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Box Person Named and Contents Date

Eddison, Eric Rücker, 1882-1945 (Author)

Letter: London, to "Dear Sir"
1 item (2 p. on 1 leaf) ; 16 x 12 cm
ALS. Informs his correspondent that his Poems, Letters & Memories of Philip Sidney Nairn is no longer in circulation, but a copy can be obtained from Sidgwick & Jackson.
1927 Jun 26

Edward, William

Letter: to James Crowdy, Esq., Highworth, Wilts
1 item (1 p. on double sheet)
ALS. "I find Dr. Trenchard of Hamden has a date for the [illeg.] & has promised Lord [illeg.] . . . and you would be doing him a favour if you could prevail upon Dr. T., if you know him, to stay at home."

1809 Nov 29

Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent, 1767-1820

Letter: Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Lieutenant Colonel Fisher
1 item (4 p. on double sheet) ; 24 x 39 cm folded to 24 x 20 cm
ALS. Discusses British military appointments and promotions in various parts of the world. Thanks Fisher for congratulating him on his own promotion, stating he has reason to hope "that it is to be the forerunner of my being appointed Governor General to his Majesty's dominions in North America."
1796 Apr 27

Edwards, Enoch

Deed poll: Washington County, Pa., to Isaac Franks, 1759-1822
1 item (2 p. on double sheet) ; 33 x 42 cm folded to 33 x 21 cm
DS. Deed poll of a three-hundred-acre land tract in Washington County, Pennsylvania, to Isaac Franks of Philadelphia, witnessed by Thomas Bradford and Peter Gillion.
1788 Mar 12

Edwards, G.

Letter: to Mr. John Worthington, near West Chester, Pa.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 20 x 32 cm folded to 20 x 16 cm
ALS. Informs Worthington of the scheduled date for a trial. Asks him also to see John Edwards.
1828 Sep 10

Edwards, J. L.

Letter: War Department, Washington, D.C., to Joshua Forman, Esq., Syracuse N.Y.
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. Letter discusses the status of several cases being considered by the War Department.
1823 May 24

Edwards, S.

Letter: Chester, Pa., to Henry I. Williams, Esq., Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. "I enclose you the rule you wrote for - The rules of Court do not authorize the entry of a rule stipulating so short a notice without a special application to the Court, but in case of the absence of the witness from the State the Court will no doubt win the deposition."
1837 Oct 14

Efelman, Girshev

Travel Permit
1 item (1 p. on double sheet)
DS. Travel permit for Girshev Efelman, including a description of his features. Written in Russian.

Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955

Letters: Berlin, to "My dear Dr. Laskowitz"; Oxford, to T.R. Parsons, Cambridge; Princeton, N.J., to Cl. Wagoner, Portland, Ore.; Princeton, N.J., to George M. Priest, 1873-1947, Princeton, N.J.; Princeton, N.J., to Dr. Hamilton Holt, 1872-1951, Winter Park, Fla.; Princeton, N.J., to A.V. Miller, Beckenham, Kent, England; Princeton, N.J., to Julian M. Salomon, Middlesborough, Yorkshire, England; Princeton, N.J., to Seymour Adelman, 1906-1985, Philadelphia, Pa.; Princeton, N.J., To "Dear Friend"
10 items
1 ALS and 9 TLS. Letters are mainly responses to invitations to speak at various universities and functions. Also several short notes and responses to "fan letters." Also included is a photo of Albert Einstein and his wife arriving in Los Angeles from Germany in 1933 so that Einstein can return to California Institute of Technology. According to the caption, the picture shows "left to right just before the liner docked at Los Angeles, Mrs. Einstein, Robert A. Millikan of the California Institute of Technology and noted world scientist; and Prof. Albert Einstein."

