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Part II: Box and Folder List

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Box Person Named and Contents Date

Walker, George

Check: to L. William Lang
1 item (1 p.)
ADS. Drawn on the Bank of Washington, Washington, D.C.: "Pay to L. William Lang, or order, Eighty One Dollars, 30/100." Signed by both Lang and Walker.
1841 Dec 1

Walker, George W.

Check: Washington, D.C., to Sergeant S.A.H. Marks
1 item (1 p.) ; 8 x 17 cm.
DS. Check for $20 drawn on the Bank of Washington.
1841 Dec 1

Wallace & Webster

Letter: Philadelphia, to S. M. Barclay, Esq., Bedford, Pa.
1 item (1 p. on double leaf)
ALS. "Your subscription to Pennsylvania Law Journal Vol. 5 remains unpaid although we have repeatedly written you on the subject. The amount though small is of importance to us to enable us to settle the accounts of the publication which owing to the difficulty we have met with in collecting has proved a losing concern to us. Your attention to this matter will (although an act of mere justice to us and yourself) be deemed a favor."
1847 Feb 1

Ward, James, 1769-1859 (Painter)

Letter: London, to "Mr. Smith," London
1 item (1 p.) ; 23 x 19 cm
ALS. Writes he has "a few pictures by Gerard Dow--Rubens--Canaletto," stating he has been advised not to exhibit them except to "Dealers or Amateurs of first rate standing."
1841 Oct 11

Warder, Jeremiah (subject)

Documents: Inquiry into the Estate of Jeremiah Warder, to Moses Levy, 1757-1826
2 items (4 p.)
ADSs. Two questions about the distribution of the estate of Jeremiah Warder, and the refusal of John Warder to pay in a sum to the executors, in one hand, unsigned. Moses Levy comments on each of the two questions separately, and signs each response. Levy would later become judge for the district court of Philadelphia.

1791 Jan 26

Washburn, Israel, 1813-1883 (Governor of Maine, 1861-1862)

Letter: Portland, Me., to H.G. Hill
1 item (1 p.) ; 19 x 12 cm
ALS. "I have only time to acknowledge the receipt of your note . . . and to say that I am very happy to comply with your request."
1864 Mar 25

Washington, George, 1732-1799

Letter: Chester, Pa., to "the officer commanding two brigades on their march from Peekskill"
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 24 x 38 cm folded to 24 x 19 cm
LS. In this letter, written in the hand of Tench Tilghman, his aide, Washington gives his urgent order: "I have this moment recd. information that the Enemy's fleet have left the Cape of Delaware and have steered Eastward again. You are therefore to return immediately to Peekskill with the two brigades under your command. If you should find that the Enemy have thrown any ships in the passage of King's Ferry you must proceed up to New Windsor and cross there."
1777 Aug 1

Washington, George

Letter: New York, to "Dear Sir"
1 item (1 p. on double sheet)
Typed copy of letter (first page only) to an unknown recipient discusses disputes between Southern and Eastern states. Washington asks if it was "not always believed that there are some points which peculiarly interest the Eastern states? And did any one who reads human nature & more especially the character of the Eastern people, conceive that they would not persue them steadily by a combination of their force? Are there not other points which equally concern the Southern states?"
1790 Mar 28

Watson, David

Letter: London, to Col. Jonathan La Faussille
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. Brief letter discusses a possible change in camp location.
1756 Jul 6

Watson, John Dawson, 1832-1892 (Painter and Watercolorist)

Letter: London, to Messrs. Grundy and Smith
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 18 x 23 cm folded to 18 x 12 cm
ALS. Watson thanks the art dealers for framing two of his drawings and for setting good prices. He then goes on to suggest how they may publicize his upcoming show to the press: "I think it might be said that I have not been before the public for some years...and that I have been missed."
1888 May 3

Watson, Lewis

Letter: Chester County, Pa., to Mr. Edward Kelly
1 item (1 p. )
ALS. Asks for the recipient's help in moving some of his items by railroad.
1839 Jul 12

Watts, Alaric Alexander, 1797-1864 (Journalist and Poet)

