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Part II: Box and Folder List

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Box Person Named and Contents Date

Tabb, John Banister, 1845-1909 (Poet)


Letter: Ellicott City, Md., to F.H. Day, 1864-1933
1 item (3 p. on 3 leaves) ; 18 x 12 cm
ALS. Sends Day his sonnet to Keats that appeared in Good Literature in 1881. "Miss Thomas' on Severn's picture, in the Century, seems to me far the best tribute to Keats ever written in America."

1890 Jun

Talfourd, Thomas Noon, Sir, 1795-1854 (Judge, Poet, and Literary Critic)


Letter: London, to Bernard Barton, 1784-1849
1 item (3 p.) ; 23 x 36 cm folded to 23 x 18 cm
ALS. Describes at length his call to the Bar and how it will affect his life. Goes on to discuss his relationship with several editors and magazines. Also enclosed is a newspaper clipping concerning Talfourd.

1821 Feb 15

Tatnall, Willie C. (Recipient)


Letter: from an unknown correspondent
1 item (1 p.)
AL. Written in verse, a valentine beginning: "Willie, here's a valentine / In the letter Mary sent."


Tayler, Frederick, 1802-1889 (Landscape Painter and Watercolorist)


Letter: to unknown correspondent
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 18 x 23 cm folded to 18 x 12 cm
ALS. Asks to "be allowed to touch a proof" of one of his drawings in the possession of his correspondent. Tayler also comments: "No living artist has been so unfortunate hither as myself as to engraving, and I am sure my works would in some instances at least, bear translation by the best hands."

1854 Oct 15

Tayler, Robert


Letter: to unknown correspondent
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. Apologizes to recipient for his neglect of his case, and offers encouraging legal advice.

1830 May 25

Taylor, John


Letter: to John Nicholls
1 item (1 p. )
ALS. Writes to Nicholls about a "candidate for one of the late Mr. Boyer's Gifts". The man is "between 69 and 70 years of age, is labouring under an asthma, and nervous afflictions, as well as impaired sight . . . [and] is by all accounts, not unworthy of your kind protection."

1820 Aug 31

Taylor, John


Letter: London, to Henry Hutchinson
1 item (4 p. on double sheet)
ALS. The writer expresses his distress at having missed guests who stopped by his home, especially a Miss S. whom he has been trying to get in touch with. Discusses plans for visit from recipient.

1813 Aug 7

Taylor, Tom, 1817-1880 (Dramatist and Editor of Punch)


Letter: to unknown correspondent
1 item (8 p. on 2 double sheets) ; 18 x 23 cm folded to 18 x 12 cm
ALS. Discusses B.R. Haydon and an unfavorable treatment of him in a recent review.

[18--] Nov 14

Telfan, William


Letter: to "Dear Sir"
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. Requests legal advice.
1772 May 14

Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron, 1809-1892


Letter: Farringford, Isle of Wight, to "Dear Sir"
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 18 x 23 cm folded to 18 x 12 cm
ALS. Thanks his correspondent for defending him against what Tennyson perceived as an attack by John Churton Collins in Cornhill magazine. "[T]he first poem I wrote of 'In M[emoria]m' fell naturally into the metre, nor was I aware that anyone had used it before me, till, after publication, when a friend told me I had been anticipated."

1880 Feb 14

Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron


Letter: to Miss Hollway, Hundleby, Spilsby
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 18 x 23 cm folded to 18 x 12 cm
ALS. Tennyson offers his thoughts on a book of verse written by Jean Ingelow, a cousin of Miss Hollway. His response was favorable, yet "[c]ertain things I saw which I count abominations, tho' I myself in younger days have been guilty of the same, & so was Keats."


Tennyson, Emily Sellwood Tennyson, Baroness, 1813-1896


Letter: Farringford, Isle of Wight, to Charles Elkin Mathews, Esq., 1851-1921, Codford St. Mary
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 18 x 23 cm folded to 18 x 12 cm
ALS. "Mr. Alfred Tennyson begs to . . . thank Mr. Mathews for his offer to send other rare volumes for his inspection but Mr. Tennyson does not care much for such things in general. The best editions of the best books he would fain have not mere literary curiosities."


