August 2014 Archways

Picture This: Play the “Where is it Wednesday” Game

Where Is It Wednesday

Each Wednesday for the past few years, the College has been having a little fun by trying to “stump” its Facebook friends with images of not-too-obvious yet familiar campus “markers.” Here are some of our favorites. How many can you identify?


3 Taylor stained glass

1. The groundbreaking for this building was on August 4, 1879.















2. This fixture is located in a building named for Bryn Mawr’s second president.


1 Merion stained glass

3. This window lives in one of the first two buildings built for Bryn Mawr’s campus.


4 Park Wall Painting








4. This building is named for a member of the Class of 1898 who also served as the dean of Radcliffe and Bryn Mawr’s third president.


6 Corten Steel

5. This structure is made of Cor-Ten steel.


7 Merion tile work

6. This tile work is associated with a building originally called “Cottage Number One.”


2 Great Hall fixture








7. This appendage is located in a building originally referred to only as “the Library.”


8 President's House

8. This building was built to be the president’s house.




1) Taylor attic; 2) A thermostat in Thomas; 3) A staircase landing in Merion; 4) A stairwell in the Park Science Building; 5) “The Splendid Silence of the Sun,” a sculpture by Jean Boutellis at the steps leading to Taft Garden;
6) The entrance to Merion; 7) A chandelier in Thomas Great Hall; 8) The stairwell in Cartref leading to the controller’s office. See the Online Bulletin for complete pictures.



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