Letters: to M. Evans, London; to T. Moore, Paris; to unknown correspondent
3 items (3 p. on double sheet) ; 23 x 36 cm folded to 23 x 18 cm
3 ALS. Evans letter: "What you have sent won't do, but I will do for you what I can after tomorrow." Moore letter: "I enclosed a list of my Plates, mentioning that the price would depend entirely upon the number taken and the particular Plates fixed upon." Third letter is illegible.
1827 Aug 30 - 1829 May 1

Watts-Dunton, Theodore, 1832-1914 (Poet, Novelist, and Critic)

Letter: London, to "My dear Sir"
1 item (8 p. on 4 leaves) ; 18 x 24 cm folded to 18 x 12 cm
ALS. Comments on a volume of poetry he has received from his correspondent: "My opinion of its merits . . . is . . . that since the publication of Keats' first volume, there has not been, in our literature, such a mingling of eccentricity and whim with the very quintessence of poetry." Goes on to explain this statement with examples and ends by inviting his correspondent to meet with him
1874 Jan 13

Waukesha Advocate

Printed Document: Vol. I, No. 1
1 item (4 p. on double leaf)
Printed Document. A local periodical with minutes of local government meetings and advertisements.
1846 Mar 3

Weafie, A.

Letter: Philadelphia, Pa., to Russell Smith, 1812-1896, Milestown, Philadelphia County
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 40 cm folded to 25 x 20 cm
ALS. He and a friend wish to meet with Smith to discuss a matter of business between the two."We want the benefit of your talents and service for which we are ready to contract."
1849 Mar 19

Webbe, Cornelius, 1789-1857? (Author)

Letters: to Laman Blanchard; London, to Messrs. Smith and Elder, London; and to [Smith, Elder, and Co.]
3 items (2 p. on double sheet) ; 19 x 23 cm folded to 19 x 12 cm
3 ALS. Writing to Blanchard, Webbe sends a sonnet he has written about Shakespeare. Webbe also encourages Blanchard to continue to write verse: "Do you never mean to write anymore yourself, you idler upon Parnassus? . . . Do give one some of your best and newest verse . . . I [can] not help feeling a regret that you should be so negligent of your true walk of Intellect." Sonnet is included in the letter. In letters to Smith and Elder, he returns a manuscript of his book that is ready for publication. "We shall not wrangle about the price, I dare say. But I shall stipulate (so confident am I of the success of this book) for a second sum upon the second edition." Writing to his publisher, Webbe returns proof sheets and suggests the title Glances at Life in City and Suburb by a Walking Philosopher for his book.
1833 Apr 23 - 1841 Feb 1

Webbe, Cornelius

Poem: "Lines on Miss Lilly B---, a Sweet Young Singer"
1 item (1 p.) ; 23 x 15 cm
AMS. Poem subtitled "In imitation of Dr. Johnson," begins: Long may live my lovely Lilly! Always something--never silly! Sometimes 'Shall I?'--seldom shilly! Cool as custard--warm as chile!"

Weekly Observer

1 item (4 p. on double leaf)
AD. Vol. 1, No. 3 of the Weekly Observer, apparently an amateur production with the motto, "Poetry and prose will here unite. To give instruction and afford delight." The subscription charge was to be paid in paper: "This paper will be published weekly by Gumbes, Sergeant, & Herbert at 3 sheets of foolscap per month, if paid in advance, but if deferred 6 sheets will be required. For 20 lines insertion and under, 1 sheet; for all over 20 lines, 2 sheets."

1830 Jan 9

Weems, John Crompton, 1778-1862 (Congressman from Maryland, 1826-1829)

Power of attorney: Washington, D.C.
1 item (1 p.) ; 25 x 20 cm
ADS. Weems declares that James Newbold shall be appointed his "true and lawful attorney. To receive for the use of my wife, from the executors of Martha Powell . . . deceased, what ever sum or money or legacy, by her will stands bequeathed to Eliza Weems." On the back is a statement approving Weems' actions, signed and sealed by J. Gales, mayor of Washington, D. C.
1828 Apr 3

Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of, 1769-1852 (Statesman and General)

Letter: Paris, to Sir John Malcolm, 1769-1833
1 item (1 p.) ; 24 x 19 cm
ALS. To his aide, the Duke of Wellington writes: "Will you ask the great Poet Walter Scott to come to dine with me on Sunday, & come yourself. I am trying to get some people to meet him who will amuse him."
1815 Aug 17

Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of

Letters: Abrantes, Gouveia, and Portugal, to Admiral Berkeley, 1753-1818
3 items (together 5 p.) ; 33 x 19 cm and smaller
1 ALS and 2LsS. Letters to his commander discuss the transport of personnel, horses, and equipment.