1874 May 25

Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863


Letter: Paris, to G. Wright, London
1 item (1 p.) ; 22 x 20 cm
ALS. Apologizes for the "delay which has taken place about the C.A." Explains that he has been working but "the difficulties are really awful . . . I assure you I am at this very minute doing my best to keep my promise, and cursing the costiveness of my imagination which won't come to my aid."

1839 Aug 11

Thackeray, William Makepeace


Letter: [New York?], to "My dear Mr. Taylor [Bayard Taylor]," 1825-1878
1 item (1 p.) ; 16 x 11 cm
AL. Hopes to meet Taylor at Press Club dinner. "And don't, don't give a dinner at Delmonico's please. I did yesterday and it's a sin to spend so much money on the belly. Let us have content and mutton chops and I shall be a great deal better pleased than with that godless disbursement of dollars."

n.d. [1855?]

Thackeray, William Makepeace


Letter: Tunbridge Wells, to unknown correspondent
1 item (1 p.) ; 18 x 11 cm
ALS. Under his drawing of a bearded officer being knighted by Queen Victoria, Thackeray writes: "Have this minute read the paper. Hip Hip Hurray. Welcome home. Shall see you on Saturday."

[18--] Jul 25

Thackeray, William Makepeace


Letter: Folkestone, to "My dear Sir Charles" [Sir Charles Locock, M.D., 1799-1875]
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 19 x 23 cm folded to 19 x 12 cm
ALS. Declines to meet a caller. "I am sorry to say I'm unwell, and unfit to go to country houses. Because why? Because I have + + + [sic] but I'll spare you an account of the maladies."


Thatcher, Benjamin Bussey, 1809-1840 (Lawyer and Author)


Letter: Brookline, Mass., to L.J. Cist, 1818-1885, Cincinnati, Ohio
1 item (1 p.) ; 25 x 20 cm
ALS. Written by Thatcher's wife because of his ill health. She informs Cist that Thatcher "has received your valuable autographs & has succeeded in obtaining for you what he thinks 2 very good ones."

1840 Jul 13

Thatcher, Benjamin Bussey


Letter: Boston, to L.J. Cist, 1818-1885, Cincinnati, Ohio
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 20 cm
ALS. Discusses various autographs he wishes to obtain and other autograph-related business.

1840 Jun 21

Thoma, Jacob (subject)


Police document concerning Jacob Thoma
1 item (1 p.)
ADS. Written by George Reifsnyder, documents the unfolding case against Jacob Thoma, a former postmaster of Schuykill County. A young boy, Rubin Kline, reports a bundle of undelivered letters that a friend had found in Thoma's stable, "which upon exammination dooth appeare that som had bin mailed at Different Post Offices of this State and Several which were intended to be Mailed at the Broad Mountain Post Office, which appears were found by the said order conceled in the Stable of which was lately acquired by Jacob Thoma Late PostMaster at Broad Mountain." A warrant is ordered for Thoma, and upon interrogation, he protests his innocence.

1838 Apr 10

Thomas, Philemon, 1763-1847 (Congressman from Louisiana, 1831-5)


Letter: Baton Rouge, La., to "Dear Sir"
1 item (2 p. on 1 leaf) ; 26 x 21 cm
ALS. Recommends Stephen Henderson for the position of Postmaster general.

1835 Jul 21

Thomas Dickason & Co


Letter: London, to William Rotch, Jr., Esq., 1759-1850, New Bedford, Mass.
1 item (1 p.) ; 26 x 21 cm
ALS. Business letter in which the company "deeply lament[s] the consignment of oil" and "the depressed state of the market." Also recounts the details of the public sale of an estate. "We can only account for your not hearing of the purchase . . . from the hurry of Birkbeck while preparing for America." Birkbeck founded an English Quaker settlement in Illinois in 1817-1818.

1818 Jun 12

Thomas, John S.


Letter: Cincinnati, Ohio, to Jane Bettle, 1773-1840, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 26 x 42 cm folded to 26 x 21 cm
ALS. Thomas, a former lodger with the Bettles in Philadelphia, writes about his new life in Cincinnati. He describes the rapid growth of the city and the Quaker presence there. He thanks Bettle's husband, Samuel, "for his attention & care to prevent me from running astray [from the Quaker religion]."

