37r [Title:] Incipit liber Richardi de patriarcis: De studio sapientie et eius conmendatione. Inc.: Beniamin adolescentulus in mentis excessu. Audiant adolescentuli sermonem de adolescente euigilent ad uocem prophete. Beniamin adolescentulus in mentis excessu.

Expl.: in deosculatione beniamin et ioseph diuine reuelationi humana ratio applaudit. Amen. Explicit liber Richardi de xii patriarchis.

Richard of Saint Victor, De Praeparatione animi ad contemplationem liber dictus Benjamin Minor; PL 196, 1-64.

2. ff. 37r-60r [Title:] Incipit liber Richardi de interiori homine.

Inc.: Sero quod misi quod petenti promisi. sed necessitatis, non uoluntatis uir amantissime fuit. quod prius non feci. quod prius quidem uolui. . .

Expl.: . . . nisi studeamus ex his secundum uniuscuiusque utilitatem atque uirtutem infirma nostra fouere. ne illa diuine increpationis sententia uideatur nos ipsos arguere. Vulnus et liuor et plaga tumens. non est circumligata. nec curata medicamine. neque fota oleo. Explicit liber Ricardi de interiori homine.

Richard of Saint Victor, De Statu Interioris Hominis; PL 196, 1115-60.

3. ff. 60v-62v Moyses et Aaron in sacerdotibus eius. et Samuel inter eos qui inuocant nomen eius. Quid queso noui accidit. Quid nos propheta docere uoluit. Quis enim inter dei sacerdotibus deputabitur.

Expl.: Hec itaque acirca se agi propheta gratulatur. et tam humiliter quam ueraciter confitetur dicens. Moyses et Aaron in sacerdotibus eius. et Samuel inter eos qui inuocant nomen eius. ff. 63-64 ruled but blank.

Richard of Saint Victor, "Adnotatio in Psalmum XCVIII," Adnotationes Mysticae in Psalmos; PL 196, 330-34.

Paper (watermarks: Quire I-II: Briquet Balance 2413; Quire II-VI similar to Briquet Monts 11894), ff. ii (i=front pastedown + 64 + ii (ii=back pastedown), 288 x 197 (160 x 108) mm, modern foliation. Written in 38-39 ruled lines with single vertical bounding lines full length in ink. Prickings visible in upper and lower margins.

I-V12, VI4. Horizontal catchwords in lower left margin, verso, with small flourishes on all four sides in all quires except quire V which is centered in the lower margin with no flourishes.

Folios 1-53r and five lines of f. 53v are written by one scribe in a precise round humanistic bookhand; ff. 53v-62v are written by another scribe in a smaller and more cramped, but still easily read humanistic hand; both written below the top line. Notes in the margins in these two hands, and a third. Notation by the second hand is throughout the text. The text in some of the notes has been partially lost due to trimming.

All three texts begin with 6-line blue and red decorative initials on a delicate, rose-red penwork ground with penwork extensions. The rose on f. 1r is more pink, perhaps from fading, while penwork on the other two initials is a darker, almost maroon color. Although the extensions on f. 1 are modest, those on f. 37r form a vine-stem border with terminal flowers that extends across the lower margin and starts up the outside margin. The extensions on the final initial on f. 60v are the most elaborate with a filigree pattern extending down the top and outer margins continuing in floriferous vinestems along the remainder of the top and half-way into the lower margin. Article one rubricated throughout with a few finding aids in red. Article two has a slight amount of red underlining.

Binding: Contemporary smooth pigskin blind-tooled over wooden boards with traces of two leather straps on front cover and fastenings on lower board. Remains of three bosses may be seen on front and four on the back from what was probably five bosses in the four corners and the center. Binding rebacked in a mahogany leather with Goodhart number on paper label taped to spine.

Written in Italy in the fifteenth century. MS 102 is listed as ms. 795 of the Camaldulensian library of St. Michael of Murano, near Venice in Bibliotheca codicum manuscriptorum Monasterii s. Michaelis Venetiarum prope Murianum una cum appendice librorum impressorum seculi XV, Giovani Benedetto Mittarelli (Venice, 1779) col. 1017. Mittarelli records that a now-excised ownership inscription (traces of the writing remain; letters with ascenders partially visible) from the inside front cover should read: "Iste Liber est monasterii S. Michaelis de Muriano Ordinis Camaldulensis diecesis [sic] Torcellane." In the Baron Lippert collection; obtained by Ernst F. Detterer, Chicago, Illinois from E. Hirsch, July 1931. Unidentified German catalogue entry glued to inside cover. Also on inside cover in lead: "24521." A poorly drawn architectural watercolor sketch, possible of the monastery, done in brown ink with a green and brown wash covers the verso of the back flyleaf and the pastedown. Purchased from Brentano in 1950 by Howard L. Goodhart (bookplate, his notes in lead on inside cover), and given by him to Phyllis Goodhart Gordan (bookplate) and John Dozier Gordan, Jr.

secundo folio: omnis virtus

Bibliography: De Ricci, p. 602, no. 7; Faye and Bond p. 403, no. 103.

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