1809 Jun 9 - 1811 Apr 4

Wells, James M.

Letter: to John M. Scott, Esq., Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (2 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Letter discusses some money from the sale of a tract of land (Abraham's Plains in Luzerne County, Pa.) supposedly left to him by a deceased friend, Major Lenox. Mr. Coulter, the executor of Lenox's will, has returned from a Board of Property meeting claiming that all records indicate that Major Lenox had already received payment for the land, while Wells claims Lenox "spoke frequently of this money being in the State Treasury." Wells has arranged for Scott to be sent "a statement certified by the State Treasurer of the monies which appear to have been paid to Major Lenox" in hopes that Scott can discover where the money has gone.
1820 Apr 15

West, Benjamin, 1738-1820 (Painter)

Description of an interview
1 items (4 p. on double sheet)
MS. Part of description of an interview that took place on 25 January 1816, between John Cook, John Oxley of London, and Benjamin West. Oxley and Cook visited West, bringing with them a miniature of George Washington West had painted when he was 18 and subsequently given to Cook's mother-in-law, Miss Steel, 60 years prior when West and Steel were courting. Cook and Oxley were eager to see what West's reaction would be when presented with the painting. West is surprised and thrilled and recounts the story of the painting: "We were very much in love with one another, and the Old Lady, Rebecca Steel, her Mother . . . did not like my intended profession . . . [The painting] I did and gave her previous to my going to New York, whither I was sent to paint some portraits." End pages of manuscipt are missing.
1816 Apr 27

West, Benjamin

Letter and brochure: London, to Thomas Phillips, Esq.
2 items (together 10 p.) ; assorted sizes
ALS, brochure. Letter from West to Thomas Phillips encloses an 'original sketch of "Death on the Pale Horse" for his Lordship collection of Paintings.' Brochure is a printed description of West's painting, but includes no publication information.
1819 Aug 11

West, Benjamin

Letter: London, to Nathaniel Ogle, Northumberland
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 23 x 37 cm folded to 23 x 19 cm
ALS. West responds to Ogle's request to know the price of West's "Death on the Pale Horse." "That drawing is in size the same as my [sketch] in Oil colour - which is now in the possession of the Earl of Egermount . . . - and for which I asked . . . £400; but the Original Drawing of this subject, and of the same size - I hope you will not think £150 over stated in Price, for the Original Thought."
1819 Nov 8

West, Benjamin, 1772-1848 (Son of Benjamin West, 1738-1820)

Letter: London, to Nathaniel Ogle, London
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 24 x 38 cm folded to 24 x 19 cm
ALS. West agrees to sell his father's painting of Telemachus and Mentor on the island of Calypso to a friend of Ogle's: "The picture is a fine specimen of my father's mind and pencil, and is in the highest state of preservation."
1836 May 27

West, Raphael Lamar, 1769-1850 (Son of Benjamin West, 1738-1820)

Letters: London, to Nathaniel Ogle, London
2 items (6 p. on 2 double sheets) ; 24 x 38 cm. folded to 24 x 19 cm
2 ALsS. In the first letter, West thanks Ogle for the care he has taken of his daughter and her family and alludes to some problems he is having with tenants. In the second, West thanks Ogle for promising to dispose of 3 pictures: his father's painting of the Institution of the Order of the Garter, a Parmigianino, and Rembrandt's painting "The Raising of Lazarus."
1831 Sept 22 - 1834 Aug 13