1814 Sept 21

Thompson, Francis, 1859-1907 (Author)


Proofs: Songs Wing-to-Wing [Sister Songs]
1 item (65 p. on double sheet) ; 20 x 17 cm
Proofsheets. Corrected in ink. Printed by John Lane in 1895.


Thompson, Francis (subject)


Miscellaneous items
35 items, various sizes
Newspaper articles. telegraphs, theater programs, etc., related to the poet Francis Thompson.


Thompson, Mary (Sister of Francis Thompson)


Letter: Manchester, to Seymour Adelman, 1906-1985
1 item (2 p.) ; 23 x 18 cm
ALS. Writes to tell him of her appreciation for his interest, as a collector, in her brother.

1933 Nov 13

Thompson, Thomas Perronet, 1783-1869 (General, Politician, and Author)


Letter: London, to Laman Blanchard, 1804-1845
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 21 x 25 cm folded to 21 x 13 cm
ALS. Takes the liberty of sending a copy of Theory of Parallels to Blanchard. "The result arrived at, appears to be, the demonstration of Euclid's disputed theorem, though it is not in what is called...the lower geometry, is in the higher."

1840 Mar 11

Thomson, James, 1834-1882 (Poet and Essayist)


Letter: London, to W.D. Reeves, Esq.
1 item (1 p.) ; 18 x 12 cm
ALS. Returns "both sets Opinions with additions & erasures & full instructions" to the publisher of his Essays and Phantasies. Also mentions enclosing George Eliot's opinion on his City of Dreadful Night.

1881 Apr 2

Thomsons, Messrs.


Letter: Cavendish Square, to "Crowdy," Berks
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. "Messr Thomsons respects to Mr. Crowdy & would be much obliged by his remitting the money for the Chaise he lately purchased of them it being their usage, in all secondhand articles, to receive prompt payment."

1812 Dec 21

Thurston, G.


Letter: Bucks, to "Dear Sir"
1 item (2 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Sends a short story for possible publication in The Century.

1912 Nov 4

Tilden, H. A.


Letter: New York, N.Y., to William Procter, Jr., Esq., 1817-1874, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 26 x 41 cm folded to 26 x 21 cm
ALS. A business letter to a pharmacist, mentioning labels and licorice. In the middle of the letter, Tilden writes of a letter he plans to send to a journal: "I do not wish (if you do not) any controversy, but feel like exposing them. I have a story of testimony against them as black as the ace of spades . . .We have the legislature of our state at work at this, and have got them in quite a fix. They propose to prevent them taking children and the breaking up of families, and they are perfectly unscrupulous in regard to their stories about us."

[18--] Mar 13

Tilton, James, 1745-1822 (Statesman)


Letter: Annapolis, Md., to Gunning Bedford, Jr. (1747 – March 30, 1812)
4 p. on 2 integral leaves ; 30 x 37 cm folded to 30 x 19 cm
ALS. Describes General George Washington's resignation as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army before the assembled Congress on 21 December 1783 in Annapolis, Md. "Silence ordered by the Secretary, the Gen'l rose & bowed to congress, who uncovered but did not bow. He then delivered his speech, and at the close of it, drew his commission from his bosom & handed it to the president. The president replied in a set speech, the General bowed again to Congress, they uncovered & the General retired. After a little pause, until the company withdrew, congress adjourned, the general then steped [sic] into the room again, bid every member farewel [sic] and rode off from the door intent upon eating his christmas dinner at home." Also describes public dinner and ball held on the preceding day.


A scan of the four pages of the letter and of a transcription is available as a pdf.

1783 Dec 25

Topham, Francis William, 1808-1877 (Painter, Illustrator, and Engraver)


Letters: London, to R.H. Grundy
2 items (3 p. on 2 leaves) ; 18 x 12 cm
2 ALsS. Sends Grundy some drawings for acceptance or refusal.

1846 Dec 19

Torriano, Charles


Letters: Gibraltar, HMSAlcide, Off Origlia, and Toulon, to Hester Torriano, Wells
5 items (together 18 p.) ; 24 x 38 cm folded to 24 x 19 cm
5 ALsS. Letters to his wife written while he is at sea with the British Army. Describes sights he has seen in Gibraltar, Italy, France, and other places. He has great contempt for the French ("They are without exception the most contemptible and most degraded of all human beings"); he describes with vivid horror seeing a guillotine while in France. He also longs to leave the army to retire to the countryside with his family. Included is Torriano's will asking an unidentified friend to serve as executor and guardian to his family in the event of his death.

