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Part II: Box and Folder List

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Box Person Named and Contents Date

Jackson, Alonzo C.

Letter: Annapolis, Md., to Mrs. A. C. Paige, Schenectady, N.Y.
1 item (4 p. on double sheet) ; 26 x 41 cm folded to 26 x 21 cm
ALS. To his aunt, writes of his coursework and examinations at the U.S. Naval Academy.
1847 Jun 28

Jackson, Holbrook, 1874-1948 (Author)

Letter: to "My Dear Eden"
1 item (1 p);
ALS. Informal note asks recipient to join him for a celebration when some of his writings are published "on Monday next at 3:30 P.M at Riders."

This collection contains many other letters addressed to Jackson. correspondants include: Walter Crane, Haldane Macfall, Sir William Rothenstein, George Bernard Shaw, and Oliver Simon.

1911 Feb 15

Jackson, Holbrook

Manuscript: Bernard Shaw in the Eighteen Nineties
1 item (22 p.) ; 33 x 21 cm
Typescript. Corrections in the author's hand.

Jackson, Holbrook

Manuscript: Lootroyal: a Narrative of the Revolution, 1900-1950
1 item (32 p.) ; 26 x 21 cm
TMs / AMs. With corrections in author's hand. Chapter 2 is entirely handwritten.

Jackson, Holbrook

Manuscripts: "On Feeling Bored"; "On Being Original"; "Practical Imagination"; [Talk on Robert Burns]
4 items (33 p.) ; 26 x 21 cm, 27 x 21 cm.
AMs. [Talk on Robert Burns] is missing page 1.

Jackson, Holbrook

Letter: to A. St. John Adcock
1 item (1 p)
ANS. Declines an invitation to "your circle" as he will be out of town.
n.y. Oct 3

Jarvis, Samuel F.

Letter: Collegepoint, N.Y., to Dr. S.F. Jarvis, 1786-1851, Middletown, Conn.
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 39 cm. folded to 25 x 20 cm
ALS. Writing to his father from boarding school, Jarvis warns that "if I stay here any length of time, I shall be a bad boy" due to the influence and swearing of other boys. Begs his father to allow him to come home. "I beseech and entreat you a thousand times, for I also dislike this place as I would to be in a prison."
1838 Oct 19

Jas P. Harrison & Co.

Letter: Atlanta, Ga., to George M. Stubbs, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. Requests payment for recent transaction.
1889 Jun 19

Jeffrey, Francis Jeffrey, Lord, 1773-1850 (Critic and Editor)

Letter: to Mrs. Dunlop
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 21 x 26 cm folded to 21 x 13 cm
ALS. Arranges a meeting.

Jenks, M. H.

Invoice: to William Bond
1 item (1 p.)
AD. An invoice for $80.20, with an itemized list of expenses.
1837 Oct 28

Jerdan, William, 1782-1869 (Journalist)

Letter: to Laman Blanchard, 1804-1845
1 item (1 p.) ; 10 x 12 cm
ALS. Informs him of arrangements for a carriage to take them to Ainsworth's.

Jessop, Lewis, and Jessop, Catherine

1 item (1 p.)
TDS / ADS. Lewis and Catherine Jessop bind themselves to pay eight hundred dollars to buy a 160 foot by 30 foot parcel of land in Peekskill, Westchester County, N.Y., from James Lent. Also signed by Commissioner Jeremiah Malice.
1840 May 1

John A. Brown & Co.

Certificate of origin: New York, N.Y.
1 item (1 p.) ; 11 x 27 cm
DS. Certifies that one box of Hyson tea was imported into New York from Canton by John A. Brown & Co. Signed by C. A. Sardiner for Samuel Swartwout, Collector for the Port of New York, and by M. M. Noah, Inspector.
1831 Dec 30

John Irwin & Co

Invoice: Port au Prince, to Joseph Gratz, 1785-1858, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p.) ; 26 x 20 cm
ADS. Invoice for 50 bags of coffee shipped on board the schooner Fair Play, to the Philadelphia merchant.
1833 Sept 27

John, Augustus, 1878-1961 (Artist)

Letter: London, to "Dear Sir Herbert"
1 item (1 p.) ; 18 x 14 cm
ALS. Sends thanks for pictures and drawings. "The former will be invaluable to me -- . . . Glad to hear Symons is so well. I have neglected him awfully."

Johnson, M. G. (recipient)

Letter: Galena, Ill., "Your Brother, J.H.J.", to M. G. Johnson, Springfield, Ill.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Writes to Johnson a brief note of minor mishaps at home, "Not a particle of news--wether [sic] cold as charity, & money as scarce, as 'ducks milk.' Come home as soon as you can conveniently, but not before."
1847 Jan 18

Johnson, Phoebe

Invoice: Hanley, Staffordshire, to Messrs. S. & J. Tams, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 23 x 38 cm folded to 23 x 19 cm
AD. Invoice for Staffordshire pottery. With letter from J.B. Kelley, Liverpool shipping agent.
1835 Feb 12

Johnson, Reverdy, 1796-1876 (Senator of Maryland, 1845-49 and 1863-68; U.S. Attorney General, 1849-50)

Letter : Baltimore, Md., to Th. Maxwell, Esq., 1792-1864, Elmira, N.Y.
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 26 x 41 cm. folded to 26 x 21 cm
ALS. Letter to Maxwell, postmaster of Elimira, inquires about Johnson's right to a claim on a $200 note dated 24 Aug. 1833. "What is the probability of my being able to collect it, as statute of limitations on such a debt is three years from the time it was due."
1838 Nov 1

Johnson, William Shaler

Letter: Chester, Pa., to William C. Sproul
1 item (1 p. )
TLS. Discusses business arrangements relating to an old church bell which the recipient is purchasing.
1909 Aug 3

Johnston, J.S.

Letter: Philadelphia, Pa., to "Dear Sir"
1 item (1 p. )
ALS. Discusses power of attorney agreements.
1830 Sept 16

Johnston, Lewis

1 item (1 p.)
DS. Signed by Nicholas Bayard, this account ledger lists in detail the £22 2 d. 1 p. that he owes.

Jones, Thomas

Letter: Prospect Hill, Va., to Charles Wilks, Jr., Washington, D.C.
1 item (1 p. on double leaf)
ALS. Discusses military matters.

1835 Apr 28

Jones, Thomas

Letter: to Dr. A. Worthington, Georgetown, D.C.
1 item (1 p. )
ALS. Discusses the improving health of an ill patient, and potatoes.
1836 May 6

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