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Part II: Box and Folder List

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Box Person Named and Contents Date


1 item (1 p.)
AD. An anonymous 10-line poem beginning with the words, "Dear Beauteous maid, In whom alone I find / Each grace, each charm, in one fair form combin'd . . ."
1817 Feb 14

Van Ness, Jacob

Letter: Poughkeepsie, N.Y, to George W. Williamson, Esq., Baltimore, Md.
1 item (3 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Discusses business matters. Ends by discussing the impending marriage of Col. R.L. Van Wyck of Fishkill.
1833 Nov 18

Vanuxem, James

Letter: Cincinnati, Ohio, to Francis Shoemaker, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 26 x 41 cm folded to 26 x 21 cm
ALS. Describes his business in Cincinnati, to which he has recently relocated. Also describes the city and its trade in general.
1825 Sept 14

Vanuxem, Lardner, 1792-1848 (Geologist)

Letters: Bristol, Pa., and Utica, N.Y., to William L. Marcy, 1786-1857, Albany, N.Y.
2 items (3 p. on 2 leaves) ; 24 x 20 cm
2 ALsS. Vanuxem, working on the third volume of The Geology of New York, writes to the governor of New York asking for clarification of the terms for payment of his salary and the drawing of funds for his project. In the second letter, Vanuxem assures the governor that he will be present at the Nov. 22nd "meeting of those entrusted with the making of the Geological Survey."
1836 Aug 18 - Nov 13

Vaughan, Mrs. E.L. (recipient)

Letter: Cincinnati, Ohio, to Mrs. E.L. Vaughan, Wilmington, Del.
1 item (4 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 40 cm folded to 25 x 20 cm
ALS. From Vaughan's daughter, Anna, describing her journey, with her husband, to their new home in St. Louis. Expresses great sadness at leaving her mother behind in Wilmington.
1836 Nov 22

Vaughan, Jn.

Letter: Philadelphia, Pa., to James Ferguson, Esq., Princeton, N.J.
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. "Sir, I have three letters for you and I'll forward them to Princeton."
1837 Aug 10

Vaughan, Petty

Letter: London, to Professor Cleaveland, 1780-1858, Brunswick, Me.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 40 cm folded to 25 x 20 cm
ALS. Informs Cleaveland that he will be receiving a copy of Babbage's logarithm tables, which he is to present to Bowdoin College. Vaughan also sends copies of Lord Stirling's charters, "under which he claims New England, Canada, Nova Scotia, etc., with the right to create baronets."
1832 Jan 12

Vethake, Henry, 1792-1866 (Economist; Professor of Moral Philosophy, College of New Jersey)

Letter: Princeton, N.J., to Rev. Dr. Cuyler, 1783-1850, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 26 x 41 cm folded to 26 x 21 cm
ALS. Vethake writes hoping that, as his brother William is on his way to meet with Cuyler, Cuyler will forward a message to him. "I am willing to advise with him about his future proceedings, and that without any unnecessary reference to the past . . . I am, also, not altogether without hope that means may be found to give him present relief, and prevent his share of the German property from falling into the hands of his creditors."
1831 Jul 15

von Moschzisker, Bertha

Letter: Philadelphia, Pa., to Seymour Adelman, 1905-1985, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p.)
TLS. Written on The Print Club stationery, von Moschzisker requests a meeting: "I would like to talk with you some time soon about your show. Will you please call me to be sure I will be here when you come."

1957 Sept 11

Vosmaer, Carel, 1826-1888 (Poet and Critic)

Letter: Hague, Netherlands, to "Dear Madam"
1 item (4 p. on double sheet) ; 14 x 21 cm folded to 14 x 11 cm
ALS. Encloses a poem of his and informs her that he has asked someone to review her book on Greek women in the Spectator.
1880 Feb 13

Vroom, Peter Dumont, 1791-1873 (Governor of New Jersey, 1829-31, 1833-36)

Letter: Trenton, N.J., to J.S. Lyon, Boonton Falls, N.J.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 40 cm folded to 25 x 20 cm
ALS. Regrets that "it is not in my power to send you a copy of my address before the Elizabethtown Temperance Societies. The address has not been published, and will not be."
1834 Feb 17

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