Wetherill, Colonel

Challenge: to Captain Brevoort, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p.) ; 15 x 24 cm
Broadside. Humorous call to fight. "Captain Brevoort . . . has had the impudence to say . . . he . . . would slap the Col. in the mouth. The Col. now speaks to the Capt. and calls him PUPPY . . . Col. Wetherill . . . hopes that the Commandant will find better employment for the noble Captain than playing Bully and Blackguard at the Corner of Seventh and Chestnut Streets. Col. Wetherill . . . hopes to be slapped in the mouth!!! Sunday morning, 6 o'clock. July 16, 1837."
1837 Jul 16

Wheelen, Israel, Esq. (recipient)

Letter: Washington, D.C., to Israel Wheelen, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Brief business letter discusses the departure of Mr. Steele, a former comptroller, and his replacement by Mr. Duval.
1802 Nov 13

Wheelock, Delia

Letter: Milton, Vt., to Nancy Burgess, Grafton, Vt.; Milton Falls, Vt., Nancy Burgess, to Delia Wheelock, Milton, Vt.
2 items (2 p. on double leaf)
2 ALS. Tells of her excitement over the school she attends and her zealous longing for her friend; "Miss Burgess how I want to see you no tongue can tell I would give the brightest dollar that ever I see to see you again." On reverse is Burgess' reply to Delia, expressing similar sentiments.
1896 Oct 16

Whistler, James McNeill, 1834-1903 (Painter)

Note: to "Madame Renoy"
1 item ; 16 x 10 cm
ANS. "For Madame Renoy, wishing to return to her people in England."

Whitall, Mary, b. 1836

Letter: Philadelphia, Pa., to "My dear Mary"
1 item (6 p. on 3 leaves) ; 21 x 34 cm folded to 21 x 17 cm
ALS. Asks how her friend is enjoying school. Describes two recent disturbances on her street. Discusses an impending journey to Niagara and then Newport, "where Mary Cope is to be, and where . . . we do everything that is delightful."

[18--] Jul 17

White, Robert (recipient)

Letter: Canterbury, to Robert White
1 item (2 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Response to earlier note discussing business matters.
1818 Oct 26

White, William Hale, 1831-1913 (Author who wrote under pseudonym Mark Rutherford)

Letter: Tunbridge Wells, to Mr. Parkin
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 16 x 20 cm folded to 16 x 10 cm
ALS. Writes of his domestic situation: "The house here suits us tolerably well, but the rent is more than I ought to pay and I don't want the field, miscalled a garden . . . If I could find an egg which wasn't addled or empty, I would try to breed great auks a speculation which I imagine would pay."
1900 Jul 22

White, Thomas

Letter: Wilton, to James Crowdy, Esq., Highworth
1 item (2 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Invitation to a politcal gathering, "The Freeholders of the County of Wilts, who are interested in supporting the independence thereof, will Dine together at Marlbie on Friday the 22d June."

1818 May 12

Whiting, E. B.

Letter: St. Albans, to "Gent[lemen]"
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. Chastises his slow publishers for their inefficiency. "It is a very great disappointment for me, and had you not told me I might depend on it, I should get it elsewhere before now. . ."
1845 Dec 6

Whitman, William E

Letter: to William Whitman Jr., Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (3 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Writes to his son describing the pros and cons of his new life as an elderly boarder with a new family and relates news of family and friends.
n.y. Nov 24

Whittsey, Samuel

Letter: "to the Reverend Mr. Nathan Chauncy, Durham"
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. Discusses business matters.
1749 Sep 26

Whytal, Russ

Letter: New York, N.Y., to James Allman, Long Island, N.Y.
1 item (2 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Thanks the recipient for sending him an earlier letter with family news and says he hopes to see him soon.
1899 Dec 26

Willcox, Margaret

Letter: Washington, D.C., to James Gibson, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 26 x 41 cm folded to 26 x 21 cm
ALS. Writes to her father of family news.
1856 Oct 5

William Thomas & Co.

