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Part II: Box and Folder List

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Box Person Named and Contents Date

Nancrede, Joseph Guerard

Letters: Philadelphia, Pa., to John M. Houston, Treasury Department, Washington, D.C.
2 items (3-4 p. on double sheet)
2 ALsS. Two letters discuss the health of Nancrede's wife, stricken with cholera, various political matters of the day, etc. Second letter contains a page long postscript written by Nancrede's wife urging Houston and his wife to come for a visit.
1830 Jun 28 - Oct 20

Nash, Joseph, 1809-1878 (Watercolorist and Lithographer)

Letter: Burford, to R. Grundy, Esq.
1 item (1 p.) ; 18 x 12 cm
ALS. Informs Grundy that he is sending "4 drawings of the Windsor work" (referring to his "Views of Windsor Castle") by tomorrow's train. "I am proceeding with the work."
[1848?] Jun 19

Neall, Hanna

Letter: San Francisco, Calif., to Samuel Bettle, Jr., 1809-1880
1 item (together 10 p.) ; 21 x 17 cm
ALS. Vividly describes San Francisco, to which she and her husband have just emigrated by sea. "With regard to Friends," she writes, "I do not think there are many here at present who unite with the orthodox side of the question." Asks Bettle to send Quaker writings so that she may introduce them to the inhabitants. Discusses at length the various forms of worship she has encountered in San Francisco.
1853 Apr 1

Neate, William

Letter: London, to Yate Gifford, Devizes
Descript 1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 23 x 37 cm folded to 23 x 19 cm
ALS. Letter of introduction for Thomas Temple, "lately arrived from Pennsylvania." Neate asks Gifford to provide Temple with any "answers you can give him to such Questions as he may have to ask you touching his Business."
1765 Jun 29

Neill, H.

Letter: Amherst, Mass., to Joseph Leaming, Princeton, N.J.
1 item (3 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Gives the recipient college advice.
1833 Aug 31

Nesbit, E. (Edith), 1858-1924 (Author of Children's Literature)

Letters: Grove Park, to William Morris Colles, 1855-1926, London
Descript 2 items (together 7 p.) ; 27 x 21 cm
ALsS. Explains why she took some of her stories directly to the publisher Joseph Malaby Dent rather than having them placed by the Authors' Syndicate. "I am not impatient - only, in plain English I want money: that is why I took those verses from you the other day." Included is a signed fair copy of her poem, "The First Kiss."
1898 May 10 - Jul 25

Nettleton, Asahel, 1783-1844 (Evangelist; Founder of the Theological Institute of Connecticut)

Letter: Portland, Me., to William Stockton Martien, 1798-1861, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 40 cm folded to 25 x 20 cm
ALS. Thanks Martien for a book donation he has made to Nettleton's "infant seminary," the Theological Institute of Connecticut.
1834 Jul 1

New England Weekly Meeting of Friends

Document: "Serteficate from Hamton Meeting," Hampton
1 item (1 p.)
ADS. Certificate of attendence of weekly meetings, signed by many witnesses that "Those Maye Sartifie our Friend John Hussy hath binn with us," and that "his tostimony and his conversation agrooabel to truth."
1723 May 22

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

Letter: Providence, R.I., to Correspondents of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
1 item (1 p.) ; 28 x 22 cm
ALS. Signed by Jonathan Congdon, William Jenkins, and David Buffum. Notification that "a secession from our religious Society has . . . been in progress within . . . this Yearly Meeting, and . . . resulted in the organization and withdrawal from us, of a small portion of our members . . ." The document also states that "the ancient Yearly Meeting" was held and that "the Epistles . . . addressed to your Yearly Meeting . . . are entitled to full credence as coming from the regular and rightful Yearly Meeting of Friends for New England."
1846 Feb 2

Nicholson, William, Sir, 1872-1949 (Artist)

Letter: London, to Grant Richards, 1872-1948, London
1 item (1 p.) ; 20 x 12 cm
ALS. "I think the poster is all right if you do. Thanks for sending proofs."
1909 Apr 22

Norris, H. A.

Letter: to James B. Jenis, Chief Engineer
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. "Dear Sir, I am usually in the office from 9 till 12 A.M. when I shall be glad to receive a visit from you."
1841 Jul 8

North American Smelting Company

Letter: Philadelphia, Pa., to Moro Philips Chemical Co.
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. Informs of recent shipment of an order.
1896 Dec 3

Norton, Charles Eliot, 1827-1908 (Author and Editor)

Letter: Cambridge, to Frederick Holland Day, 1864-1933
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 26 x 41 cm folded to 26 x 22 cm
ALS. Agrees to let his name be used to promote "the placing of a Memorial Bust of [John] Keats in the parish church of Hampstead." Laments the present state of Keats's grave.
1892 Apr 9

Norton, Charles Eliot, 1827-1908 (Author and Editor)

Letter: Cambridge, to Mrs. Henry Hall
1 item (2 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Thanks the recipient for her earlier letter, but declines to draw a conveyance, as he believes "it better that it should be drawn by someone more conversant than I with the details of the plan."
1897 Apr 28

Nottingham, Daniel Finch, Earl of, 1647-1730

Letter: Whitehall, to Sir Robert Southwell, 1635-1702
1 item (1 p.) ; 23 x 35 cm folded to 23 x 18 cm
ALS. Note to King William III's secretary explaining why three members of the privy council did not sign a letter sent to His Majesty: "tis not that any of them disagreed to any of the particulars in it, but Sir John Lowther was not well . . . and the other two hands . . . could not stay."
1690 Jul 7

Nowell-Smith, Simon

Post card: Oxford, to Seymour Adelman, Philadelphia
1 item (1 p.)
APcS. Writing in response to a previous letter, Nowell-Smith says, "Thank you for your letter and your pamphlets which are of a kind to make me envious. But I am afraid Father Monihan has given you an entirely false idea of me. I am a man of small means . . . not in your league at all."
1983 Oct 14

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