August 2013 Articles

The Battle of the Blues

The Bryn Mawr Fund’s first-ever Class Color Competition

PrintIn the Bryn Mawr Fund’s first-ever Class Color Competition, it was the Battle of the Blues with Dark Blue edging out its chromatic rival, Light Blue, by just one gift, 171-170. The weeklong competition among class colors was a race to reach the greatest number of donors to this year’s Bryn Mawr Fund.

Kicking off on April 29, the race featured some fierce competition, particularly between Light Blue and Dark Blue classes. The Dark Blue classes came strong out of the gate, and the Light Blues snatched away the lead midweek. A last-day surge, however, saw the Dark Blue classes out front again.

To the victors, the spoils—in this case, pride of place in the Jubilee Maypole during Reunion 2013 Weekend and, most importantly, pride in giving back to Bryn Mawr.

The final tally? Dark Blue, 171; Light Blue, 170; Green, 154; and Red, 151. The Bryn Mawr Fund is grateful to the more than 600 donors who made Race ’Round the Maypole 2013 an exciting competition. Alumnae participation plays a critical role in ensuring that Bryn Mawr continues to provide students with a one-of-a-kind, transformative education.



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