1922 Feb 1 - 1952 Nov 26

Einstein, Albert

Speech: California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif.
1 item (2 p. on 2 leaves) ; 28 x 22 cm
AMsS. At dinner held in his honor were present some of the most outstanding scientists of the day: Albert A. Michelson, Robert A. Millikan, Robert C. Tolman, Edwin P. Hubble, Charles E. St. John, and others. Einstein reviews the intellectual debts he owed to other scientists, many of whom were present. Einstein's speech, together with remarks by other speakers, has been translated and published in Science, Vol. 73, April 10, 1931.
1931 Jan 15

Eliot, Samuel A. (Mayor of Boston)

Document: Certificate of Membership
1 item (1 p.)
ADS. "This is to certify that Seth H. Barnes has been a member of the Boston Fire Department for Seven Successive Years."

1837 May 1

Ellenborough, Lord

Letter: Hill Hout, to unknown correspondent
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. Written in the third person, Lord Ellenborough makes a request: "Lord Ellenborough will want two boats on Saturday next the 21st."

n.y. Jun 16

Elliott, David, 1787-1874 (Theologian)

Letter: Allegheny City, Pa., to Rev. Cortlandt van Rensselaer, 1808-1860, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 40 cm folded to 25 x 20 cm
ALS. Responding to Van Rensselaer's circular regarding a new monthly to be published by the Presbyterian Church, Elliott writes that he and his faculty have been working on just such a project. "This, however, will not essentially interfere with yours, as ours would be chiefly for the West, where a western work is needed to impart a tone of greater vigour to our operations."
1846 Nov 28

Elliott, H.

Letter: to Jane Bettle, 1773-1840, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 21 cm folded to 13 x 21 cm
ALS. Sends her friend a recipe for a cough remedy.

Ellis, Richard Williamson, 1895-1982

Letter: to Seymour Adelman, 1906-1985, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p.) ; 18 x 24 cm folded to 18 x 12 cm
ALS. Writing to his friend on his 79th birthday, Ellis sends him a copy of Edward Arthur Wilson's The Pirate's Treasure, and states "you can see that our Lovat Fraser was a tremendous influence in Wilson's early work." Goes on to discuss Wilson as an artist of great merit: "I always looked forward to doing a book with him."
1979 Aug 20

Elliston, Robert

Letter: Royal Surrey Theatre, to C. Pelham Thompson, Theatre Royal, Haymarket
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. Letter offers to buy Thompson's recent play, possibly Jack Robinson and His Monkey, a 2-act melodrama which debuted at the Royal Surrey Theatre on August 20, 1829.

1829 Aug 10

Ellsworth, Henry Leavitt, 1791-1858 (U.S. Commissioner of Patents)

Letter: to John Dougherty, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (1 p.) ; 25 x 20 cm
ALS. Informs Dougherty that his application for a patent "for an improvement in the mode of transportation upon railroads and canals" has been found to be virtually the same as a patent granted to John Elgar in 1835.
1838 Aug 21

Elmer, Ebenezer, 1752-1843 (Physician and Congressman from New Jersey, 1801-1807)

Medical account book: Bridgeton, N.J.
1 item (62 p. on 31 leaves) ; 23 x 17 cm
AM. Elmer's first medical account book, containing a record of prescriptions for his patients.
1784 Sept 24 - 1785 May 15

Elmer, J.

Letter: Portland Place, to Geoff Clark, Esq.
1 item (3 p on double sheet.)
ALS. Discusses various business and financial matters.
1822 May 26

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882

Letter: Concord, Mass.
1 item (1 p.) ; 18 x 12 cm
ALS. "I give my consent to Mr. Isidor's publishing my poem 'Good bye proud world,' &c. with his music."
1878 Oct 21

Emerson, Ruthy (recipient)

Letter: "J.", Warren, Me., to Ruthy Emerson, Hampstead, N.H.
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 23 x 38 cm folded to 23 x 19 cm
ALS. Proposal of marriage.
1800 Jun 6

Epps, J.