Letter: Chester, Pa., to William Tilghman, Esq., Chester, Pa.
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. "We sent yesterday a coppy of Elisha Mapy's bond due us and a coppy of James Butcher note to Jme Field to James Earle Clk of the General Court and ordered him to issue writs and put you to the action, we shall thank you to write to Earle and respecting this business immediately and request him to forward the writs and you will oblige your ob. sts."
1792 Aug 25

William White & Son, Importer of Wines

Invoice: Wakefield, to M. Howorth, Ribbonden
1 item (1 p. on double leaf)
ADS. Invoice for an order of wine, includes a note: "The above is this day forwarded by a vessel to Sowerby & we hope will arrive safe & meet your approbation."
1811 Aug 17

Williams, __

Letter : London, to Rev. Rogers
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ;
ALS. Letter is a response to an earlier letter and discusses family matters and the writer's unsuccesful quest for information on the recipient's son.
1800 Oct 19

Williams, __

Letter: "Dear Sir"
1 item (2 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Tells of previous evening's events and travels, adding, "And I should think we must be with you."

1826 Feb 13

Williams, Ennion

Letter: Germantown, Pa., to Thomas Astley, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (2 p. on double leaf)
ALS. Concerning a land dispute, Williams states, "It is well known that George Dilworth has no claim to the 400 Acres, part of which I sold to Robert Bovard, and if any Act of mine by Way of Quit Claim to the 200 Acres I sold him, would be agreeable to you and to him, and my Contract be given up to me, I am willing to accommodate him--I never heard of the P.P. Co. having given a Deed for any Part of this 400 Acres."
1814 Apr 25

Williams, George

Letter: Philadelphia, Pa., to Samuel Bettle, 1774-1861, New York
1 item (4 p. on double sheet) ; 24 x 41 cm. folded to 24 x 21 cm
ALS. Williams, a friend of the family, gently explains that Bettle's infant daughter has died of cholera. He praises the strength of Bettle's wife Jane during the ordeal. "If ever a man got the companion he ought to have, thou obtained thine."
1813 Jun 12

Williams, Helen Maria, 1762-1827 (Poet)

Poem: Paris
1 item (1 p.) ; 11 x 19 cm
AMsS. Fair copy of 10-line poem beginning "While strangers read with earnest look" and ending "And Him my eye shall meet no more!"
1819 Nov 12

Willis, Nathaniel Parker, 1806-1867 (Journalist and Poet)

Letter: to "My dear fellow"
1 item (2 p. on 1 leaf) ; 25 x 21 cm
ALS. Willis, starting a new monthly magazine, writes to a friend: "You must positively write me an article on Wordsworth . . . a grand, capital article, that shall immortalize you and bring me a host of subscribers." He goes on to state that "this first year will settle my fate, and there are so many magazines starting up that I shall be pushed hard."
[18--] Jul 12

Willkie, Wendell Lewis, 1892-1944 (Statesman)

Letters: New York, N.Y., to Hamilton Holt, 1872-1951, Winter Park, Fla.; New York, to "Beacon Hill," Worcester, Mass.; New York, to Alexander W. Armour, New York
5 items; various sizes
5 TLS. Holt letters respond to invitations to attend dinners and other functions at Rollins College in Winter Park. Beacon Hill letter states he is "tremendously interested" in an article written by Beacon Hill. "I would really like to know what business interests, domestic or foreign, is [sic] associated with me." Amour letter states his correspondent's letter "conveyed to me not only your good will, but also a heartening faith in the principles for which I stand."
1940 Nov 20 - 1943 Dec 3

Willmore, James Tilbitts, 1800-1863 (Draftsman and Engraver)

Letters: to "My dear sir"
2 items (3 p. on 2 leaves) ; 19 x 12 cm
2 ALsS. In the first letter, Willmore regrets that he has promised to his daughter and her husband something his correspondent had requested. In the second, he is quite upset that his correspondent will be getting the Landseer engraved by someone else, "solely from losing the pleasure of engraving it." He also notes that he has refused other work in anticipation of this commission. "I do think it an actual sin to attempt to engrave that picture in any other style than mine."
1851 Apr 30 - 1852 Feb 18

Wilson, Alexander

Letter: Pittsburgh, Pa, to T. M. Barkley, Pittsburgh, Pa.
1 item (2 p. on double sheet)
ALS. First page lists amounts of an unsettled account; second page includes a note discussing payment.

