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Neues Trauerlied, broadsideNeues Trauerlied: Enthaltend die Geschichte der Susanna Cox die in Reading wegen dem Mord ihres Kindes hingerichtet wurde. Reading: c. 1809
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There are also crimes that are associated with women because they have special opportunities to commit them.   In this "New Song of Mourning" (which actually concerns the old, old story) we read about Susanna Cox of Reading, Pennsylvania who, ignorant of God's will and law, was led astray by her neighbor, Mertz.  She concealed her pregnancy and, according to this account, killed her newborn child.  The historical record shows she was defended by several competent lawyers on the grounds that her child was stillborn, but she was found guilty.  Public opinion was divided on the case and, as this broadside records, the governor was petitioned to pardon her, although unsuccessfully.  The emphasis in this work is on warning others to eschew sin and avoid Cox's fate.

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