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PrintDark Blue Repeats

For the second year running, the Dark Blues took home the win in Bryn Mawr’s Class Color Competition. Red gave last year’s victors a run for their money in the last day, surging ahead to take the lead into the evening of May Day. But Dark Blue couldn’t be stopped and came back to win the whole shebang. Is it the beginning of a dynasty?

Kicking off on April 25, the 10-day competition among class colors was a race to reach the greatest number of donors to The Bryn Mawr Fund. To the victors, the spoils—in this case, pride of place in the Jubilee Maypole during Reunion 2014 Weekend and, most important, pride in giving back to Bryn Mawr. Dark Blue was also awarded an additional $50,000 from alumna Ruth Kaiser Nelson (Tulsa) from the Dark Blue Class of 1958. Nelson committed to make this generous gift in honor of the winning color, even if it was Red, Light Blue, or Green. But what a relief for Dark Blues!

The five top-performing classes were 1989, with 51 donors; 1994, with 36; 2010, with 25; 1984, with 24; and 1974 and 2013, tied with 22 donors each. The two top-performing cohorts were the GOLD classes and the classes of the 1980s, with 20 percent of total donors each. Among parents, the classes of 2016 and 2017 led the pack.

The final numbers? Dark Blue came in with 271 donors; Green, 170; Light Blue, 208; and Red, 263.


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