1836 Oct 21

Wilson, Hannah

Letter: Newark, N.J., to "William," possibly William Henry
1 item (4 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Letter of religious exhortation. "I have heard something of the unusual feeling on the subject of religion in Scranton, and your name was not mentioned among those who had come out decidedly on the Lord's side." May reflect personal contact with the Prayer Meeting Revival movement of the mid-1850's.
1858 Mar 31

Wilson, John, 1785-1854 (Novelist and Poet)

Letter: Edinburgh, to W. G. Whitworth, Oxford
1 item (3 p.) ; 22 x 36 cm folded to 22 x 18 cm
ALS. Refers to contributions Whitworth is to make (translations from the Greek) to Blackwood's Magazine.
1833 Oct 8

Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924 (U. S. President)

Scharmel Iris's Bread and Hyacinths: with a preface attributed to Woodrow Wilson
1 item (79 p. on 79 leaves) ; 29 x 22 cm
TMs. Bound into the original typewritten manuscript is a typewritten preface apparently signed by Woodrow Wilson and dictated by him to Maurice Francis Egan. Wilson preface declares "I would rather have written 'After the Martyrdom' than to have been the President of the United States." But, see Abbott, Craig, S. "The Case of Scharmel Iris," Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 77 (1983): 15-34, which discusses the large number of forgeries of letters of recommendation associated with Iris' publications. With a typewritten letter from Egan to Iris discussing Wilson's admiration of Iris' poetry .

Wing, Lydia

Letter: San Francisco, Calif., to "Friend Sarah"
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 40 cm folded to 25 x 20 cm
ALS. Describes her 28-day voyage from New York to her new home in San Francisco. Describes her lodgings and work she has found as a seamstress. "They pay from four to six dollars a dress. I expect I shall get rich here in a few years."
[18--] Feb 27

Wolf, Ruth

Manuscript: "Some Georgian Poets: The 20s and 30s."
1 item (7 p.)
TMsS, AMsS. Typed manuscript, signed by author. With corrections in the author's hand.

Wood, Henry, Mrs., 1814-1887 (Novelist)

Letters: London, to E.P. Kingston; London, to N.W.N. Taylor
2 items (3 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 40 cm folded to 25 x 20 cm
2 ALS. Kingston letter responds to a request to dramatize East Lynne. She explains that permission to do so has already been granted to Benjamin Webster of the Adelphi and "I cannot therefore give you any encouragement." She goes on to describe what she knows of Webster's intentions, which appear to be unclear. Taylor letter responds to a request for an autograph. "I am scarcely able to write yet, so you will find this a very poor specimen of my handwriting."
1865 Jun 27 - 1878 Jun 5

Wood, Richard and George S. ("R & G.S. Wood")

Letter: New York, N.Y., to Dr. Robert M. Huston, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Suggests an exchange of advertisements between the Medical Examiner, edited by Huston and the British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Review, edited by the Woods.
1848 Jan 11

Wood, Thomas

Document: Payment request, to Samuel Wetherd
1 item (1 p.)
ADS. "Please to pay William Beaty Twenty pounds to enable him to discharge some debts due to the workmen and pay the Current Expenses of the Factory."
1788 Jul 31

Wood, William Burke, 1779-1861 (Actor and Manager of the Walnut Street Theater)

Letters: Philadelphia, Pa., to Edward S. Burd, 1779-1848, Philadelphia, Pa.
2 items (together 2 p.) ; varying sizes
2 ALsS. Offers his correspondent the purchase of an enamel depicting "a limited view of part of the Niagara Falls" together with the price. His apologetic letter was met with success which is expressed in the second letter.
1846 Jun 15 - Jun 17

Wood, William Burke (recipient)

Receipt: A. McMakin, to William B. Wood.
1 item
Unsigned document enclosing tickets for William Wood benefit.
1846 Nov 13

Woodhouse, A.

Letter: Arcadia, to Richard Woodhouse, London
1 item (1 p. )
ALS. Writes to her brother about family matters: a possible visit, renovation to her house, and her father's well-being.
n.y. Sept 22

Woodhouse, James

Letter: to John Taylor, Esq.
2 items (2 p. )
ALS. Plans to meet recipient during his upcoming trip to Italy.
1836 Sept 20 - Sept 21

Woodhouse, Richard, 1788-1834 (Reader for Taylor & Hessey Publishing Co.)