Letter: Philadelphia, Pa., to Mrs. Epps, London
1 item (3 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Writing to his mother, the author declines a request to visit her in London as he is taking care of a neighbor's property, writes about the progress of his studies, and discusses other matters.
1800 Jul 16

Espy, John

Letter: Columbus, Ohio, to Major S.M. Barclay, Bedford, Pa.
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 39 cm folded to 25 x 20 cm
ALS. Writes of family, friends, his business affairs, and the state of politics. "I still think there is a Redeeming Spirit in the American People and that their government is not destined to go the way of all History. The Spirit of the age . . . looks ahead and promises much."
1838 Nov 17

Eten, William

Letter: to Messrs Caddel & Davis
1 item (1 p.)
ALS. Requests several books.


Etting, Edward F.

Letter: Philadelphia, Pa., to Messrs. Bonney & Bush, Wilmington, Del.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 26 x 40 cm folded to 26 x 20 cm
ALS. Offers a discount on goods that he is selling.
1837 Jul 10

Etting, Ruben

Letter: Philadelphia, Pa., to Mrs. Ruben Etting, Baltimore, Md.
1 item (2 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Answers an earlier letter from his wife and discusses various family matters.
1814 May 29

Evans, Frederick H. (Photographer)

Letters: to Haldane Macfall, 1860-1928
2 items (together 6 p.) ; 21 x 14 cm and smaller
2 ALsS. Letters contain important information regarding Aubrey Beardsley's character and career. First letter describes him as "the greatest master of exits," while the second describes Evans's early recognition of B.'s genius, for which he takes credit: "I did nothing more for him except trumpet and spread his fame & work abroad amongst all of sundry. I know of no one who saw or encouraged him so early as I did . . . Pennell did most, practically, for him early." He goes on to describe Smithers's influence on Beardsley: "certainly he fed the erotic side of AB & that was sufficiently strong already."
1909 Nov 19 - 1919 Nov 16

Evans, Oliver, 1755-1819

Letters: Philadelphia, Pa., to Jacob M. Haldeman, Cumberland Works near Carlisle, Pa.
2 items (2 p. on 2 doublesheets) ; 34 x 42 cm folded to 34 x 21 cm
2 ALsS. In these letters, written on the back of his printed instructions "for License to use his Improvements in the Art of Manufacturing Flour and Meal," Evans clarifies business arrangements with a new subscriber to his process. Also included in this folder are several newsclippings about the life and inventions of Oliver Evans.

1811 May 10 -May 31

Evans, Oliver

Letter: London, to Isaac Graham
1 item (3 p. on double sheet)
ALS. Regrets that he is unable to show a mutual friend around town due to previous engagements and discusses other matters of mutual interest.

Note: as the date suggests, this is not the same Oliver Evans appearing in the previous folder.

1831 Jul 12

Evans, Thomas, 1798-1868

Letter: Springfield [Pa.?], to Samuel Bettle, 1774-1861, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 item (3 p. on double sheet) ; 25 x 41 cm folded to 25 x 21 cm
ALS. Discusses the prospect of impending war with England over the Oregon boundary and the course he thinks the Society of Friends should take in the matter: "It seems to me probable that if it should be right for friends to move at all in petitioning for peace, independent action might be more effective."
1846 Jan 19

Everett, Alexander Hill, 1790-1847

Letter: Boston, Mass., to General H.A.S. Dearborn, 1783-1851, Roxbury, Mass.
1 item (1 p. on double sheet) ; 26 x 40 cm folded to 26 x 20 cm
ALS. Asks if Dearborn would like to be included in a group formed by Everett and his brother, to hold "from time to time a meeting of a few confidential friends for the purpose of exchanging ideas upon the current political affairs."
1831 May 17

Exeter, H.

Note: "To the Doorkeepers of the House of Lords."
1 item (1 p.)
ANS. "Admit the Bearer to the Gallery this day."
1838 May 8

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