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Reunion 2009

Election Results


Presidents: Katrina Magdol and Anneliese Zimmerman Marchewka
Class Editors: Emily Teel and Promise Partner
Reunion Managers: Robin Reineke and Jess Knapp
Songmistress: Kerstin Nordstrom
Webmistresses: Emily Moos and Pamela Schwartz
Annual Fund Class Chairs: Lauren Perone and Marot Hoskins


Presidents: Audrey Ting and Denise Szekely
Class Editors: Brigid Gallagher
Reunion Managers: Joselyn Yudenfreund and Deb Goodman
Songmistress: Heidi Dolamore
Annual Fund Class Chair: Natalie Watson and Jean McGloin


Presidents: Magda Pecsenye and Jessica Reynolds-Amuso
Class Editors: Brooks Constantine and Sana Shafqat
Reunion Managers: Monica Farrow and Alysha Black and Nadine Allaf
Songmistresses: Margaret Stein and Monica Farrow
Webmistresses: Angie Corcetti and Sarah Plimpton Murphy
Annual Fund Chair: Janet Sachs


Presidents: Barbara Ann Baker Smolko and Stephanie Berg
Class Editor: Beth Posner
Reunion Managers: Kathy Brennan and Medina Khalil Kerrigan
Songmistress: Stacy Scheetz
Webmistresses: Amy Wall and Rica Moesteller
Annual Fund Chairs: Sushma Patel and Linda Friedrich


Presidents: Julia Kossack and Vivian Chern
Class Editors: Victoria Tamas and Betsy Berglund
Reunion Managers: Anne Gollings and Margaret Snyder and Paula Tuchman
Songmistress: Anne Gollings
Annual Fund Chairs: Debra Nathanson and Lynn Gabriel


President: Sindy Paul Friedman
Class Editors: Teresa Wallace and Barbara Fuller
Reunion Managers: Shazia Rafi and Cheryl Caplan
Songmistress: Katherine Frase
Webmistress: Patty Schmid
Annual Fund Chairs: Bonnie Osler and Susan Zimmerman


President: Joanna Rom
Class Editor: Lyn Befarah Schoenfeld
Reunion Managers: Cynthia Perry Barth and Mae O'Brien
Annual Fund Chairs:Carrie Buchanan and Avis Kawahara


President: Judith Liskin-Gasparro
Class Editor: Tina Levine
Reunion Managers: Dana Becker and Doris Dewton
Songmistresses: Annell Kocher and Elizabeth Margoshces
Webmistress: Bridget Baird
Annual Fund Chairs: Lisa Neufeld Thomas and Carla Scheuer Heaton


President: Sydney Owens
Class Editors: Brooks Robards and Sue Thom Loubet
Reunion Managers: Marj Heller Adler and Phoebe Sherman Sheftel
Songmistress: Carol Rocamora
Annual Fund Chair: Hillary Henneke Carlson


President: Sally Powers Abruzzi
Class Editors: Benita Bendon Campbell and Elizabeth Rennolds Catron
Reunion Managers: Alice Todd Biays and Betsy Johnson Bell
Songmistress: Angelyn Wishnack MacWilliams
Webmistress: Margaret Hall Hornbaker
Annual Fund Chairs: Cathya Wing Stephenson and Joyce Friend Everett


President: Marilyn Pfaltz
Class Editor: Beth Crossman
Reunion Managers: Sukie Hammond and Virginia Kassel
Songmistress: Beth Crossman


President: Kathryn G. Plympton
Class Editor: Alice Alstatt
Reunion Manager: Mary Brown
Songmistress: Kathryn G. Plympton
Webmistress: Joan Robbins
Annual Fund Chair: Skip Eccles


Presidents: Irma Sitkoff and Katherine Guthorn
Class Editor: Lucia Woods
Reunion Manager: Marie Grant
Songmistress: Mary Ashbrook
Annual Fund Chair: Phebe Miner

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