Letters: London, to John Taylor, Esq., 1781-1864, London
19 items (together 29 p.)
19 ALS. Many of Woodhouse's letters refer to manuscripts (mostly unidentified) he has been reading. His August 12, 1812 letter mentions Lord Byron; another refers to John Hamilton Reynolds. Familiar letters relate to the quotidian: bottles of wine, borrowing bedsheets, where he will dine that evening. Some letters refer to legal services he is providing to the firm of Taylor & Hessey.
1811 Jul 8 - 1827 Apr 18

Woodhouse, Richard

Manuscripts: The Latin Metres; What is Music
2 items (5 p.) ; 26 x 19 cm
AMs. Text begins: "The accents always fall upon the long syllables" and ends "In words of more than two syllables the accent is." The text is clearly unfinished. Together with a one-page essay titled "What is Music."

Woodlock, David, 1842-1929 (Painter)

Letter: to Mr. Grundy
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 18 x 23 cm folded to 18 x 12 cm
ALS. Returning a volume of Coleridge, Woodlock states: "Do you know it does not fetch me, somehow Shakespere [sic] seems to completely wipe him out." Also mentions finishing a large watercolor depicting King Lear at the death of Cordelia.

1885 Jun 23

Worcester, Joseph Emerson, 1784-1865 (Lexicographer)

Letter: Cambridge, Mass., to Wm. A. Whitehead, 1810-1884, New York, N.Y.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 26 x 41 cm. folded to 26 x 21 cm
ALS. Forwards a copy of his American Almanac for 1839 to Whitehead. Worcester concludes: "I shall be glad to have your friendly and valuable assistance as a correspondent, while I continue to conduct the Almanac."
1838 Oct 1

Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850 (Poet)

Letter: Grasmere near Kendal, to John Taylor, 1781-1864, London
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 23 x 36 cm folded to 23 x 19 cm
ALS. Announces to Taylor that "Mrs. Wordsworth . . . was safely delivered of a Boy this morning . . . the child also is well & remarkably large & stout." Also reveals that he has "culled from my manuscripts about 140 pages of verses which I have some thoughts of publishing next Spring, if I could make it worth my while I mean in a pecuniary view." Outlines an offer from Longmans and asks Taylor's opinion of the terms.
1806 Jun 16

Wordsworth, William

Letter: Rydal Mount, Ambleside, to Joseph Cottle, 1770-1853
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 19 x 23 cm folded to 19 x 12 cm
ALS. Wordsworth comments on Cottle's essays on Socinianism. "You have treated the momentous subject in a masterly manner." He also asks if Cottle knows the whereabouts of a portrait of Coleridge done by Allston.
1843 Nov 24

Worker's Committee on Unemployment

Document: Call to Action for "Unemployed Workers of the Lower East Side"
1 item (1 p.)
TD. "Unemployed Workers of the Lower East Side: Organize and Demonstrate for Jobs at Union Wages or Adequate Relief for all Unemployed and Relief Workers against Home Relief Bureau Cuts and Evictions." Calls upon the unemployed to demonstrate at Rutger's Square.
1933 Dec 21

Wright, Horatio G., 1820-1899 (Major General, U.S. Army)

1 item (1 p.)

Wright, J, Esq. (recipient)

Letter: from "H.L.", to J. Wright, Regents Park
1 item (1 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Discusses writer's work for various periodicals.
1832 Jul 16

Wright, William Aldis, 1831-1914 (Bibliographer)

Letters: Cambridge and Beccles, to C. Davis
6 items (together 12 p. on double sheets) ; 18 x 22 cm folded to 18 x 11 cm
5 ALsS and 1 TLS. Letters refer to Wright's editions of Edward FitzGerald's letters, publication dates of these volumes, problems with letters of some of FitzGerald's correspondents, etc.

1891 Jul 15 - 1908 Aug 30

Wynick, Anne

This collection contains many letters addressed to Wynick. Correspondants include: Gordon Bottomley, Robert Graves, Sir Edward Howard Marsh, and Rose Rosenberg.


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