1793 May 23 - Aug 30

Torriano, Frederic G.


Letters: HMS Carysfort, to Miss Torriano, Wells; Madeira, to Mrs Torriano, Wells, Somersetshire; and Cove near Cork to Miss Torriano, Portsmouth
3 items (3 p. on double sheet) ; 23 x 38 cm folded to 23 x 19 cm
ALS. Letters to relatives describe his ship's voyage to the West Indies with Apollo as escorts for a convoy of merchantmen; Apollo was lost in a heavy gale off Portugal. Does not know of his ship's future course: "Perhaps you will not see me these two or three years again and perhaps I might come home in two or three months' time." another letter describes his life aboard ship, waiting to be given orders to sail, and some adventures and misadventures that have befallen the ship and its crew.


Another letter regarding Frederic Torriano is listed under Captain Robert Fanshawe.

1804 Mar 24 - Apr 8

Towne, Benjamin, d. 1793 (Publisher of the Pennnsylvania Evening Post, and Daily Advertiser)


Receipt: from Samuel Moore
1 item ; 11 x 21 cm
ADS. For William Goddard, Towne acknowledges receipt from "Samuel Moore, by the Hand of Job Sayers, Seven Shillings & Sixpence, for the Pennsylvania Chronicle, ending at No. 112."

1769 Mar 7

Trimble, Ann


Letter: to Jane Temple, Pennsbury, [Pa.]
1 item (2 p.) ; 34 x 21 cm
ALS. Writing to her cousin during the yellow fever epidemic, Trimble details a grim list of friends and acquaintances killed or sickened by the fever.

1798 Oct 2

Trelawny, Edward John, 1792-1881


Letter: Bedford Hotel, to "Dear Madam"
1 item (1 p.) ; 19 x 12 cm
ALS. "Nothing can give me such pleasure as your kind invitation . . . I have not consulted with Mr. C. Kemble, but as your note intimates the condition of my admission is the producing him dead or quick he shall be produced."


Trotter, James


Letter: to "Robinson, Agent for the Canada Immigrants," Cork
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 19 x 31 cm folded to 19 x 16 cm
ALS. Noting that he is a surgeon, Trotter asks if he may serve as physician on the next ship of immigrants sailing to Canada, in return for free passage.

1825 May 4

Turberville, M.


Letter: Oxford, to Thomas Hearne, Esq., Buckingham
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 23 x 39 cm folded to 23 x 20 cm
ALS. Obscure discussion of a scandalous situation involving a captain and his debts, a girl, and the possibility of getting a divorce.


1822 Feb 18

Turner, Reggie, 1869?-1938


Letters: Capri, Florence, and Rome, to Martin Secker, 1882-1978
6 items (together 7 p.) ; 27 x 22 cm
6 ALsS. Letters to the publisher Martin Secker discuss the possibility of Turner's writing a book on the last years of Oscar Wilde, as Turner was a close friend of Wilde's. Turner thought it important that at least one book be written sympathetic to Lord Alfred Douglas. The book was never completed.

1922 Aug 11 - 1926 Feb 10

Tutelman, Mr. and Mrs.


Telegram: Atlantic City, N.J., to Mr. and Mrs. S. Adelman, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p.)
ACS. TL. Writing after hearing the news of Seymour Adelman, Jr.'s birth, the telegram states, "Accept our heartiest congratulations hope you raise him best of health."

1906 Aug 20

Tweed, J. E.


Letter: to unknown correspondent
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 12 x 18 cm folded to 12 x 9 cm
ALS. Thanks unknown recipient for sending pictures, for which payment has been enclosed.

[18--] Oct 19

Twopeny, E.


Letter: Rochester, to Rev. B. D. Hawkins, Highworth, Wiltshire
2 items (3 p. on 2 double sheets)
TLS. 1829 letter informs recipient of upcoming audit, and the possibility of renewal of his lease. 1833 letter is a form letter reminding tenant of his outstanding debt for rent and land tax.

1829 Apr 27 - 1833 Oct 17


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